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1 Fortnite: Battle Royale

I knew Fortnite was going to be #1 on this list (as of the 8th of July 2018) because of the many people on this site who hate (or at least don't like) the game. I can't necessary agree to them, though, one reason being that I've never played the game myself, because of me not being interested in the game. The game's art style looks pretty cool, though.

Another reason is that Fortnite was released during 2017, not 2018. Whoever thought that this game should be in a top ten best/worst 2018 video games list had possibly either hadn't done his/her research or just assumed that Fortnite released in 2018 because it grew a lot of popularity that year.

A third reason is kind of about how much people talk about Fortnite. I've been hearing about the game at school (which does irritate me) so much, that during the last full day of school, while we were playing Kahoot, about half of the time spent was literately 2-3 quizzes about Fortnite. Of coarse I didn't participate since my ...more - Jasmine21064

I never had a day where I went to school without hearing the word "Fortnite." - Not_A_Weeaboo

If someone knew everything and could answer how many times I have heard "Fortnite" at school, and the answer was over 1,000, I wouldn't be surprised - 445956

I don't think fortnite that bad. I still enjoy playing it sometimes, but I think the fortnite community is toxic. You've got YouTubers who clickbait with fortnite, childish gamers, treating the game like a god, or just anything bad with fortnite. Heck fortnite poping up EVERYWHERE on Youtube, and it just ruined the whole game. Good game, but horrible community.

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2 Nintendo Labo

Would you rather

Play a free shooter game with you and your friends with good graphics and fun smooth gameplay


Pay 70$ for a cardboard game that is basically just a educational children's app but with cardboard that your parents will probably throw away 1 week later - B1ueNew

Nintendo is running out of ideas - ikerevievs

No plot to this game

It's just CARDBOARD.

3 Battlefield V

Not accurate at all.

Oh boy the controversy putting women in WWII oh boy Battlefield can hopefully distance themselves from not getting too dislikes with this move. Yet again it is EA which nobody really love that much in fact another predictably terrible EA conference with both teasing, and just same old same old. - htoutlaws2012

Press and hold X to equip tampons - Not_A_Weeaboo

I can understand people hating on this because of the inclusion of female fighting in WW2, but I can care less about that. The only thing I'm concerned about is that EA doesn't pull a Battlefront II with this game. - Mcgillacuddy

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4 FIFA 19

Ea is garbage we all know fifa is trash - ikerevievs

Probaly will be the same exact game as last year - Dvafan2

I like cats

It’s okay ig - soccerobsessed

5 Sea of Thieves

Look I know fortnite is overrated, but trust me this is just assassin's creed but in first person with the water that the wind waker on gamecube looks better - B1ueNew

6 Metal Gear Survive

Some of the things wrong with Metal Gear Survive include the following:

1. The inclusion of stamina and water intake as affecting the player character's abilities.
2. The inability to drink clean water unless a SPECIFIC POT (the water container) has been found!
And here I was thinking that maybe Konami would own up to themselves after their dispute with Kojima and his firing, but this is one of the results that proved how much Konami hated Kojima after all. - SelfDestruct

Just a boring generic survival game - Dvafan2

Fortnite can't be worse than this... - B1ueNew

Looks like an okay-ish Bomberman game is the best Konami’s ever gonna be able to do from now on, if this is anything to go by. This is an insult to Metal Gear. - Zach808

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7 Lego DC Super-Villains

What is next lego fortnite, lego jake paul game? - B1ueNew

8 Just Dance 2019

Hopefully this cancer dies - ikerevievs

On the Wii!

9 Kirby: Battle Royale

I mean the original 3ds version is bad but I don't think the new one is better it's just kirby triple deluxe but with a twist, crappy 5 minute battle royale I mean I don't think it's even online!, what is a battle royale with no online? - B1ueNew

I just checked it is online my bad - B1ueNew

what - Not_A_Weeaboo

10 Bloodstained

Hey ikereviews, "Shovel Knight", "A Hat in Time", "Hyper Light Drifter", "Divinity: Original Sin 2", and "Thimbleweed Park" beg to differ.

After the dissapointment that is mighty no
.9 I don't trust kickstarter games anymore - ikerevievs

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? Realm Royale

Right now people are loving it but just watch when it gets popular people are gonna be like "THIS IS CANCER FOR LITTLE KIDS" OH MY GOSH FORTNUT IS BETTRR" - B1ueNew

? NBA 2K19

If they put curry on the cover like 2k18 they woulda sold billions 2k here lies ya tombstone⚰️💣

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11 Madden NFL 19

Ea makes awful microtransaction filled garbage - ikerevievs

12 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

I just watched the trailer and there's NO CAMPAIGN. Multiplayer is BO3 without fly packs. - Marine_Soldier

More generic future shooter trash by money milker Activision!

Its fortnite but with more tech - Dvafan2

I don't want futuristic fortnite - Dvafan2

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13 Detroit: Become Human

David Cage is a hack. Enough said.

