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1 The Mad Murder

I hate how that noob loleris put Murder Madness in it's just stupid everyone kills each other and it's just chaos, and that just doesn't make it a mystery game anymore. And you don't even know that it's murder madness someone just sneaks up behind you and kills you. Since everyone is the murderer, you spawn near people, so they just wait the ten seconds while you are like "Yay! I'm murderer! " And the next guy just kills you. And those rounds are WAY too common. It's a waste of time. 1/5

This game sucks and I hate the vip people! There so rude! It never tells you what type of game there doing. When I see I'm murder I'm so happy! Then I figure out its Murder Madness. Mad Studio if you added this can you call it "The Mad Murders"? - spodermanfan1000

Last time I played there was just too many of those stupid chat voices and songs. It just makes me sick, I can see why this is so popular (murder game with extra modes to play) but it still is a copy of Murder Mystery(my favorite. Murder Game) while murder mystery is a copy of a game from Gary Mod. So anyways I don't like Murder games, especially not this one.

Ripped off MM2

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2 Meepcity

What ruined filter? Meepcity. What spread ODing? Meepcity. What RUINED Roblox entirely? Meepcity. Meepcity is a game about adopting a meep, and doing fun things like buying ice cream or pizza, but unfortunately not many people do that. Meepcity is like cancer, ODers are the cells, and normal players get influenced by them and do the same. Roblox is the body, and the more ODers, the higher chances are Roblox will go downhill. It already did, trust me. Anyway, thanks to Meepcity's parties 20k people a day go there and have virtual intercourse. Everyday. 20k people. That means in less than a week 1 million players turn into ODers. Meepcity is a big insult to old players, the creator has done little effort by removing beds and party names and he's just chill because there is a reporting system. IT'S DAMN BROKEN. Meepcity is the single game that ruined the Roblox community, forget about raise a cute kid or roblox highschool, ODers from there came from Hellcity. The saddest part is that ...more

MeepCity is indeed, a ripoff of Toontown Online and Club Penguin, which are both DISNEY'S works. While MeepCity features some original assets that aren't fully inspired by Toontown and CP, there's just so many assets taken from both games that it drowns out the original stuff. It'd be nice if AlexNewtron credited Disney's Toontown Online and Disney's Club Penguin for the heavy inspiration. The sounds the doors make are taken directly from Toontown, so is the Fishing arrow, the Fishing button, and the Fishing noises. It feels as though Toontown and CP aren't getting the credit they deserve. People will be screaming MeepCity's name, while the two games who helped MeepCity's production are kicked to the side and ignored. I wouldn't be surprised if MeepCity fans thought Toontown and Club Penguin ripped of MeepCity, even though it's the other way around. It's a cute game, but the blatant theft taints it.

This game has effort put into, I'll give it that. It's not the creators' fault it got so bad. It's all the kids who steal their parents' credit card to get an online girlfriend, they destroyed any chance of the game being good. The people who make art for it should honestly work on something far more worthwhile, including mostly everyone who has done anything for the development of Meepcity. The creators have talent, and they deserve all the praise and money they can get. Unfortunately, roughly 2.31% of the community is worth keeping around.

I love meepcity how can u hate it

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3 Kohl's Admin house NBC

Don't we just love constantly being reset, in a boring plain area with a over-used house where everyone messes the game up?

Ok so for the first part, who likes being punished for no reason? Well I bet all of you don't. People say punish others and won't let you go so you end up leaving the game. They put disco on which isn't a BIG deal but when it gives you a headache, it's almost impossible to get through those jumps to get to the house. The map is boring with green grass and a empty house (but there's admin claimers in the house). People claim all of the admin claimers so no one else could try it. They spam kill all and reset all and jail others for no reason. They remove the ground so you die non-stop. They spawn zombies so you will die. SOMETIMES they remove the lava jumps but still it shouldn't be on roblox. I mean it's a game where you could try admin if you don't have enough robux, but its just boring and not fun. I wouldn't recommend this game to people who hate dying over and over again, being freezed, being punished for no reason, and if you hate boring maps. So I'll day DO NOT PLAY IT!

Wow, this game is literally just so annoying. Like, whenever I even join the game, I immediately get reset repeatedly, which is annoying, since a lot of people spam ":kill all". There are a lot of people who abuse their commands and say commands like ":crucify others" or "fling all", etc. Plus, the map itself is just a boring old house.

You CONSTANTLY get banned for doing NOTHING

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4 Adopt and Raise a cute baby

At least I can use a stroller to make people fall off the map - ACGOS

Town of Robloxia (Which is also a horrible, stupid, idiotic, boring game) with a new name.

