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1 Mario is Mental

This Theory is Hot Garbage. This Theory Goes out Of its way to Demonetize Mr. Video Game and has the Worst Evidence Ever. - DStar

I agree this should be number one on this list.

HOW THE HECK IS THIS NOT NUMBER ONE? MatPat does a full out attack on the most well known gaming mascot and destroys everything he stands for! Plus the fans constantly believe this! - DCfnaf

Matpat is an idiot. There are some flaws in the theory and some debunking videos on YouTube proves it. Matpat is willing to ruin so many childhoods and it's bothering me. Not only that but Matpat just claimed the theory "a 100% legit" on the 1st part of the Rosalina unmasked video. Well screw you right up the butt Matpat, you're just a dumb guy on the Internet. And no the "it's just a theory" excuse won't help especially when he just prevent that excuse from being used in Rosalina unmasked pt. 1. Matpat, did you even watch the debunking videos you blind piece of crap! How are you still even popular anyway? Oh I forgot, a lot of people believe his theories as facts. Oh who am I kidding Matpat doesn't even regret it anyway and just pretend that the debunking videos doesn't even exist. So screw this theory and screw the childhood ruining scum that is Matpat.

2 Best Breasts in Gaming

I feel like he was drunk or really high when he made this

Inappropriate. Dumb. Stupid. Glop. - Sonic-Knuckles

3 How Fast is Sonic the Hedgehog

Why GT did you think Mario is faster than Sonic? - Sonic-Knuckles

4 Wii U is the new Virtual Boy

This should be higher - DCfnaf

This video SINGLE HANDEDLY destroyed the wii u.


5 Fart Rocket Physics: The Wario Waft

Wario is not 10' tall. Enough said. - Sonic-Knuckles

6 Are Game Anti-LGBT
7 Rosalina Unmasked

AWFUL GARBAGE! Don't ruin my love for Luigi X Rosalina! I hate you game theory! - DCfnaf

8 Pokemon Abuse - Pokemon
9 Metroid Morph Ball is Lame
10 Sans Is Ness

Ok this is getting annoying. - Pokemonfan10

No just no.

This theory sucks, with more holes than cheese and as baffling as No Man's Sky.

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11 Solving Raticate's "Death"

Just...Did MatPat even Try to use evidence? How is Under-Level Pokemon a Way to Judge Weather Or Not a Pokemon Dies? This is just coming off as some cheap excuse to Defend Red Fans. RED FANS! THE WORST PART OF THE POKEMON FANDOM! - DStar

12 The Problems with Princes Peach

This one sucks too! Why does he have to ruin all the Mario characters? - DCfnaf

I think Rosalina Unmasked should be here instead.

13 Minecraft Ending Decoded

One part had the word penis said 4 times. Messed up. - Sonic-Knuckles

14 Phoenix Wright is a Criminal
15 Toad's Deadly Secret Toad's Deadly Secret
16 YouTube is broken

This is just a ploy to get his fans to give him more money.

17 Mario is Communist
18 The TF2 Pyro Male or Female

It's obviously FEmale, not male. And not to mention, it's partially homophobic.

19 Mega Man's True Villain
20 Luigi's Secret Identity Luigi's Secret Identity
21 The Buffsuki Theory
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1. Mario is Mental
2. Rosalina Unmasked
3. Pokemon Abuse - Pokemon
1. Mario is Mental
2. Phoenix Wright is a Criminal
3. Sans Is Ness
1. Best Breasts in Gaming
2. How Fast is Sonic the Hedgehog
3. Fart Rocket Physics: The Wario Waft


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