Top Ten Worst Game Show Hosts


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21 John O'Hurley

He should be number one he just made it seem like he was bored didn't like being there

I Wish That John Or Richard Karen's Were Host Of The Game Show Family Feud

22 Billy Bush
23 Davina McCall
24 Ben Gleib

The most annoying person I've ever seen

Host of Idiotest. I fast forward through the banter between him and the contestants. Such a condescending sarcastic prick!

Just the worst pos on the air

25 Howie Mandel Howie Mandel
26 Alex Trebek

A know it all, with all the answers right in front of him...

No personality. No sense of humor.

27 Wayne Brady
28 Chris McLean

He tortures people on Total Drama when they are Eliminated

He is more annoying than Caillou

29 Dylan Lane

He's absolutely horrible! SO BORING! Not one ounce of personality. I can barely watch the show!

He ruined Chain Reaction back in 2006. If you want to see why, watch Game Show Garbage's Inductions on him. Mike Catherwood did a way better job on Chain Reaction.

30 Fergie Olver

He's a pedophile. I mean have you seen this guy? Ridiculous.

31 Regis Philbin

Meredith was horrible. Regis is one of the best game show hosts of all time. Same thing with Anne Robinson. She was a good host too, very funny, etc.

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32 Anne Robinson
33 Bob Barker Bob Barker

He was amazing...

34 Tom Kennedy
35 Justin Willman

He hosted win lose or draw on Disney Channel and he was awful

36 Meredith Vieira
37 Jon Bauman V 1 Comment
38 Kirk Fogg
39 Sherri Shepherd
40 Mark McGrath
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