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1 Meepcity

What ruined filter? Meepcity. What spread ODing? Meepcity. What RUINED Roblox entirely? Meepcity. Meepcity is a game about adopting a meep, and doing fun things like buying ice cream or pizza, but unfortunately not many people do that. Meepcity is like cancer, ODers are the cells, and normal players get influenced by them and do the same. Roblox is the body, and the more ODers, the higher chances are Roblox will go downhill. It already did, trust me. Anyway, thanks to Meepcity's parties 20k people a day go there and have virtual intercourse. Everyday. 20k people. That means in less than a week 1 million players turn into ODers. Meepcity is a big insult to old players, the creator has done little effort by removing beds and party names and he's just chill because there is a reporting system. IT'S DAMN BROKEN. Meepcity is the single game that ruined the Roblox community, forget about raise a cute kid or roblox highschool, ODers from there came from Hellcity. The saddest part is that ...more

This game doesn't even deserve recognition. I'll admit I play it sometimes, but when you look at it, you think, "Why the hell isn't this game banned? " For starters, a lot of the stuff is copied from other games and the creator never gives credit. The minigame "Kart Racers" is literally a cheap version of Mario Kart on Roblox. It has similar items and the EXACT same maps as Mario Kart. Second, the design of the houses and buildings is also exactly the same as the ones in Toontown, and people have messaged the creator several times saying he never gave credit, but he just ignores them. Third, there is a FNAF themed wallpaper and flooring, but did he give credit for where he got them? NO! The second problem is the social parties. These parties are literally the definition of cancerous kids. Girls dress their avatars up as strippers and things in their bio's like "Single, Hot, Dirty," and so on, thinking it's funny to act sexy and stuff when it's really just nasauting. There are also a ...more - RosalinaX

It's utterly disgusting in the past how this had an influence on many Roblox players. The times it was popular, it was filled with players. Roblox has been marketed toward the younger generations. Many people see surface level on how Meepcity is playful, and just for roleplay, when they probably haven't seen the deep side of Meepcity. In the parties feature, groups of people are having VIRTUAL INTERCOURSE. ODers are fueled by this piece of a game. And remember how Roblox is marketed toward children. Do parents have the consent to actually let you child have virtual intercourse with a 50 year old man? The sad thing is, for many many years people have been tricked by this innocent looking game and have been either influenced or scared by these players, and this game which is basically just a game of non-sense and humiliation to the older players, ruining Roblox's reputation. It's disgusting how childish an OD game is. Sadly, it still is getting 80K players prior to 7/18/19. Meepcity is ...more

This game isn't THAT BAD. At least it has no free models. MeepCity is and will always be better than Boho Salon (A game filled with bots). Also this comment section is filled with exaggerations, and why don't you file a lawsuit if you think it uses copyrighted stuff?
Just my opinion, respect it and I'll respect yours.

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2 The Mad Murder

That game was super good, but it's creator stopped updating it which sadly resulted in bugs not being fixed and hackers plaguing the servers. - RogerMcBaloney

Almost all of the games on Roblox (With an exception of games like Vesteria, Super Nostalgia Zone, Bloxburg etc.) suck anyway. This isn't the worst game as I've seen games on Roblox that are 100x worse.

Thi game is now destroyed by awful Exploiters. - XtheXlmao

I like it but I get murderer every time but is not a worst game

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3 Kohl's Admin house NBC

This is basically get killed by some dumb admin abuser simulator. This game is like Fallout 76 barely playable, I can spawn in and then fall to my death. It is annoying that someone can hog all the admin slots and get all the admin. But to be honest this is not as bad as Admin Hangout but I still think this game deserves to be here.

