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1 In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela

This episode was boring, stupid, and one of the only episodes I legitimately disliked.

The only reason people watch this is to see Leela nude, but that's only if you're a guy.

Seriously, Zapp and Leela as Adam and Eve? WHY?

It is just bad. - Ilikegames

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2 The Futurama Holiday Spectacular

Why and how'sthison here? its not even bad, not good, just meh

I really hate Killer App,but this takes the lead.Each segment is the same but teeny bit different each time,but most of it is the same.Terrible songs,The crew dying,or going on a pointless quest for Bender,then all the crew die except Bender,then they are frozen by bee's.Each episode revolves the crew looking for something rare,then getting into really big trouble...oh yeah,also to mention that the Bee's now TALK instead of communicating by dancing what annoyed me.

3 That's Lobstertainment!

Why does everyone hate this episode?

This is not a strong episode, but it's not a bad one either. - Knucklewood

I agree


4 Neutopia

Definitely the most uncomfortable to watch. There are funny parts, but all the guys act like jerks (in an out-of-character sort of way) and the women's calendar scenes are a tad disturbing. - Knucklewood

This episode sucks because every male acts like a female drug addict. - SamHalls2015


This and Killer App are terrible,probably the worst episodes! This episode is really overrated I mean,it's sexist,it's wrong,and the second women's calendar montage is really uncomfortable,and all the characters are out of character.It proves that the show started to go downhill(with a few good episodes,just a few) after they re-uploaded the show...I can't see how fan's want it back,as it was starting to turn into modern Simpsons.

5 Yo Leela Leela

This episode was funny. - RalphBob

This. Should Not Be Here - RockStarr

The #1 worst episode in my opinion!

6 Forty Percent Leadbelly

I believe this to be the worst episode of the whole show, because of Bender's infuriating unlikeability, watch the episode and you'll see what I mean.

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7 The Route of All Evil

I only hated Farnsworth and Hermes in this episode.

8 Bend Her

I think the episode is funny and that's that

9 A Leela of Her Own
10 Jurassic Bark

Who put this on?

How the heck is this above "In-A-Gadda-the-Leela"? That is the only terrible episode of the show. Anyways, this is a good episode. - RalphBob

This is suppose to be the BEST futurama episode!

I read somewhere if you didn't cry you have no soul well I must be possessed by the devil then.

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11 Attack of the Killer App

I thought it was pretty good and was wondering why the hate,until Susan appeared.I cringed so hard throughout the point where Susan comes into ugly,talking female bump with chin hair what sings?! Matt really ran out of ideas with this one.I'd put In-a-Gadda-Leela if it weren't for Susan's existence!

12 Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV
13 Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs

Worst by far, I feel like Jurassic Bark is overrated, but not bad. This is a string of episodes tied together by a stupid and weak plot, as well as an annoying voice for Yivo

14 31st Century Fox
15 Fry Am the Egg Man

This episode sucked mostly from 2011 and 2012

16 A Tale of Two Santas
17 Zapp Dingbat
18 Where No Fan Has Gone Before
19 Saturday Morning Fun Pit

Bull, this episode was awesome espically seeing futuramas accurate potrayal of scooby-doo

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20 Time Keeps On Slippin'
21 Benderama
22 Put Your Head on My Shoulders

This one was funny, I don't get the hate - Gangem

23 Spanish Fry

This episode is just wrong and repetitive.

24 T.: The Terrestrial
25 A Pharaoh to Remember
26 The Duh Vinci Code
27 A Clockwork Origin
28 Proposition Infinity
29 That Darn Katz!

This is NOT a bad episode it is kind of entetaing - quizmint

30 The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz
31 The Honking
32 Bendless Love
33 Roswell That Ends Well
34 Meanwhile
35 Mother's Day
36 The Tip of the Zoidberg
37 Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?
38 The 30% Iron Chef
39 A Bicyclops Built for Two
40 Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences
41 The Mutants are Revolting
42 Bendin' in the Wind
43 Naturama
44 Less Than Hero
45 The Thief of Baghead
46 The Lesser Of Two Evils
47 The Cyber House Rules
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