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21 Skylanders Imaginators Skylanders Imaginators

This game does not suck! Sure, maybe a few tweeks, but I wouldn't say its bad...

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22 Star Fox Zero Star Fox Zero

One Of The LAMEST And Overrated Games Of 2016, The Other Star Fox Games Are MILES Better Than This Mouth Fart, Star Fox Zero sucks, The Story Is Junk, The Multiplayer Sucks, And The Controls Are Just As Bad As Watching Norm Of The North, I'm Done With Star Fox, If Nintendo Pulls A Star Fox Game For The Switch, Out Of Nowhere, I'm Definitely Extremely Ain't Getting It Anytime Soon, You Did For Me, Star Fox Zero - VideoGamefan5

This game would've been alright if it wasn't for the Gamepad functionality that it forces you to use. Nintendo needs to learn that not every gimmick works. - MKBeast

Is the worst game ever
nintendo print money

It Gave My Wii U Limited Storage
ENOUGH SAID! - VideoGamefan5

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23 Paper Mario: Color Splash Paper Mario: Color Splash

This game is alright! - DCfnaf

Splashed in dissapointment

Is a gay game

SURPRISE - JG love this game!
DISAPPOINTMENT - Taco-Man hates this game! - Neinwott

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24 Horizon Zero Dawn Horizon Zero Dawn V 1 Comment
25 For Honor For Honor

What? Ike, do you think my retarded mate? This game isn't even out yet, and ubisoft maybe delays this one to 2017

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26 Just Dance 2017

Will this game ever just go back to the place it lives in called HELL?

I wish this up would just die already - ikerevievs

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27 Doom Doom

It's a multiplayer beta, people! Wait til the game comes out. - MKBeast

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28 Quantum Break Quantum Break

What A Stupid Attempt To Rip Off Infamous, This Game Is Mostly Just Cutscenes, And That's It, What a Fail, Microsoft, 2.9/5 - VideoGamefan5

A total shame. If the T.V. show wasn't forced in, along with stupid product placements, maybe it would've been a better game. - MKBeast

29 Destiny: Rise of Iron Destiny: Rise of Iron

I'm mixed on this. It's fun at times, but isn't worth $30. - MKBeast

Activision Is Taking Your Wallet - VideoGamefan5

30 Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Do We Really Need Another Olympics Game? , No, Not Really Unless You're Actually Going To Bring Something New To The Table - VideoGamefan5

The Wii U version is by far inferior to the 3DS version of London 2012. Want a proof? Here you go:
- Newcomers are restricted to only one event.
- Less events than it's predecessors.
- Lack of dream events.
- No online. (which I don't care)

The only thing going for it are maybe the graphics and the music.

You can still buy this game if you REALLY want but I rather recommend you to not buy this garbage and give SEGA the middle finger, until they learn of their faults. you're saying SEGA is the person to blame here and Nintendo is allowed to get a free pass because it's Nintendo? Both are at fault here. - DCfnaf

31 Umbrella Corps Umbrella Corps

A Unity game by CAPCOM?! How lazy. They're cashing in on everyone's stupidity. This game is more half-baked than Street Fighter V was! - MKBeast

This Game Should Have A WAY HIGHER Spot, How Are Doom, And Pokemon Moon Above This? - VideoGamefan5

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32 Tom Clancy's The Division Tom Clancy's The Division

One of the most unbalanced, buggy, monotonous, and boring games of 2016, let alone the decade. - MKBeast

This needs to be higher. It is one of the worst put together games I've ever seen.

They sell you half the game then make you pay for the rest and call it DLC.

33 Final Fantasy XV

I don't see why this was on there it is definitely the best ff since 12

34 South Park: The Fractured But Whole South Park: The Fractured But Whole V 1 Comment
35 FNaF World

This game was a mess. Scott was nice enough to take it down, fix it, and put it back up for free. Good job, Scott. - DCfnaf

If Scott wasn't the caring developer he is, it would've been left a complete mess. - MKBeast

36 Arctic Dash: Norm of the North

It Has TERRIBLE Graphics, And I Hate Runner Games Anyways, 1.1/5 - VideoGamefan5

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37 NASCAR Heat Evolution NASCAR Heat Evolution

It's gonna suck. The graphics aren't even acceptable for last gen! And the gameplay, the AI looks too easy. This is gonna suck horribly.

This is not even out, I'm hoping it will be good.

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38 Forza Horizon 3 Forza Horizon 3

It's not even out you idiot.

I like this game

The Jaguar D-Type in this game is painfully broken as such an old car can surpass 300MPH! - SelfDestruct

Worst game ever

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39 Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

This was the best FNaF game actually. Just because it's a FNaF game doesn't mean it sucks. You can move in this one and there is an actual story for this one. - DCfnaf

40 Super Mario Run V 2 Comments
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