Worst Games for the Nintendo DS


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61 Thundercats
62 The Suite Life of Zach and Cody: Circle of Spies
63 Big Hero 6 V 1 Comment
64 Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters
65 Kirby Mass Attack

This is my fifth favorite Kirby game, and my second favorite non-traditional Kirby game. - Garythesnail

66 Chicken Shoot

This is one of the worst games - ikerevievs

67 Wiffle Ball
68 Homie Rollerz

Screw this game

69 Sudoku Mania
70 Bigfoot: Collision Course
71 Rhythm 'n Notes: Improve Your Music Skills
72 Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie
73 Dino Master
74 Need for Speed: Most Wanted
75 Mario Kart DS

Excuse me, this is one of the best racing games of modern times. The worst of modern times is Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.

The worst racing game is not big rigs, it's club drive.

Worst racing game of modern times.


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76 Scooby-Doo! First Frights

Worst DS game I have ever played! Graphics suck, especially for a 2009 game, cut-scenes are weird and ridiculous, and overall, it's awful.

77 Cars 2: The Video Game

Besides the movie itself was mediocre.

Really bad game plus I could only get it in the Italian version

Horrible film. Horrible Game. Pattern? Yes.

Yup, agree with that! Worst Disney game, because boring as Disney Infinity.

I rather play better Disney video game made by Capcom, the 80s and 90s of Nintendo is way better than this.

78 Pokemon Pearl

This and Diamond may be the worst main series Pokemon games ever, but they're still tolerable in my opinion.

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79 Pokemon Platinum

This list is absolutely getting out of control since there's five main series Pokemon games and three great Mario games. That's just wrong

Any Call of Duty game on the ds is bad Pokemon PLATINUM IS BETTER THAN THAT CRAP

Why is this game in the list? It�'s an awesome Pokémon game! - lite64

This game is good it saved gen 4 from being the worst gen don't listen to JackieEvanchoSucks he's a 7 year old Call of Duty Fanboy(the worst of Fanboys)

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80 Pokemon SoulSilver

Why are four,awesome Pokemon games and three chart topping Mario games are on this list

I disagree

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