Browsing YTV XI ''15 Hilariously Awful Wii Games''

htoutlaws2012 Back with another look at a Blameitonjorge video, and one that is a bit interesting to me. Its not horrific or anything like that, but its more less some people believe it is the best console yet the Wii had a crap load of bad games either early on, or late in its run, and most of them Shovelware related which were generic copy and paste basically gameplay, and you'll see that i've gone over some of these a few years ago, and let's what ones I have no clue of.


#15 The Smurfs Dance Party - Aheh... this is like having Star Wars characters literally dance, and this is that game if the films were not enough of its awfulness, than this will surely make feel like your getting high.

#14 M&M'S Kart Racing - Deserves to be higher up the list if were talking about laughably terrible games this is that controls suck, but hey the always memorable ''APPROACHING SOUND BARRIER!''

#13 Major Minor's Majestic March - Well this is almost as cringeworthy as showcasing the Wii Music at an E3 years ago.

#12 Calvin Tucker's Redneck Jamboree - You would think the character was based on Larry the Cable guy, but no just a bad southern based title that maybe consider offensive even.

#11 Chicken Shoot - Oh god this reminds me of those Phoenix games only difference your the one with the controls, and not watching some horrible animated movie.

#10 Jenga World Tour - Oh lord a Jenga game that's not reality that just seems like a terrible idea off the bat, and that doesn't seem hilarious at all. It may not be Rampage World Tour bad, but its worth a consideration alone just feels dull, and darkened of something out Fantasia your just missing the score.

#9 London Taxi: Rush Hour - Not to be confused with the phoenix game this one does feel very similar to that despite being two different companies strange almost a power trip formed secretly within the game itself.

#8 Action Girlz Racing - Hmm... a game that targets females, and fails at doing that, and its more less a cruel joke to use on anybody the controls are the worst of any racing kart game out there.

#7 iCarly - I wouldn't say funny bad, but more less boring to play through.

#6 Alvin and the Chipmunks - Its like mixing Guitar Hero, and Rock Band without the hard difficulty, and this is that game dull, and perhaps the worst rhythm game ever made.

#5 Petz (all of them) - The only thing that is laughable is how many releases this got on both the Wii, and the DS that's just unbelievable for uninteresting pets simulations.

#4 Game Party - I wouldn't say hilariously bad, but more less a big disappointment that could of been a decent title, but we get three games of pretty much the same exact thing.

#3 Kidz Sports (all of them) - How can you mess up sports... oh right its Data Design hard to believe this missed the radar for me when I did many of the games, and how much they were basically the same game in many ways.

#2 Balls of Fury - Based on the comedy about a ping pong tournament, and yes Christopher Walken in this the game adaptation was actually pretty funny bad in the sense just look at Walken. He looks more yeah just like the thing from Perfect in Courage oh my.

Dishonorable Mention:

Target Terror - This looks absolutely laughable, and it by Konami even Ha this is like Revolution X only different there's no music artists its just terrible digitized people labeled as terrorists that look nothing close to that resemblance.

#1 Ninjabread Man, Myth Makers Trixie in Toyland, Anubis II, and Rock N' Roll Adventures - Not sure about laughably bad, but yes these games are like what I consider Code red stay away at all cost these are nothing, but to scam you if you see them in sight look the other way.

There's the list, and immediately I looked up some other titles I fought seemed hilariously terrible, and I saw Golden Balls a gameshow, but when you look at the gameplay its just... you cannot help, but die of laughter at first look. Awe... here's one I believe would of made the list, and that is Escape from Bug Island. The atmosphere, and all that fits in, but than when targeting enemy notice how bad the detection is than try not to laugh at the clipping how are you suppose to kill something that attracts to you what rocket science is this? How about Battle of Giants Dinosaur Strike its a hilariously bad poor clone of Primal Rage basically, and not fun, but at least a laugh based on the concept. So yeah that was a very interesting while not all of them were what I'd say humorously bad there are a few I fought seemed like they also should of been in consideration as well. Well that's gonna do see you next time.


I remember getting chicken shoot with the zapper at the time, I wanted brawl but I couldn't find a good deal on super smash bros brawl at the time, I tried playing chicken shoot and the zapper didn't even work!, - B1ueNew

I actually have Game Party lying around somewhere, but I do remember it to be a pretty bland game. I also read an article a few weeks back that said Chicken Shoot was basically, “Duck Hunt for idiots,” which sums it up perfectly. - PackFan2005

MandMs racing makes me think of M&Ms - iliekpiez

Ninjabread man, haven’t heard that in a while. - Not_A_Weeaboo