But why detroit of all cities why didn't you do tokyo considering how advanced tokyo is compard to detroit but if a robut takeover did probably start it would start in a bad city like detroit - ikerevievs

SO you put this on the list just because you hate Detroit?
"You are a sad, strange little man" - MUSHROOM

Whoever added this game to this list must be a Fortnite fanboy. - Not_A_Weeaboo

This was originally in the list, and this list was made well before Fortnite being released. - MrCoolC

14 Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

This game is so overrated! It's jut a crappy horror game with crappy graphics? How did it get so popular? Is it because of the horrible graphics? Is it because of the horrible animations? Why is it so overrated? Mario and Quest For Glory are waay better (not meant to be rude) - darthvadern

People can't even realize that this game is SUPPOSED to be bad. - 445956

It's a bad game - Dvafan2

Well, the game is not that bad. It does'nt mean being overrated bad or something. It's less cancerous and more earraping fun to the gameplay.
Good thing it does'nt give Rule 34 of the game.

Simply, it's just a generic horror game with a titular math teacher coming to get you with a ruler. Also, the graphics looks 90s Microsoft's maze wall with additional characters that block your path.

The goal is to get your friend's notebook and answer each Math question. And avoid Baldi at all cost.
After you get all the notebooks, something bad happened and the tone gets more redder and darker than ever.


Sounds terrifying? Maybe yes for beginners, but too hilarious for us.

This game's fan might be like FNAF's cousin but at least the game does'nt deserve to have Rule 34.

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15 Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

The damage has already been done crapcom the greeediest of the greedy - ikerevievs

16 EA Sports UFC 3

More ea crap - ikerevievs

17 Mega Man 11

We barely know anything about the game. The most we got was a trailer back in December 2017. HOW CAN YOU DETERMINE A GAME'S QUALITY BY ONE TRAILER?! - Pikachu7586

I don't trust capcom either - ikerevievs

Capcom will find a way to make it bad look at resident evil street fighter v and marvel vs capcom infinite - Dvafan2

18 Call of Duty (2018)
19 Ace Combat 7
20 The Crew 2
21 Hunt Down the Freeman

Just crap

22 Kingdom Hearts 3

This will probably be amazing.

Delayed - Dvafan2

23 Payday 3
24 Two Worlds 3
25 God of War

You mean this? - Neinwott

It shouldn't had been on this list. People think its overrated.
It's the game of the year right now and pretty much one of the best if not the best game of the current generation, deal with it. - Johnalove


26 VR Chat

This is how the Uganda Knuckles were born.

Is this even a game?

It would be better if those Uganda Knuckles should'nt have existed.

27 Ultimate Custom Night

Fnaf sucks - Dvafan2

28 Psychonauts 2
29 Anthem

Thank god this crap got delayed also mass effect andromeda got delayed at the same time - ikerevievs

Mass effect Andromeda was bad it was delayed a few times - Dvafan2

Considering its ea don't be exited for this - ikerevievs

30 Far Cry 5
31 Secret of Mana HD

The original was (and still is) awesome. This remake does nothing new other than ugly 3D graphics and terrible voice acting. If you still have the original SNES version, keep it. - raidramon0

32 Rules of Survival Rules of Survival

Worst online game ever. 85 percent cheaters, 15% fair player. Reporting sucks. Normal player get banned 1800 days. Cheaters get banned in 1 day. Banning system worst.

33 Dynasty Warriors 9
34 Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee
35 Command & Conquer: Rivals

So this is what's become of Command & Conquer. How sad. - Zach808

36 Yume Nikki: Dream Diary

I've had to start my review series due to how much of a disappointing trainwreck this game is. Terrible gameplay, from limited exploration that kills the point of Yume Nikki to nearly unplayable 3D platforming, which also gives this game no identity of its own. Top that off with bad character design, lazy level design, horror elements that insult the original, and a ton of glitches as well. No matter if it's a sequel, reboot, reimagining, etc. this game is terrible, and it will live forever in memory as one of the worst gaming experiences I've ever had. - nerffan8000

37 New Gundam Breaker

A game with unlimited lagging

Never heard of it - B1ueNew

38 Past Cure
39 Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Pretty sure it will get good reviews - B1ueNew

Left out my boi waluigi

Shouldn't be here at all.

0/10 no waluigi - Dvafan2

40 Deep Down
41 Kirby Switch
42 Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

After playing Fatal Bullet for a bit more than a month ever since its release, I can safely confirm that this isn't bad. It is perfect? No. But it does offer loads of fun in single player. While there is no capability of one shotting like in Hollow Realization, the bosses can still be defeated with the correct loadout. - SelfDestruct

43 The Writer

Is he spreading fake news find out soon

44 Spider Man (Ps4)
45 Extinction (2018)
46 Resident Evil 7 Switch

You can only buy this for a month this is a scam and you need a streaming service too just to buy it - Dvafan2

47 A Hat in Time
48 Vampyr
49 Chrono Trigger (PC)

Kermit the Frog once said; "You can't beat the classics, you can only destroy them." That's exactly what the PC port did. Chrono Trigger is still a blast to play to this day, but you should stay far away from the PC version. With downgraded graphics, horrible interface, and bugs and glitches that weren't in the original, it's best to stick to the SNES original if you still have the cartridge laying around. - raidramon0

50 The Culling 2
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