Angry Outlaw #53 Wii Sport Games

htoutlaws2012 He is the meanest outlaw in all of america, he does not hold back on anything or anyone, he'd rather stick it up there's and go screw a limp wang, then talk about the most dreaded terror of furious strength in full power of rage. He is the angry outlaw, he is the angry! angry! outlaw!

You know what I'm gonna do! I want to play some video games. Oh not just any, what I mean is sports games. While the 2600 had am awful collection of sport titles don't underestimate the power of the Wii mysteries. Now granted Wii Sports and Resort are great in their own right, but eliminate that and you 90% of awful sports games to follow its smashing success let's take at what the shovel ware pile.

Carnival Games: Minigolf - Carnival Games was a huge success that offered fair amount of playable games. Yet was considered mixed reviews, the sequel with a mini golf gimmick while a fitting idea was just down right atrocious to navigate through. Controls are very off pointed especially when readying to aim is just frustrating from just the first three holes. Unlike having a Mii somewhat resemble you in some way good luck with that in this game. Just pure putrid dump thrown out there with lots of locked parts. How do screw something with putting to this degree?

Game Party - The Game Party series managed to do well in sales, but unfortunately since the first title the quality is very dated and just not very fun. I remember trying to play darts and just not working that well with the motion action. It survived long enough to go in the WiiU. Hopefully that is the end of it with Champions. If this was revived now you would probably question Nintendo's logic in this than anything flat out suck.

Kidz Sports - Oh Data Design its been awhile since last we met. As you may recall this developer along with another similar would always make deceiving cover art, and have some atrocious gameplay. Unsurprising that was what I expected all of the collection is indeed horrible. Not well tested, copy and paste this with the others just simply lazy and in a more uncreative fashion. As before if you see that logo look the other way and just keep walking or scrolling along for something much more enjoyable.

Brunswick Pro Bowling - Now this game right has to be the most boring, and bland bowling I have ever played. Sure Ten Pin Alley has awkward controlling, but not like this for the Wii. Oh this wasn't exclusive either as it surfaced on multiple consoles. The characters look forgettable and lifeless alright than... John. I go to roll and there's some problem. Unlike Resort where you let go easy here you must hold down for a good 5, 6 seconds it feels like why do I gotta do this for? It keeps on going, and after one frame I can't take this crap. I feel like whoever made this game made the actual brand inferior. Who even made this... Crave wonder what else they did before this?

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08' - Yes not even EA Sports gets any passes this time. Sure many games the current sports they do, but try their golf on the Wii is absurd. Trying to do 2 player is a complicated nightmare and next it feels very advanced and i love Golf why is this necessary just give something to play on. We get a commentator who rips you if you have a bad hole. Well as much different as he is to now it does not excuse how bad the putting system is. Not in the same realm as the Carnival one, but this is literally the pro's. Try going change club for long distance is that enough NO! Try a simple short little from the whole not much of a move there is no balance in this game whatsoever. The only interesting about this game is what others were included not named Tiger Woods otherwise its a more known title on I personally believe just flat out bad, and while experts tell you its good its a sell for me. Even for 2007 this looks badly dated. I understand the Wii is not known for graphics but this looks like a freaking PlayStation the way its presented on the green looking dead colored. Yeah this is a very grim game that it belongs in a game cemetery.

Well there it is a shovelware trash bin all in one. Sorry it took me so long i've been busy, and I did this via phone. For now let us remember to just ignore what occurred as much bad games the system produced ignore that existence instead just go with what you should stray away from to these sports games can just go away.


Good post. I have Carnival Games Mini Golf and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 and while These games can be fun for an occasional play I agree they’re underwhelming and pretty bad - Randomator

I actually loved PGA Tour. - 2storm

My mom actually has Game Party it literally is just a crappy Wii Play

also darkboi he didn't review Wii Sports. - NuMetalManiak