Top 10 Worst Game Reviews from IGN


The Top Ten

1 Kinect: Sonic Free Riders Video Review
2 Sonic Lost World - Video Review
3 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Review
4 Evolve Video Review
5 Doom Review
6 IGN Reviews - Call of Duty: Ghosts - Review
7 Star Wars Battlefront Review
8 Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Review

If this was the original Ruby and Sapphire, I'd actually agree with the Too Much Water complaint. The water really makes the 2nd half of those games drag. However, they did fix everything that made the water suck in the remakes (surfing speed, encounter rate, etc.), so... You screwed up there, IGN. - Zach808

Before I made this list, I didn't know where the "too much water" joke came from. Now I finally know, and it is indeed god damn joke. Among IGN's worst reviews - Mcgillacuddy

IGN, if there's too much water than why did you guys give the original ruby and sapphire games 9.5/10

Too much water - Absolite

9 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review
10 Black Ops 2 Review - IGN Reviews

The Contenders

11 IGN Reviews - Modern Warfare 3 Game Review
12 Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009 Review

Reviewed by a moron expecting a FIFA clone, completely missing the point of the game. The review was so bad, IGN took it down. - Zach808

13 Breath of the Wild Review

They are one of the bunch that are blinded by nostalgia for Zelda and also removed plenty of cons for example why is the framerate not adressed while another game's launch day framerate problems got adressed - YourWaifuSucks

14 Undertale Review
15 God Hand Review
16 Sonic Unleashed
17 Kirby: Triple Deluxe
18 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
19 Dead Cells

Great job, guys. This goes beyond plagiarism into Copy and Paste territory. - Zach808

20 Alien: Isolation

One reviewer gave it a 5.9/10 because of the 'FRUSTRATING ALIEN A.I.'. It's supposed to be because the reviewer doesn't know how the game works!

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