Worst Games of 2018


The Top Ten

1 FIFA 19

Ea is garbage we all know fifa is trash - ikerevievs

2 Bloodstained

After the dissapointment that is mighty no
.9 I don't trust kickstarter games anymore - ikerevievs

3 Madden NFL 19

Ea makes awful microtransaction filled garbage - ikerevievs

4 Detroit: Become Human

But why detroit of all cities why didn't you do tokyo considering how advanced tokyo is compard to detroit but if a robut takeover did probably start it would start in a bad city like detroit - ikerevievs

5 Just Dance 2019

Hopefully this cancer dies - ikerevievs

6 Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

The damage has already been done crapcom the greeediest of the greedy - ikerevievs

7 Call of Duty (2018)
8 EA Sports UFC 3

More ea crap - ikerevievs

9 Ace Combat 7
10 Mega Man 11

I don't trust capcom either - ikerevievs

The Newcomers

? Nintendo Labo

Nintendo is running out of ideas - ikerevievs

The Contenders

11 Kingdom Hearts 3
12 Payday 3
13 Two Worlds 3
14 The Crew 2
15 Psychonauts 2
16 Anthem

Thank god this crap got delayed also mass effect andromeda got delayed at the same time - ikerevievs

Considering its ea don't be exited for this - ikerevievs

17 Deep Down
18 Kirby Switch
19 Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Pray that this won't be bad because I pre-ordered it. So far the character creation seems much better compared to most Western AAA games and as fan of shooter games and GGO, I just hope this won't be a terrible disappointment. - SelfDestruct

20 The Writer

Is he spreading fake news find out soon

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