This sucks, its way to hard to get admin due to the lasers, and somebody claims every admin platform and they do :punish me so they are not affected by and admin commands (except for :unpunish -player name-) then at the exact same second everyone spawns, They type :hole all or :hole others. And the game is meant to use admin and not abuse, right? Well, then why is there even an others command and death commands? I get it, you may be like, "But if they are abusing, use that command on them! " But, death commands are a normal command, you get it when you claim admin. Moderators should have death commands to fix abusing problems. This game REALLY should be taken down.

Ok so for the first part, who likes being punished for no reason? Well I bet all of you don't. People say punish others and won't let you go so you end up leaving the game. They put disco on which isn't a BIG deal but when it gives you a headache, it's almost impossible to get through those jumps to get to the house. The map is boring with green grass and a empty house (but there's admin claimers in the house). People claim all of the admin claimers so no one else could try it. They spam kill all and reset all and jail others for no reason. They remove the ground so you die non-stop. They spawn zombies so you will die. SOMETIMES they remove the lava jumps but still it shouldn't be on roblox. I mean it's a game where you could try admin if you don't have enough robux, but its just boring and not fun. I wouldn't recommend this game to people who hate dying over and over again, being freezed, being punished for no reason, and if you hate boring maps. So I'll day DO NOT PLAY IT!

The point of this game is to test admin commands and have fun with them, not abuse it. Now every time I join a server, the ground is removed, the house is neon-colored pink, and there's flashing lights playing in the background. Players also always attempt to remove everyone else's admin except for their own and act like they rule the game. There's no reason to add an obby in game to get admin. You could've just gotten it automatically without losing it and having to jump over these stupid lava jumps again and again.

Most of the time someone ends up blocking the obby with a wall from the building tools. It's annoying and unfair, plus there shouldn't really be building tools in the game. Now, about the building tools. I remember spending an hour building a structure. I was proud of it, but someone soon destroyed it. That's basically how idiotic players act. They ruin every single thing until they get their way.

In conclusion, this game has no effort put in. There are ...more - Remote

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4 Adopt and Raise a cute baby

It has a lot of gay people

So many rude people

It's so stupid it has no purpose besides to make people sad

It is so boring there is no point in playing it

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5 Boho Salon

Boho Salon won't work for me! D:<

BRUH... BOHO SALON IS just really... using bots to make it look like it's popular. THEY don't deserve the members. MEMBERS OF THE BOHO SALON, LEAVE THE GROUP AND REPORT IT!

Boho salon only gets ''30'' playing. but the group have 1 million members.

BOHO BOT - XtheXlmao

There are always trollers, and there have been bots promoting free robux scams. I feel like everyone left this game to go play with cute outfits in Royale High and Good Girls Sorority.

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6 Juliuscolesv2 Town of Robloxia

This game sucks because it asked me for meh password who is stupid enough to type it?

Yes it asked my password don't play this game it is garbage

He hacked my account! Don't play this game or you will get hacked! He will lock you out of your account by changing your password, have access to your account, and change your character's looks and account. I'm warning you!

Shut up. How can playing a game make your account hacked, unless you were stupid enough to submit it anywhere? - DontMakeARookieMistake

Free models, copied original with no credit, yep this is a bad game. - XxNosyxX

One time he gave credit to 1dev2, but then he quickly said that it's his.

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7 Murder Mystery

Boring gimme a break

Why are you guys hating it so much I know it's a mm2 copy but still

I'd say the stupid creator is so dumb there's also others on the list this creator smells like poop.

Sorry for voting but this is the original murder mystery... vote MM2. - Nevatopart

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8 Roblox High School

Roblox I don't like- Elsherlock

Really boring, can't understand how this can be popular!

This is probably the worst game I've ever played on Roblox so far. First off, what is the point of this game? It can be math time while people are still playing basketball in the gym. There is no person that bring you to the class. You can basically walk around the building a few hundred times and not get in trouble. Next, you never get in trouble. There can be a pack of 100 bullies in the school and nothing will happen. There is no principal to do that. Unlike Work at a Pizza Place, you can actually start a ban (but to be honest to all you Pizza Place lovers out there reading this, I kind of hate that game too.) Finally, where are the teachers? Every period, everyone rushing in to the classroom to see who can be the first one in the chair to be the teacher. YouTubers who do their videos on the game, I kind of feel sorry for you guys. If you play Roblox High School, just please get a life.

