Worst Games of Roblox November 2014

In my opinion the worst games on Roblox for November 2014.

The Top Ten

1 Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby

Remember: It's just adoption because apparently babies in the adoption center weren't made from this thing where your mother and father get together and get... Undressed... Roblox logic, everyone.

Seriously you Morons! Think about the games, Dude.

I mean, seriously, why is this even allowed?

2 Mad Paintball

A terrible knockoff of Paintball. You have to pay a bunch of robux for another "character" which has better health, clips, etc.

3 Prison Life V0.5

The concept is terrible, all it is is shoot and kill. Basically cops and robbers.

4 Deathrun Summer Run

I mean, seriously 95% of the time the game is glitching and it lags.

5 Greenwood Town

Basically another cops and robbers.

6 Different Town of Robloxia!

Ahh, yes JuliusColes has copied 1dev2's game again.

7 Catalog Heaven

All this game is good for is checking out hats... But then again you always lose connection.

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8 Build Your Own Mech

Basically all this is an impossible sandbox game.

What is that game

9 Roblox High School

Whenever I join that game I see at least oh let's say... 10 people who have fake ages and are looking for a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend".

A very boring game that is just an updated version of Town of Robloxia filled with Oders.

10 Roblox's Top Model

Again, a game with barely any concept, just trying things on and letting people vote on them. 90% of the judges are bias by the way.

The Contenders

11 Twisted Murderer

Another Roblox Gmod murder ripoff that has overpriced gamepasses and people who like playing loud, obnoxious music... And sheriff's who team up the killer until he/she is the last remaining player.

12 Jailbreak

Its stupid and a copy of a good game prison life

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