I used to like it but one day I played it and it just looked and sounded really dumb.

Its true ;-; the BRUH HELL NAWH

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5 Murder Mystery

First, being in first person amps up the suspense. You don't like it? Play casual on MM2. Second, the reason your being stabbed/shot is because you're a noob and you don't know how to play. Again, play casual on MM2. Third, why do you care how you look when throwing a knife? Fourth, I will admit that noobs do shoot random people, but if you don't like it stay out of their way. Fifth, the reason it's called Murder MYSTERY is because it's a MYSTERY who the murderer is, so you can't rage about that. And finally, you're really not supposed to team, that's why it gets confusing. You're just a squeaker who who got killed and is raging about it.

This was my first murder game in roblox, when I start playing murder mystery it looks good but the problem is you're in first person and you don't know if someone shoots you or stabs you it's kinda frustrating, if you're a murderer every time you throw it looks kinda weird and if you're a sheriff you shoot a murderer but some noobs just randomly shoot someone and you can't know which player is the murderer and it's confusing if you're teaming with someone. It was my first murder game but now I stopped playing it. Also there's a new game called Murder Mystery 2, the new version of murder mystery except your on third person. - TLHFanBaseSucks

This game is actually amazing, though the glitches with /e sit & /e zen just ruins the excitement you get when becoming the murderer. This game doesn't need any updates just updates that patch the /e sit and /e zen glitches.

Pokemon=0987pokes said that that is bad for kids

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6 Reason 2 Die

If you want the awesome game that this was horribly copied from, go buy Left 4 Dead 2 and play versus. One of the things that I hate most about this is that on the zombie team, you can be just a NORMAL ZOMBIE. And you get that most of the time. In Left 4 Dead 2, the non-special zombies are AI. Why couldn't he just have done that? - Adamin

Lol. This game SUCKS. The tutorial took me forever. It sucks either way, all this game made me do was get off. Oh yeah, the heist, was recently popular, but it sucks. The tutorial took me about half an hour to do, worst part, can't skip it, then it sends you back to the mask maker. And then how on earth are you supposed to start the game?!?!?! It wasted half an hour of my life, and if I could, I'd ban the worthless game.

The game automatically picks who is a zombie regardless if you want to be a zombie or survivor, it is ANNOYING! Not to mention the survivors will get a bad time killing all those different types of zombies, but mainly the STALKER is the pain in the neck, since it can grab survivors and the survivor cannot fight back.. and the China lake is STUPID, self damage is way too stupid, WHO WILL PAY FOR A SUICIDE WEAPON? Plus so many people are just JERKS!

I don't know what this game is but it has the word die in it so i’m Guessing it’s about killing am I right?
SO IF YOUR A KID LIKE LITTLE UDER THE AGE OF 6 or something you probably get nightmares and that’s bad you will not get any sleep and wake up and going to school VERY SLEEP

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7 Juliuscolesv2 Town of Robloxia

He hacked my account! Don't play this game or you will get hacked! He will lock you out of your account by changing your password, have access to your account, and change your character's looks and account. I'm warning you!

Shut up. How can playing a game make your account hacked, unless you were stupid enough to submit it anywhere? - DontMakeARookieMistake

Free models, copied original with no credit, yep this is a bad game. - XxNosyxX

One time he gave credit to 1dev2, but then he quickly said that it's his.

This game sucks. Hacker that wants to hack you. Does it get worse? Yes!
This game was made by 1dev2, not this stupid 7 year old. The idiot didn't even give any credit. If you play the game, kiss goodbye to your account, not like I learned the hard way, but it happened to friends of mine. Never play this crap.

Well thanks goodness he was banned! He even hacked my old account!

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8 Welcome to the Town of Robloxia

The game came out in 2010 you can't really judge it.

Why do people think this game sucks. It is a classic and it was made in 2012.Do not blame him for a good game

This game is basically walk around a game and a few pointless items it is just role playing morphing besides its horrible it's just I don't know a waste of front page 2010

Its good not bad

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9 Roblox High School

This is probably the worst game I've ever played on Roblox so far. First off, what is the point of this game? It can be math time while people are still playing basketball in the gym. There is no person that bring you to the class. You can basically walk around the building a few hundred times and not get in trouble. Next, you never get in trouble. There can be a pack of 100 bullies in the school and nothing will happen. There is no principal to do that. Unlike Work at a Pizza Place, you can actually start a ban (but to be honest to all you Pizza Place lovers out there reading this, I kind of hate that game too.) Finally, where are the teachers? Every period, everyone rushing in to the classroom to see who can be the first one in the chair to be the teacher. YouTubers who do their videos on the game, I kind of feel sorry for you guys. If you play Roblox High School, just please get a life.

