Worst Games For the Nintendo Wii

Everyone has a wii but what are the worst games for the console?
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1 Ninjabread Man Ninjabread Man Product Image

Somehow, there's a game that's WORSE than M&M'S Kart Racing, and dear God, is it awful. The AI is terrible. It's stiff and the art style is incredibly dull. Most of the characters look nothing like ninjas. The graphics are worse than Kasumi Ninja and so is the writing. The plot is horrible. It's contrived as all hell. Everything comes out of nowhere, and Action 52 made more sense than this. And it's boring. It's 50% filler. And he only fights during boss battles worse than the hard levels in Bubsy. And it lasts more than five minutes before he gets his ass whipped. With Bubsy, it was a lack of effort but here it seems they made it bad intentionally.

This is the epitome of the Wii's motion controls being 70% unresponsive in a complete waste of time. I'll admit the concept is rather charming, but it was wasted on one of the most bland games I've ever played.

Lmao you know a Wii game is bad when you use the NUNCHUK to jump! There are only 4 levels which are ridiculously short, and it's not like you get any enjoyment out of them. The developers should be paying you to play this game instead of you paying them.

While the sense of humor is great, the lore and plot behind this, would be better off, as a cartoon, instead of a video game.


Whatever you do, if you find a copy of this, at GameStop, DON'T buy this game; it may be cheap, but it's a COMPLETE RIP-OFF!

2 M&M'S Kart Racing M&M'S Kart Racing Product Image

The controls and voice acting sucked, not to mention it was boring. I was six when I played this, and I loved racing games. - Cyri

At Least It Finally Got Higher Than Smash Bros Brawl But Still Needs to Be Higher Than Super Mario Galaxy - VideoGamefan5

This Game Got In The Top Ten But It Still Needs To Be Higher Than Mario Galaxy And Smash Bros Brawl - VideoGamefan5

This is lower on here than on the worst video games list. - RalphBob

3 Action Girlz Racing Action Girlz Racing Product Image

The cover art itself shows you that this is a horrible Nintendo Wii title. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The controls are awful! The art is distasteful! The track designs are messed up! The graphics are broken! There are way to many bug's! And the sexism levels are off the charts! Do not under any circumstances play this game!

This game should trade places with Brawl, guys, come on!

Oh god this damn game is broken and the collision detection is God- awful

4 Chicken Shoot Chicken Shoot Product Image

What else could a port of a flash game from 2000 (yes, 2000) on a SEVENTH GEN CONSOLE be?

Chicken soot is the wort game ever!

Look at all those chickens!

Rip-off of Duck Hunt.

5 Major Minor's Majestic March Major Minor's Majestic March Product Image

All you do is march. This game also sucks. This game is WAY worse then MP9. MP9 is the best Wii game and this and ninjabread man and a lot if other games suck too.

My arm...had to switch to the right one. I carry the nunchuk for most games in my right hand...MARCH MARCH MARCH! AAAGHRGH

Probably one of the most boring games I ever played.

Never heard of it but it looks stupid

6 Mario Party 9 Mario Party 9 Product Image

Thanks and Cube for killing off a series, what were they thinking?! Why did they change the main concept in Mario Party and replace it with some dumb car?!

This game isn't technically as bad as the other games on this list, but this was when the Mario Party series started to go bad. Mario Party 8 was so much fun and I was so disappointed when I got 9.

This game is based on luck, and doesn't allow the player to show that much skill. It's just like, "Oh, just leave it up to the dice block! " Screw the vehicle mechanic, it completely ruined this series! Just look at the reviews! If this keeps up they need to discontinue the series. Return to the traditional method, for heaven's sake!

Which dumbass voted Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario and Sonic 2008? Those are great games! Mario Party 9 is utter crap. It's a plot hole to the whole Mario Party series! The worst part is Nintendo FORGOT to put Luigi on the Japanese cover!

7 Anubis II Anubis II Product Image

This game is just Ninjabread Man, to make matters worse, this may possibly have not only the most generic plot in video game history, but also the most of all time. It just says, Your good! Their bad!

Bad but not worst I'd say number 12

8 Dalmatians 4
9 Carnival Games Carnival Games Product Image

This game is a total pain mostly because the mechanics are super cheap.

I remember playing this when I was around like 7. Now, I lost this game. I'm glad I lost it, I never wanted to play it ever again. - SuperAlienGamer

To be honest, this game got old very fast and I hated the graphics.

I remember getting all the items as a child and enjoying it but now being older I look at it as a complete waste of my time on the wii

10 Escape from Bug Island Escape from Bug Island Product Image

The plot makes no sense, the controls are tedious and gimicky, the graphics are awful, aiming is a chore, you can literally avoid every fight in the game, and if you get the bad ending YOU HAVE START THE WHOLE THING OVER AGAIN!

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? Rock 'N' Roll Adventures
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11 Golden Balls Golden Balls Product Image

My balls are a lot fun than this game - Spingebill

I Have golden Ball. Wanna see?

