Daenerys Targaryen

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Daenerys Targaryen is a fictional character in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels, as well as the television adaptation.


Aside from the horrible wooden acting from Emilia Clarke, the character is the most Disney princess, cotton candy, chocolate bunny, phony character in the show and brings the entire series down a few levels. When she's upset she just whines like a teenager and (same goes for Sansa) never sounds like an adult. She tries way too hard and worsens an already cheesy character with the cheesiest lines. Good for a prepubescent maybe but this show shouldn't pander to tweeny boppers.

Definitely the worst character in the series. She's the opposite of everything the writers want her to be and in my opinion her whole storyline is unecessary at best. Other characters carry her forward while worshipping her for absolutely no logical reason. Whole armies follow her because... I don't know, maybe because she won't burn? Very disappointing storyline, it held some potential but it was lost very early into the series

She's the most annoying character on the show. She's so ridiculous. She's so self-centered. Actually, what's the difference between her and her brother who died in the first season? I hope she'll never sit on the iron throne.

Clueless leader without any plan, using titles instead of skills, bases her actions and decisions on impulsive emotions, doesn't listen to her advisors and always believes only she is right, lacks any strategy and imagination, disrespects other cultures and doesn't bother to learn anything about them, instead forcing her beliefs and culture on others (which to be perfectly objective is admirable in many cases), breaks promises and deals, thus losing her credibility and becoming untrustworthy (fe. when she bought the Unsullied), has terrible judge of character, doesn't learn from her mistakes, hopes others will fix consequences of her bad leadership, refuses to accept any harsh truth (like about her insane father), doesn't even try to train her dragons and use them, is inconsequent and changes her mind all the time, also she's very immature, childish, naive and hypocritical (she despises masters, but ironically she is one), murders possibly innocent people without any hesitation ...more

I hate this queen so much she is the most terrible character on the whole show I have no idea why people like her so much all she does is kill people she's should be the villain of the show that no one likes

Annoying dictator who won't die because she's covered by a thick layer of plot armor. She turned the series into a generic fantasy. I don't care about Jon, Daenerys, the dragons nor the White Walkers...give me more political intrigue.

Has some sort of main character bull backing her up, those speeches are awful, apart from her slave army freeing the other slaves was completely pointless for the series plot, as someone pointed here she has the whole Disney princess thingie and it doesn't fit this series and also some poorly written feminist lines like "all men must die, but we're not men"

She's annoying. No depth to her character. A know it all.

She is extremely annoying, one of my least favorite characters.

She is very boring, slow, boring, slow!, I do not like nothing about this character, but I like her dragons.

Whines about everything and doesn't do anything herself, just watches and says she deserves everything

Attractive, maybe but still, boring.

She deserves the title "lincoln the president "

Entitled dictator, arrogant and whiny. Worse than Cersei. Absolutely ignorant about economics and culture. She thinks the world is hers because of her pure blood. She reminds me of someone...

Daenerys is amazing. There is no reason she should be on the worst list, almost every criticism I have heard of her are stupid and inaccurate. Daenerys is the best character on the show. - EllaInTheRankings

Maybe not the most hateful but definitely the most one-dimentional.

Too awesome to be on the worst list!

LOL. She is the best character in the series

One of the most annoying female characters ever!
Arrogant as well as ignorant, awful judge of character, WAYY too emotional, complete hypocrite, can barely control her dragons and doesn't bother at all to learn about cultures and the people she's trying to help!

Sorry but Danny is amazing. Should not be on the same list as Ramsey Bolten and Jofferey Baratheon

Self proclaimed annoying girl with 99999999999 titles that she didn't hard earn. If anything her brother helped her out by giving her an army she would've never gotten and people some how just bow down or follow her will without any hard earned work. Dumb character that has no idea how society works. Worse than Joffrey

By far, the most huge hypocrite on the show. She's bloodthirsty and power hungry. Absolutely no idea what she's doing. She'd be nowhere if it wasn't for Jorah, Sir Barristan, Daario and Tyrion. She's where she stands now just because she got lucky enough to have them. I prefer Cersei on the Iron Throne. No matter what everyone says, Cersei and Jaime know tactics and strategy, and they think like Tywin, who was by far the smartest man in the show and the most fit to rule. Let Daenerys go back to her slaves in Essos.

Being a Drogo's wife does not mean that she can walk arround and call herself queen and the most important person in Westeros.Walking into Qarth and whining for ships with nothing to give in return really pisses me off.The charactrer has zero intalligence so far.