This is the worst game ever, well, after roblox itself. Roblox is actually a really cool game. If it wasn't one of the most popular websites out there. Roblox is like it's own social media now. It used to be this amazing game about building your own games and letting people play it, but now it is full of stupid 8 year Olds playing roblox high school. And don't even get me started on the YouTube community for roblox. Go on any video on any channel over 50k, you will find 8 year Olds with their deathly profile pictures of their roblox characters probably saying "Hey guys! Check out my channel where I play roblox high school and my goal is to reach 100k subscribers! ". News flash, nobody likes to see people play roblox on YouTube, you know why! Because roblox is already a free game! If you're gonna make a gaming channel, do it on video games on steam or on a console, not including roblox. Okay. Roblox rating: 4/10 with a conclusion of way to overrated.

Not the worst, but it pretty sucks when there are no teachers, principals sending detention for no reason and online daters that need prom dates at club red or something

The game itself isn’t horrible but I feel like the “roleplay” gives an excuse for kids to lie about their age and other stuff. I mean I would lie a little bit about myself when I would play the game, but some kids say stuff that makes people think completely different things about them than what they are like in reality. A couple years ago my little cousin, who was 10 years old in real life, was playing RHS and saying that she was 18 years old! When I ask her why she did that and that it is wrong she would respond with “but it’s roleplay” and she expected everyone to think that she wasn’t actually 18 and that was just part of the roleplay. Nope, if you say you’re 18 on there, then people will think you’re 18 in real life. That is why I don’t like this game, because there are probably other 8-10 year olds out there saying there at least 16.

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10 Mad Paintball

You can't even jump, there are no speed based characters, all the guns look EXACTLY the same (the sniper characters doesn't even have a scope on their gun yet SOMETHING on the gun acts as a scope. Or the sniper character is a robot that looks like a human, I don't know), and you can even use the third person camera. I though this was a FIRST PERSON shooter... (Though this problem is trivial compared to everything else) Just play actual TF2, or Typical Colors 2, they're much better than this game, all loleris wants is money

When you play Blaze, why does he have no pants? ,

Premium characters are op.

Was great but loleris just abandoned it.

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The Newcomers

? Gas Station Simulator
? Wolves' Life 3

For me personally I love it

Its an amazing game where you can have fun with your friends and buy gamasses to fly and have aspwsome accessories, its fun and cool

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11 Boho Salon

They use bots to make their group very popular. I don't know why they are doing that, but they are cheating. REPORT THAT GROUP!

WHO EVEN CARES TO GET A HAIRCUT? And, when they added a contest, everyone says "give me 5 stars! " When their outfit is nothing like the theme. The staff are lacking off, none of them are even at the reception area. Bots? Seriously, that isn't permitted.

Everything is so gray. And half of the building is pretty much gray and pink concrete. Everyone only comes for makeovers. - WorldPuncher47592834

This mc game makes no sense rather get bald

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12 Temple Run Minigames!

It's not really temple run, its just games to earn coins... also its all about killing people - MorganChambz

I went in this and there was ADS! However, did u realize that when u comment u vote for this game?

I hate minigames because they are always the same games.

It is a game that is temple run but people don’t beilieve that it is fun to play💩💩💩💩

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13 Beach House Roleplay

WHY DOES THIS GAME EXIST?! Some 3.0 dude: I'm GONNA PUT ON THESE CLOTHES! I will put on some swimming trunks because I'm so hot. The 3.0 dude doesn't know how to change colors on his body so it looks like there is still a shirt on... 3.0 Dude becomes girlfriend with someone. The girl then sees him on another game where you can't change your appearance from your normal look on ROBLOX. you know what happens next...

I used to like playing this in 2013 for whatever reason, but now I find little to no enjoyment in this game. - wrests

I mean there are online daters sometimes, but come on guys this is a classic. I personally like it, just don't like the people on it sometimes.

I hate that game

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14 The Quarry

Even if the creator is nice then this game is stupid it's so boring when I worked hard for the diamond blue axe its boring its just a stupid mining game I like to collect things and build things but I don't know about this game ill give it another chance

People whose progress data was bring deleted since an update from the past (i forgot sorry) probably voted this.