Sorry Guys This The Original Roblox High School Play Roblox High School 2 Or Robloxian High School

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9 Reason 2 Die

Wanna fight zombies? Wanna fight bosses? Wanna be chosen by a zombie even though you were a zombie in previous rounds? Ugh, I don't like this game. First of all, the survivals abuse their power on the zombies and spam kill them for no reason. It's worse in rescue mode. The bosses are also harder then the older ones. This game also contains little abusive high ranks that are mean to the lower ranks. This game stinks. - HelloThere902

Why is this a bad game?. Its amazing for me, you can get guns, fight boss and the creator spend a lot of time on this

Two words Melee Smash. If you aren't getting killed by chainsaw users Your most likely getting killed by ice knuckles users

It isn't bad if you put some time and effort into it, but it starts to get boring once you get the SPAS.

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10 Welcome to the Town of Robloxia

This game is boring

Its Bloxburg but for free. So its neither here nor there to be honest.

Its copycat to bloxburg

This game is good.
Not bad. Not in Roblox hellzone!

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? Water Park World

The Contenders

11 Mad Paintball

Why is there even a sniper in the game then?

You can't even jump, there are no speed based characters, all the guns look EXACTLY the same (the sniper characters doesn't even have a scope on their gun yet SOMETHING on the gun acts as a scope. Or the sniper character is a robot that looks like a human, I don't know), and you can even use the third person camera. I though this was a FIRST PERSON shooter... (Though this problem is trivial compared to everything else) Just play actual TF2, or Typical Colors 2, they're much better than this game, all loleris wants is money

Was great but loleris just abandoned it.

I love it when they have no pants - O-O

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12 Stateview Prison

Okay just, this game is TRASH.
First of all, it's just another stupid jail game.
Second, everything besides prisoner costs so much robux.
Fourth, why is there a door blocking the jail cell?
Get this in the top 5. - Bammer73

They are racist and hate the LGBTQ+ community


13 Temple Run Minigames!

God dang trashumundo

It's not really temple run, its just games to earn coins... also its all about killing people - MorganChambz

I went in this and there was ADS! However, did u realize that when u comment u vote for this game?

I hate minigames because they are always the same games.

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14 Roblox Cookie Clicker

First of all cookie clicker in general sucks

The creator is like a poop

Before you play, if you are trying to 100% this game, make sure you DO NOT click. If you do, you will never get the Neverclick achievement. You can not even restart your game, so once you click, either give up or make a new account. - LittleAwesomeApple

Download an auto clicker and you will beat this game.

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15 Beach House Roleplay

Uh No thanks


I hate that game

WHY DOES THIS GAME EXIST?! Some 3.0 dude: I'm GONNA PUT ON THESE CLOTHES! I will put on some swimming trunks because I'm so hot. The 3.0 dude doesn't know how to change colors on his body so it looks like there is still a shirt on... 3.0 Dude becomes girlfriend with someone. The girl then sees him on another game where you can't change your appearance from your normal look on ROBLOX. you know what happens next...

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16 Area 51

Why is there so many games about area 51 anyway?

To be honest, this game is a boring, bland mess of a game. And, millions of places are copies of it! This definitely deserves to be here!

And now mrnotsohero's area 51 is the LAST HOPE FOR AREA 51 GAMES. - XtheXlmao

Survive and kill the killers in Area 51 should be separate from these games

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17 High School Life

Just a ripoff of roblox High school honestly its not original

It's a BIG rip off of Roblox High school - TheMinecraftGamer

This game is Terrible. Lessons finish very quickly. I rather play Roblox High School

Cool and sucks at the same time.

