The Angry Outlaw Episode #4 Data Design Interactive

htoutlaws2012 No this isn't a April fools review take it seriously As we dive into another company today! Data design were acquired by Stewart's Green green solution in which the page doesn't exist so good luck figuring out whom they could have been. They had an engine by the name of GODS yeah GODS it's abbreviation means Game Oriented Development System. Let's see how this went into full effect.

The Games: The first game made by Data Design was DNA Warrior a side scroller shooter that plays decent but the problem is the game feels unfinished so no rating on this one. After that long hiatus they decided not to give up and go in the 6th gen to make games targeted towards kids first thing to get on the peoples good side of that is make a game with Nick characters and by that I am referring to Nickelodeon Party Blast. This game has been crucified by majority of critics is it really that bad as they say let's take a look. First off Yes, it's not the best looking game by any means and second when you play it of course your not going to know the controls, after awhile I got the hang of it but boy can some of those ones towards the end be absolutely difficult. I'd say go ahead if you like Nick at the time of 2002 but I surely don't think it's a 1.1 by IGN that's way too harsh, it's mediocre at best it does have it's problems but I can see some points in that argument, anyway next! Now after those 2 games if you thought those were not passable games well your in for a rough ride. After that point they literally focused on games made on the Playstation 2 and The Nintendo Wii and these next few games is what made them famous Anubis II, Action Girlz racing, & Ninjabread man. Anubis II, this was before Ninjabread man and it looks worse than it (graphically).Many of the games after this would play very similar that are like saying copy & paste I mean if that's not lazy then the next thing you'll notice the camera angle is God awful, the controls are clunky, the story is very bland it's just not that interesting. Action Girls Racing, And I thought M&M's Kart racing was bad this game is 10 times worse The controls suck, you will mostly crash into walls, at times have glitchy problems, & the graphics are atrocious. It's like a cruel game to give a sister it is so BAD you feel sorry to even lend it to anybody, if you wanted to give somebody the worst Kart game you're looking at it this game seems to taunt you with it's awful control.

Ninjabread Man & Downfall: Our last game and it is one I really LOATHE the most and that is the infamous Ninjabread Man
a lot like Anubis II, but worse then you could ever Imagine. The controls are 10 times worse, The enemies are the most broken I've ever seen (more unforgiving then the enemies in A bug's Life). the game has a total of 4 levels 1 being the training level and also keep in mind that level 1 is not easy in anyway. It may seem short unless the controls really start to get on your nerves after awhile. After those games hit it only became there ultimate death blow to come, In 2012 the company was at a fitting end.

Comparisons: Oh you thought that was it not quite, now let's compare this developer and the previous one which was Phoenix games and see which low budget developer was worse. The graphics, In data design they are mediocre at best, but in phoenix games there are majority of there games that look horrifying bad round 1 goes to data design. Controls, When Phoenix games actually try to make games that aren't cinematic rip-offs the controls are basic and some points bad, data designs controls are so unforgiving I mean majority of the games they have besides 1 are so clunky and unresponsive I award this one to Phoenix games. The sound & Audio, It's even. Now for tiebreaker what one do I find more atrocious well after a long consideration I'd go with Phoenix games why, I can't get past the fact there were only 6 people that did this whole thing where as data design they had more than that and I guess tried but still failed at making a okay game level to the point if it was a 6 I'd be going ''THEY FINALLY DONE IT IT'S NOT A PILE OF CRAP.'' Alright I need to clam down (enters dream and sees a floating 3DO game coming towards him).