Worst Funko Pop Figures

Honestly, Funko Pop figures are so weird. Don’t get me wrong there are some good Pop Figures out there, but there are some really bad ones. Here are ten of those.

The Top Ten Worst Funko Pop Figures

1 Funko Pop: Bad Ape

This thing is just nasty - TheFriendlyMex

This looks very horrific to look at. - BurnAux

I would like to know who actually paid money for that thing? - jazzbea

This thing is just... ugly. It’s so poorly designed. Who thought it was a good idea to give this thing the pass mark? As scary as this thing is, at least it’s not as scary as the Cats movie. - RadioHead03

2 Funko Pop!  The Walking Dead: Bicycle Girl

Looking at this Pop Figure just makes me laugh. I mean just look at it, and you can see why. - RadioHead03

This thing looks ugly as hell to look at. - BurnAux

These Pop figures look funny as hell. - Userguy44

3 Funko Pop: PSY

What an unoriginal mess. - pLix33

I have a collection of Funko Pops that are Kpop stars however when I saw PSY, I questioned why on Earth was he made into a Pop Figure.

Op op op op - Not_A_Weeaboo

Great, now I got this song stuck in my head. I was perfectly fine with what was playing in my head earlier! :( - Misfire

4 Funko POP! Movies Valerian: Doghan Daguis

Making Pop Figures on Valerian sounded like a bad idea, and this figure tells you why. - RadioHead03

5 Shrek Donkey Pop! Vinyl Figure

I would make him my daddy - Manlypants

I don’t even know how to describe this thing. First of all, that face. It’s so poorly done. Second of all, that mouth. It’s so terrifying. What were they thinking when they were making this figure? - RadioHead03

6 Funko Pop!: Mrs Potts

Live action Disney movies suck. But live action Disney Pop Figures suck more. Mrs Potts can prove it with her own Pop Figure. I mean... just look at it. - RadioHead03

Take this back to the depths of hell - Ilikerice

7 Funko Homer POP

It doesn't look so bad - VainillaKid

This looks good - iliekpiez

I guess Homer wasn’t meant to have his own Funko Pop Figure. - RadioHead03

8 Funko Pop: Dory

This figure is honestly hilarious. Why is Dory a block? It’s so funny looking at it. - RadioHead03

9 Funko Pop! Disney: Lion King Live Action

This is how FNAF Funko Pops figures should have been - BorisRule

Another terrible live action Disney Pop Figure. Scar looks possessed by the devil. Plus, when did he have white fur? Funko should seriously stop making Pop Figures on Live Action Disney movies. - RadioHead03

More to do with the movie - iliekpiez

10 Funko POP: Golden Spongebob Squarepants

The Contenders

11 Funko Pop: Roger Rabbit

Unfitting - BorisRule

The eyes and the mouth definitely don’t go together with this figure. I wish this Pop Figure was melted instead of that shoe. - RadioHead03

12 Funko Pop Gargoyles
13 Funko Pop: Buzz Lightyear
14 Funko Pop: Game of Thrones
15 Funko POP Movies: Chucky
16 Funko POP! Television: Stranger Things
17 Funko Pop! TV: The Office
18 Funko POP!: Gene: The Emoji Movie

This is just wrong

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