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1 Cubert Farnsworth

Cubert isn't that bad. He is really underrated. Being a brat is what makes him a better character. That is what he is supposed to be. Also, it isn't even his fault that he is a brat. Hubert isn't a good father to Cubert at all. He hardly pays attention to him, and is never impressed with him. Maybe if Hubert was a better father, he would be a better child. You guys are overreacting. Somebody actually said that he deserved to be bullied. He didn't even do anything that bad. - RalphBob

Everyone who voted Professor Farnsworth is STUPID! Cubert is very annoying and barely used at all. To be honest, I like all the characters in Futurama, but I feel they haven't really used Cubert as much as they could have, although he DOES have his moments. Professor Farnsworth is by far one of the funniest characters though. TheBerserker is a moron. Just saying

God, I hate this annoying brat. He's apparently 12, but he looks, acts, and sounds like a nine year old. I know I wasn't such an annoying twerp when I was 12. Same goes for you, Dwight.

There are very few bad Futurama characters

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2 Zapp Branagin

Ok, Zapp Branagin is easily one of the best characters in the show. He is a clear comical spoof of Captain Kirk from the Original Star Trek series, and his character is executed flawlessly. This list lost all credibility with Zapp in the top 10.

Zapp is worst character

I absolutely hate this guy

Brannigan. Not Branagin. - AdamDestructorJr.

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3 Smitty and URL
4 Kif Kroker

Such a little wuss he's just the type of person you wanna slap around every time you see them

I hate Kif on "Kif gets Knocked Up a Notch" when he's gave birth to those disgusting tadpoles looking little things

This annoying green tosser, always out of breath. Just go away! Laugh out loud

Weak unfunny one note character who serves no comic or plot purpose.

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5 Mom

The meanest character in Futurama - TheBerserker

She Is Funny Though - RockStarr

6 LaBarbara Conrad

She doesn't even like hermes and shes cheating on him, on season 10 in the episode where fry and leela go on a romantic getaway to the island (human habitat), when the monkey is rolling through the film of them watching people in there bed u can see labarbara with some other guy in the bedroom

She a hoe

Why is she such a whore? And her voice makes me want to stab my ears with dull pencils

7 Hyper-Chicken

Hyper chicken is hilarious god

8 Hermes Conrad Hermes Conrad

A one dimensional character with very bland jokes.

If you look up boring in the dictionary you'll find Hermes

He Should Not Be Here - RockStarr

I love Hermes in 2 episodes:
1. How Hermes requisitioned his groove back
2. Lethal Inspection
Those 2 episodes were really good, and that's where Hermes is best.

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9 Robot Santa

Worst and rudest character [shouldn't they have a nicer robot santa! - 4557789pom

10 Turanga Leela Turanga Leela

Leela's just really annoying and always thinks about herself, like in the episode "the late Philip J. Fry" when he's late she makes him pay for the food she ate after she said "it wasn't cheap"

She is a weirdo, and honestly if you could build a time machine to the year 3000 I bet there won't be any women that look like her. (Because this is just a Sci-fi comedy)

Ok character but blokes who fancy her are weirdos (fancying a cartoon character is silly anyway). She is a woman with one eye.

Hate her.

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? Scruffy

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11 Kirk
12 Elzar
13 Amy Wong

I hate amy. She's a hoe and she's annoying.

I hate her, she is the most annoying character and looks awful on the one episode"Reincarnation"

14 Al
15 Michelle

She ran off with a different guy,she's so whiny through the episode then accuses Fry of being whiny,runs off with another guy AGAIN,and calls Fry a loser.She's horrible,Mean and nasty!

16 Mr. Panucci
17 Bender Bending Rodriguez Bender Bending Rodriguez Bender Bending Rodríguez is a fictional robot who is a main character in the animated television series Futurama. He was created by series creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen and is voiced by John DiMaggio.

He is practically the shows mascot! I like Fry better, but Bender and the weird red guy are close second! I guess it's your opinions, but in mine he is perfect as a total jerk!

Bender is the best he shouldn't be here even in no.7 as he's the best!

Sometimes I like Bender but at the end of a day, he is a horrible robot. He steals from his friends, he's greedy, he laughs at other peoples pain and he flushed nibbler down the toilet

He is amazing and super funny

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18 Calculon
19 Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth

That is not true he is what makes Futurama amazing.

This old man is a totally JERK, he have no morality, and he treat his employees like dirt, I hate him. - TheBerserker

20 Zoidberg

I'm surprised he's not voted for more as worst, he always annoys me. He could be a really interesting character but somehow I just feel like they don't pull it off in him. And I hate the Zoidberg featured episodes, they and Cubert's episodes are always the worst.

Zoidberg has some of the most golden moments in the entire show. - AdamDestructorJr.

Deserves to be number 1

21 Leela

She is mentioned twice... Maybe that means that she is so bad that her name deserves a second spot on this list!

Kidding... But I honestly don't like her character...

Fry: Leela will you go out with me? :)
Leela: no!
Fry: :( why?
Leela: because err I have a boot rash!

22 Walt
23 Nixon's Head

He's absolutely horrible. especially the brrr shaking head

24 Roberto
25 Flexo
26 Randy
27 Nibbler

Melodramatic ham.

28 Kif

I hate kif with a passion and in kif gets knocked up a notch when he was giving birth I wanted to kick him in the face

29 Glurmo
30 Slurms MacKenzie
31 Wormulon Queen
32 Seymour
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