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18 Mountaineers

Garbage never work

I swear to god this game is more buggy than sonic 06

This game doesn't give clear instructions on how it is to be played, got stuck... Lots of walking involved so slow gameplay.

It sucks so bad...

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19 Fight the Monsters!

Nah... I guess this game was very interesting

This is another boring rip off of a RPG Game. Lol it sets the levels for weapons like this:

Crystal sword 100 damage LEVEL 1000000
Obsidian bow 400 damage LEVEL 42233332
Diamond Pack 1000 damage 4000 ROBUX

So basiclly, the owner is putting in random numbers to make people either buy level boosters or buy the weapons from the source.

20 Pet Ranch Simulator

You literally do nothing but hatch eggs once every 5 minutes. For whatever reason 93% of the raters enjoy that. - Bammer73

21 Boys and Girls Hangout

They haven't even bothered to update this game. - KalloFox34

All models are free what's wrong a bout it.

**online daters hangout - kawaiitohru

"It's all free models, all models are free u said it 2 times man get over it.

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22 Are You Smart?

Dumb questions

Wow I play this game with the only language "English" this Creator is smart I'm french and I don't understand all round

More like "Do you have more than one brain cell? " - UnlawfulMatron

How can the creator know if we are smart by asking dumb questions? - thenerdkid351

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23 Pet Simulator

This game sucks, boring. I say don't play. - Roblox_player

When I saw this game I thought oh well another simulator game BUT THEN IT STARTED TO GET UPDATES TOO QUICKLY (now these updates were driving me nuts) and it's so boring all you do is get money and unlock pets and maps. So I hope roblox removes it.

This game is very boring. - XtheXlmao

This game sucks. If you're not buying things, the only thing you can do is click a pile of coins, wait for your slow pet to pick them all up, and do the same over millions of times. I would rather fail a business than play this horrible game.

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24 Fame Simulator

What next, jumping simulator? Existing simulator?



25 Be a Baby

Sounds like ODer. - LapisBob

Crap game.

Well, this is another ODer game made by some kid who wanted the ODer game trend to come along. Also, pretty much this is free modeled.

26 Roblox Quest 3: Kingdom of Stars

gay lol


27 Raining Tacos

its bad

Most overrated song in the world. - XtheXlmao

Why does this game exist? the 10387th most pointless game on roblox


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28 Obby Royale

Thank god it only has an approximate 300k visits, sadly I'm 3 of them. One was because one of my friends showed me it another was to test it and see if it was still bad, and the last was to film it on my least favorite games for youtube. - Bammer73

29 Jailbreak

I played this game the whole summer and loved it but, now its boring... It is so hard to do anything now because there are so many cops everywhere, in the jail and out in the city. And, every time you are a cop, every time you arrest someone, that kids is most likely 7 years old and complains like calling cops noob, dumb, or camper cops! Even when I just got to the bank because of the notification and there are criminals there, I arrest them and they still call me camping! Except some cops who do camp, which is really annoying to criminals. I don't even try to camp at shops. Also now criminals use noclip so they can go through walls! This is very unfair to other criminals and cops because they can't do anything about it! The apartments are kind of useless because if you use it to hide from the cops, they are just most likely to camp outside your door and you can't escape! It's useless. They need to lower the prices of all of the cars because getting money is a really slow process then ...more

The game is actually fun when you first play it, but it gets more boring afterwards. It just always follows a cycle. Be a prisoner, escape, rob banks, and get arrested. It's just awful having to come back to face those campers.

The Roblox community itself basically took a chunk of cringe and shoved it into the game. I don't want to blame it on them to look stupid, but it's actually a bit true. Now there is a 38% chance you would encounter an exploiter in the game while it used to be around 5%. I was a bit disappointed that Royale High took the lead since it's a stupid roleplay game and it's as crappy as Jailbreak, but Jailbreak shouldn't have deserved to be in the top 1 for two years now.


