Worst Game Industry Choices

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1 Mass Release of a Horrible Over-advertised Game. 1982

Pretty much ended Atari when they released E.T. the Extraterrestrial Game. It was horrible and over-advertised, which caused a huge game market crash the same year.

This was so close to destroy the video games and I mean ALL OF THE VIDEO GAMES NO GAMES

2 Releasing a Console When There Are Already 3 On the Market. 1998

The Dreamcast was a great console, but with the Gamecube, Xbox, and Playstation 1 all out simultaneously, it didn't last long and lead to the demise of any SEGA hardware.

Sega should have learned a thing or two from Atari, Atari might have been the first to do great mistakes, but Sega repeated them, and that is worse.

Nowadays if you were release a console to compete with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, chances are it's going to be doomed from the start

3 Supporting a Cloud Platform With No Solid Income. 2012

Onlive was ahead of its time, but it had high operating costs and not enough income. It went bankrupt and was quickly bought up as a new company.

4 Explaining a Systems Drm Wrong. 2013

At E3 2013, Microsoft's Xbox One conference went badly. Sony used Microsoft's bad DRM as a chance to win more people over.

5 Letting a Great System Idea Go to the Competition. 1991

1996, not 1991. Anyways, from that, we all got the CD-I...

Nintendo told Sony to make them a CD-based console, but gave up on the idea. So then Sony made it for themselves, calling it the Playstation.

6 Making People Pay for Something They Had Already Bought. 2012

Capcom had released Street Fighter X Tekken, but the DLC was already on the disc people bought. It lead to outrage over the idea of not owning something you legally owned in the first place.

7 Immediately Launching a Console Out of Fear. 1995

SEGA released the SEGA Saturn before the Playstation in a hurry. This lead to bad sales, no advertising, and a lack of places to sell.

8 Buying a Rival Company at Peak. 2012

Zynga had bought OMGPOP in 2012 for Draw Something. The game immediately lost 5 million users and revenue went down significantly.

9 Awful Drm Requirement. 2013

First Ubisoft foreced you to go through its horrible DRM agreements for every game. Not anymore, but EA also started doing it.

10 Sega mocking Nintendo. 1986

Sure Sega was supposed to be "rad and bad ass", but Sega does what Nintendont? There is no such thing as bad publicity, and Nintendo soon gained followers for the sheer fact that Sega was using terrible methods, not because it hurt Nintendo, but because it led to their own demise.

Nintendo did the same thing to them and Sony as well, on an N64 commercial. So they're even.

I found the "Nintendon't" joke to be pretty cool. They mocked Nintendo because Nintendo was the reason their systems were failing! So it's just payback.

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11 Consumers Buying EA Acquired Games.

Electronic fArts buys up companies that make the games we love, and change the rules, as a result we get horrible and often even unplayable sequels.
As a result I download EA games on torrents, and buy them only IF I enjoy the game.
So fare I have have bought none, and there is no such thing as a EA game on my computer, pirated or otherwise.
Yet each time we are fooled into buying a EA game, we are giving them the finances to keep screwing us literally, forever.

12 High-school Company Structure. 2013

Valve had been hit with recent layoffs, with the newly unemployed stating how the "undesirables" were purposely laid off.

13 Censorship On Gore Games. 1992

Gosh, it's a GORE GAME, Nintendo! You're too kid friendly! Man up!

Nintendo, why did people hates you for creating cheepy games with no blood, aside that the MK genesis version was so bloody but the SNES version didn't, what's wrong with your publicity for censor gamer dreams, screw you NINTENDO for hurting yourself.

14 Lame Publicity. 1994

While NINTENDO made lame things such as the CD refuse and also the censorship; SEGA did the same but only the ashamed add ons, like the Sega CD and 32x, it got in lost mean because of their not notorious arrogance for lying and lying and lying cu'z they only thought for winning, not consequences. Besides then Saturn & Dreamcast failed instead, it got into big outraged dependence.

15 Nintendo hired Sony to develop CD-ROM add-on, then cancelled the project which eventually became the PlayStation console. 1986

Nintendo wanted a CD add on to their Snes, so they hired Sony, then they abandoned Sony to join Philips CDI, leaving Sony with a "half finished console", it was this CD add on, that would later become the Sony PlayStation, the rival that will one day be the end of Nintendo. Thanks Nintendo, I love you still for those good old consoles, but everyone will have to admit they really screwed up here, as it was Nintendo that CONVINCED Sony that it was appropriate to move on into the videogame industry. This is almost incredible in more ways than one.

16 Pac-Man for Atari 2600. 1982

Pfft. Best selling on the 2600, too.

Pacman for the Atari 2600 was horrible and still Atari produced several million copies of the game, this and the far worse mistake, the E. T game are the main reasons Atari fell.

17 New Gen Capcom Policies.

Capcom was the epitome of videogaming and literally owned the arcades back in the good old days, now they release half finished games, where you have to pay top sums for the DLC in order to access many of the core features, not to mention the termination of Megaman and Capcom's cowardice shown in the form of hundreds of "classic revivals" rather than creating genuine next gen games. Because of all this and many other mistakes Capcom is nearly broke, and its sad to say, that it deserves nothing less.

18 Capcom Firing Clover Studios Aka Platinum Games.

Capcom was making a small fortune on Clover studios with such games as Okami and Viewtiful joe, then they terminated their contract supposedly out of fear of being surpassed by Clover Studios, as they succeeded in many areas where Capcom failed.

As a result Clover studios's staff reunited under the name Platinum games, and work for Sega, making some of Sega's top selling games, had Capcom not fired them, it is highly likely that it would have been Sega, and not Capcom that was steps from filing bankruptcy.

19 A Virtual Reality system that causes headaches, seizures, and eye strains. 1995

I don't even need to explain this one, you all know what I'm talking about.

Virtual Boy.

20 Xbox One Announcement. 2013

In England the day this console was announced, sales for Wii U increased by 536% That alone tells you how it went - Frouze

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