What it's name is without the golden.

Liked the show, hate the game.

12 Spy Games: Elevator Mission Spy Games: Elevator Mission Product Image
13 Game Party Game Party Product Image

Why isn't this higher? The motion controls are awful, and usually, you have no control over what happens. (A great example is Ping Cup.)

14 Alvin and the Chipmunks Alvin and the Chipmunks Product Image

Need I say more?

You don't have to play this one to know its bad

15 Carnival Games: MiniGolf Carnival Games: MiniGolf Product Image
16 Dr. Mario Online RX Dr. Mario Online RX Product Image

Can no longer be bought along with the other Mario wiiware game, WarioWare D.I.Y (Wii version), unless you find a preowned wii with either of these games pre installed.

I thought the game was good - Toab

It’s not bad in my opinion - Granton8ter05

17 Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2008 Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2008 Product Image

Wasted idea of a crossover. You'd think we'd get a cool adventure game where Mario and Sonic team up to save the world, but no apparently the Olympic Committee struck a deal with Nintendo and Sega and we got this instead.

The game was very hard to master! I know this game is two hard because I am good at the 2012 summer Olympic Games version!

It is a very good game if you like challenging games then this is the game. I don't know why it's on here

Princess Peach is not at all adept as gymnastics! That should tell you everything.

18 Wii Play Wii Play Product Image

What Moron put Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Kirby's Epic Yarn and New Super Mario Bros. Wii those were great wii games, as for Wii play this game is incredibly boring and repetitive most people bought Wii Play only for the Extra Controller which was genius on the part of the creators take a crappy game that nobody wants and sell it along with an extra controller.

This game had TONS of potential, but it didn't use it. "Shooting Range" could have been a straight port from the NES "Duck Hunt", and "Find Mii" could have been a straight port from the NES "Where's Waldo? "! "Pose Mii" is so terrible, it should have been left out completely. "Table Tennis" could have been a straight port from the NES "Smash Ping Pong"!

Rediculous that I would have to play the shooting game to get to the other games. I paid for this software I should play anything anytime anywhere. The idea that I have to achieve certain scores so I can play other games is the most stupid idea ever heard. NEVER will I buy software like that

This game is so underrated. I played this game as much as I played Wii Sports. The pose/bubble popping game is stupid though.

19 Wii Sports Wii Sports Product Image

It isn't a BAD game. It can be a, little fun sometimes. The only Boris thing about it is golf.

Why are you putting awesome games on this list?

It's good, but by today's standards, it really doesn't live up. Plus Resort is much better. - Garythesnail

Its not too bad, just needs a few more sport games - UnlawfulMatron

20 Kirby's Epic Yarn Kirby's Epic Yarn Product Image

The remake is the possible last Nintendo published Nintendo 3ds game.

Whoever put this here is dumb this game is very underrated please remove

This is so great for younger children! I played this with my older brother when I was 5, and those are some of the best memories I have. This is a great game for memories and when you want to have fun! Totally acceptable for younger children like I said, because you can't die, and it's just so cute and fun. - SansTheComic

This is my second favorite Kirby game, behind Return to Dream Land. Who cares if it's easy, it's tons of fun! - Garythesnail

21 Sonic and the Secret Rings Sonic and the Secret Rings Product Image

This game made me want to tear my eyes out and tape them to my stove.

If you want a storybook Sonic game, get Sonic and the Black Knight. It's so much better than this crap.

Controls are terrible! I like the game and all, but the controls suck! - sslick9001

Found this game on clearance at Target. Boring, hard to control, story doesn't make much sense, and overall doesn't feel like a sonic game. Sonic colors is WAY better.

22 M&M's Beach Party M&M's Beach Party Product Image

Seriously a Another M&M's Game on this List!?

23 Brunswick Pro Bowling Brunswick Pro Bowling Product Image
24 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Product Image

This is the best Wii game if all time! It scored a perfect 10/10. I'll tell you what the worst Wii game ever is. The game is called Samba de Amigo. I got the game for my birthday when I was 12. I returned to the store the next day after playing it. The whole game is using the Wii Remote and nunchuck as Maracas that's it! That's all you do! That is the entire game! It was published by Sonic team of all Developers! Why would Sega think a game this Bland and boring would ever be a good idea! That game should be #2 on this list!

I don't see much of a "Galaxy" in the game despite the word being in the title. The first game at least tried to make it look like a galaxy. Also, the cosmic guide is basically a babysitter for you. The only real good thing is Yoshi, and he doesn't do much.

This game scared the crap out of me. you know y? Because shiver burn galaxy is actually called"beyond hell valley"and if you look in first person view in a place of the galaxy you can see aliens called "hell valley sky tree"

Brush, this is my favorite game ever and the most beautiful mario game ever. Why is this game on the list

25 New Super Mario Bros. Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii Product Image

Whoever keeps putting good games on the list must be banned.

Really best game ever

This game gets 91100 stars

This game was awesome. But not as good as Super Mario Bros. 3

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