This game, just... ugh.
The devs literally just copied Prison Life, and then they put all their time and effort into creating fancy new updates, when there are literally no-clippers and
speed hackers EVERYWHERE! I used to play this game so much, but then I realised how monotonous it was. And the worst thing is, it looks all fine and friendly, but once you're a cop and you arrest someone, prepare for abuse. There are scammers, ragers, fangirls and boys, campers and so many more toxic people. Good to see that it finally got bested after two years.

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30 LOLcaptions

I'm not saying that the WHOLE game is bad, but the perverted captions. Most people have terrible sense of humour on here! This game is quite old, but the perverts are ruining it. This has been one of my favourite games of all time

Yah this is stupid one time I picked a caption and GUESS WHAT they did not vote me and they tricked me into telling my caption and made me lose

What? I used to absolutely love this! This game was hilarious! If the game was still supported I would still play it.

Never played but it sounds weird

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31 Fashion Frenzy

I wish they could add something new to this game, like new themes or items because it gets boring after a while. - RosalinaX

Hi today I will explain why fashion frenzy or should I say fashion famous is the worst game. So recently there was this update and they changed to were the catwalk would be in different countries and cities. I just happen to seriously hate this update. In Tokyo, Japan, the catwalk had some writing and more precisely Korean writing in other words Hangul. I was so mad to see the creators were clearly clueless of culture. I hate the creators so much for this. I tried reaching out to the creators on twitter but I couldn't manage to get an answer I reached out twice now they still don't answer I'm very mad. It's so hard to believe they don't know culture, they have google on their hands why they not use it or are they that dumb. I mean you search up "Japanese writing" and you can see clearly the difference between the Japanese alphabet and the Korean one.

I've seen a lot of females liking other females design over male design, that's what I think about girls playing this game typically. I used to like this game but I stopped playing it and didn't care about my hundred scores in the leaderboard it's very laggy, not that because people team together to become even. Just my opinion

People in this game vote for people with bad sense of fashion. - starryrcad

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32 The Quarry

Is this one of the smallest things ever smaller than a atom size divided by a universe size? - mathguy37

Even if the creator is nice then this game is stupid it's so boring when I worked hard for the diamond blue axe its boring its just a stupid mining game I like to collect things and build things but I don't know about this game ill give it another chance

People whose progress data was bring deleted since an update from the past (i forgot sorry) probably voted this.

This game is amazing, the creator is nice. When I lost my stats, he gave them back to me.

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33 Soro's Italian Restaurant

I actually feel like the game is underrated. I "work" there with my friend sometimes and I realized that it's not the workers that make it not fun or bad, it's the guests. We have to keep them under control which most of the time is very hard to do because everyone is out of control nonetheless we still do our job and try but people can be very rude, at which we have to ask them to leave. I don't believe it's a RIP off or that it sucks but over that's just my opinion.

Sounds like a ripoff of Work at a Pizza Place. - KalloFox34

I work at Soro’s as an experienced trainee, and every time I join a server, there’s always a hacker trolling for no darn reason. What did we do to deserve this?

Its not the owner's fault it's these dumb trolls. What did we do to deserve this? - spodermanfan1000

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34 Roblox's Top Model

Is good but stupid I stopped playing it because the theme was winter and there was this person who was really good dressing up and GUESS WHO ONE SOME GUY WHO HAD NON RELATED WINTER CLOTHES THE JUDGES ARE DUMB

I enjoyed this game when I tried it out. Yet now I didn't play anymore, why? Of course, the judges sometimes gives you 0 and picks the vip more some sites are hacked like the 666 map, the base to hang while waiting is sometimes gone making you fall for internity, and plus the help button never works who the hell will vote to help the game and when you play it again you gained nothing? The outfits are useless! Not even a new outfit found! There are some players say craps for them to win either like "Vote 10 to me! " and of course I bet this will never ganna change, the outfits, hats, animations are so old like what? Is it ok if you put like shuffle, or somethings that is cool?

Its full of noob judges and the clothes are terrible. When the theme was winter I was fully dressed who you should be in winter. But some VIP idiot had Elsa from Frozen and guess what she won and I got a 4 in all. Really! These judges pick the divas to win. The boys also get no attention on this game. - spodermanfan1000

Played this since my first ever account in ROBLOX, it was pretty nice in 2016. Nowadays... oh god. First, the judges are bad. REALLY, REALLY BAD. Second, veterans lose quiet a lot of times if they don't have VIP. I played it for 2-3 years and I don't win even when I put effort in my outfit. Third, the game is easy to hack. - starryrcad

I think those are all done with. The third is definitely done but I've seen taste improvements with judges, some can still suck though. - Bammer73

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35 Escape Detention


I don't get how anyone can like this game.

This is very, VERY unoriginal. Not as unoriginal as the "Escape the fidget spinner" games

This game is boring because your just in a classroom.. ?!

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36 Get Eaten

Who wants to go down a slide and die over and over again?

I can't tell if this is a fetish... - UnlawfulMatron

Look, this game SUCKS and uses stupid cars that include A BANANA. I mean who would drive in that! I'd give it a massive 0 out of a million.

Well your supposed to feed the people so basically it’s not like your driving it’s like getting eaten with a banana

37 Twisted Murderer

Another bad murder game crawling with retards!

One stupid game with absolutely cringy kids, in my point of view it is not kid friendly, bad influence, if you have complaints about it, Roblox is a game for fun not for bad things

It's a ripoff of the mad murderer and the mad murderer is a ripoff of murder mystery and murder mystery is a ripoff of trouble in terrorist town

Put this at #1 RIGHT NOW! Taymaster can go jump into a fire. This game has copied elements from Mad Murderer. I mean sure. Mad Murderer is another murder game, but all of the elements are original (also made a new gear on catalog. ) Twisted Murderer just copied and pasted all of Mad Murderer's perfection (and took away some of my favorite things. Such as characters. ) This needs to be removed from Roblox NOW.

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38 Prison Life

This was a fun game until it was mixed with exploiters, and random killers. Nothing would make me happier than to come home and play this game in 2017 but seeing that there a lot of problems that aren't being fixed, hackers, and more, the game is basically good as discontinued.

Random player called me a noob and shot me hundreds of times, when he’s on my team and I did not do anything to him. Or should I say this can have a bad community sometimes

Jesus christ this game is relatively fun if you play it a bit from time to time, but there are TOO MANY EXPLOITERS AND HACKERS IN THIS GAME. This almost makes this game unplayable and the map also needs to be bigger, with there almost not being anything to do once you get out of prison. - GreenFriday13Continue

This game sucks. Once your a criminal the only thing you can do is get back to the prison and get arrested. Besides, it is hard to escape prison and the prison is boring. Another thing is anyone with a weapon can shoot you, even the cops wont be punished if they kill you completely 20 million times. Another thing is that when it is bed time, you are locked in for about 2,3,4,5 long and boring minutes. Another thing is that most of the time, cops can arrest you nearly anywhere. Finally, the game has only been updated once out of its long lasting years. Overall, it is boring, stupid and difficult

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39 Survive the Disasters

Its good and bad. its good because, you get to have some entertainment. The bad pt is that, it's a good game and all...but, once it gets dark and your on a computer, you have to legit stand up and find a spot to play at. ITS HORRIBLE DOING THAT.

What's better then seeing a army tank flying through the air?! Or a single lighting strike killing more then ten people AT THE SAME TIME?! So fun and unpredictable. WHY IS IT HERE!?

I accidentally voted for this game because I thought it was the Top Ten Best Roblox Games list (oops) This is a great game! It provides hours of entertainment. This game shouldn't be on this list, or at least it should be a lot lower. -_- - MayaWulfe

All the disaster games are good why is it here!

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40 Hero Havoc

Game is good lol, why is it on list.

Good game why its in the list

Hero Havoc is not actually that bad, I have a lot of fun playing this game, WHY ITS IN THE LIST?

This is actualy a pretty cool game

41 Super Hero Tycoon

I agree because I didn’t play it before but I watch a video and he played it and I laughed because the music and characters are ugly and crap

Really? Its your typical tycoon only thing is that the characters look like block crap. The result of the tycoon you build isn't even unique in its own way.

This is not fighting crime, this is just dumb power dropping and stupid building

42 Escape the iPhone 7

Escape the really terrible game (or the iPhone 7 if you want to be specific) - UnlawfulMatron

That game is a game that is really generic because its popular for escape electroinics ipad and 3ds
its 2018 but its supid

/ What he said.

Cheap,horrible,toxic community.I don't care if DanTDM played it.His videos have been going downhill.

43 Live Life as a Baby

Another ODing game.

And mess up the house - TeamRocket747

44 The Disaster Games

Don't do it it is the worst game ever. - andrewteel

I personally like the disaster games, especially Natural Disaster Survival (stickmasterluke) and Survive The 97 Disasters! (VyrissTheVixen). But in Natural Disaster Survival, I hate the fact that you take damage from falling from nearly any height. - MayaWulfe

It is because the game puts you in real life situations, so it wouldn't be fair if everyone could survive falling. - DontMakeARookieMistake

The only one I can stand is Natural Disaster Survival. - scarmark

In my opinion, Natural Disaster Survival by Stickmasterluke is awesome. I hate how some trolls push people off of heights so that they die though, that gets annoying. Other than that, it's a cool game.

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45 Phantom Forces

Used to be a good game.
With all the awful new maps they added in etc Mirage, Rig, the hit verification system was claimed to be fixed a few patches but clearly hasn't, the high amount of latency and lag and the adding of over-powered weapons.
This game is a shadow of it's former self. Shame! This game used to be amazing.

It is bad for kids. If they play this too much they will maybe want to be murderers when they grow up.

It won't load for me

Terrible,wont load for me and I watched videos and overall sometimes laggy and just looks boring

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46 Traitor Trouble

The game is good. I don't know why everyone thinks it's "a copy of Murder Mistery". The point of the game is not to collect the damn coins, and be helpless while a murderer (a very poorly geared murderer) runs at you with a knife. The game is well made, with good maps, a (kinda) good comunity, and it has good music. For those who say it is a "cheap ripoff", maybe next time don't waste your robux on coins and skins in MM that are pointless.

Is copyright

This is a ripoff of Trouble in Terrorist Town in Garry's Mod

It's complicated and another cheap rip off of Murder Mystery - MorganChambz

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47 Catalog Heaven

People always try to get inside your base and use ff glitches

This game is the best. I bought supreme VIP and I'm killing everyone with green steel claws. (Also if someone uses ice dagger I use firebrand)

This is not bad you can testing any item before buying any item but there is one problem if any item just release on catalog, this game still not release yet that item. Well that bad thing if any item are limited time and this game not released yet that item until time is over, player can't buy that item anymore.

When ever I play this game they use the rainbow sword! Are they a fan of Kirby's Dreamland 2 or something?!

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48 The Great Obby Race
49 Tattletail Roleplay

The roleplayers are so sick

I can't even say anything good about this. Its rlly boring for me.

You can't even do anything. All you do is walk around in a big house and do nothing else. It is useless.

At least you can look for eggs while you walk around - Tyoshi

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50 Mining Simulator

I don't think this game should be 50th, but really. I highly dislike this game, there are too many bots and its glitchy. And I mean I spent too long on this game too :l Don't hate on me I'm just saying my point. - Roblox_player

I spent too long on this game a MASSIVE time waste and Robux grab

This game is terrible

What why is mining sim on this it is one of the best games on roblox

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2. Meepcity
3. Boho Salon

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