This game is amazing, the creator is nice. When I lost my stats, he gave them back to me.

Is this one of the smallest things ever smaller than a atom size divided by a universe size? - mathguy37

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15 Roblox Cookie Clicker

This deserves a higher rank than this... I mean, if you wanna click stuff, than go to something like bunny island (Or whatever it was)! Seriously, who has joy in clicking a cookie several hundred times!?

Seriously?! You had to put the boredom burden on roblox? Let me say this: almost every game on roblox that you play gives you satisfaction when you upgrade or kill someone. You cannot have a sense of satisfaction WHEN YOU JUST CLICK SOME COOKIES.

Never played this before by the way my classmate told me this game is such a bit%%

Download an auto clicker and you will beat this game.

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16 Roblox's Top Model

Its full of noob judges and the clothes are terrible. When the theme was winter I was fully dressed who you should be in winter. But some VIP idiot had Elsa from Frozen and guess what she won and I got a 4 in all. Really! These judges pick the divas to win. The boys also get no attention on this game. - spodermanfan1000

This game is short. It's not much fun and there really is a lot of idiotic boring things in the game. The judges have bad taste on fashion it's like the judges are goofs and some sort of fashion law breakers

I actually enjoy this game, but I HATE HATE HATE the community on this game! A lot of times VIPs (I'm one too, but if I'm a judge I rate everyone fairly) will take advantage and make outfits that literally make others feel ashamed. Often, the judges are super annoying and are 3.0 noobs that give you a 0 if you give them a bad score if they did something not so great. I've made some friends on this game too, though. I also know this game gets hacked a lot. I do have fun making outfits in this game though, but after a while it starts to get boring. So, there is my view on the game.

I just hate it

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17 Area 51

Ever tried to find the point of one of these things? You fall down this hole thing and then every three seconds there's like a monster and that's it. There's no point or goal to it at all. - iiSerpentKing

These games sometimes have guns on them but they don't work except on survive and kill the killers

Survive and kill the killers in Area 51 should be separate from these games

Except the survive and kill the killers

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18 Twisted Murderer

Another bad murder game crawling with retards!

It's a ripoff of the mad murderer and the mad murderer is a ripoff of murder mystery and murder mystery is a ripoff of trouble in terrorist town

Put this at #1 RIGHT NOW! Taymaster can go jump into a fire. This game has copied elements from Mad Murderer. I mean sure. Mad Murderer is another murder game, but all of the elements are original (also made a new gear on catalog. ) Twisted Murderer just copied and pasted all of Mad Murderer's perfection (and took away some of my favorite things. Such as characters. ) This needs to be removed from Roblox NOW.

One stupid game with absolutely cringy kids, in my point of view it is not kid friendly, bad influence, if you have complaints about it, Roblox is a game for fun not for bad things

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19 High School Life

It's a BIG rip off of Roblox High school - TheMinecraftGamer

This game is Terrible. Lessons finish very quickly. I rather play Roblox High School

Cool and sucks at the same time.

Just a ripoff of roblox High school honestly its not original

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20 Mountaineers

This game doesn't give clear instructions on how it is to be played, got stuck... Lots of walking involved so slow gameplay.

I swear to god this game is more buggy than sonic 06

It sucks so bad...


21 Jailbreak

I played this game the whole summer and loved it but, now its boring... It is so hard to do anything now because there are so many cops everywhere, in the jail and out in the city. And, every time you are a cop, every time you arrest someone, that kids is most likely 7 years old and complains like calling cops noob, dumb, or camper cops! Even when I just got to the bank because of the notification and there are criminals there, I arrest them and they still call me camping! Except some cops who do camp, which is really annoying to criminals. I don't even try to camp at shops. Also now criminals use noclip so they can go through walls! This is very unfair to other criminals and cops because they can't do anything about it! The apartments are kind of useless because if you use it to hide from the cops, they are just most likely to camp outside your door and you can't escape! It's useless. They need to lower the prices of all of the cars because getting money is a really slow process then ...more

No fun. Everything requires a keycard and police are never at the jail, so you can't get one. Everything is SUPER expensive. The police have a huge advantage, being able to handcuff you from like 10 feet away, and everyone is really mean. No one works together, most criminals and inmates just hurt each other, and half the time there's nothing to do. - InkBlade

I am not a fan of this game at all. First of all it's way too easy to escape. The items are too expensive. Barely anyone works together. Cops can cuff you from far away. YOU NEED A KEYCARD FOR ALMOST EVERYTHING. I have barely been able to get a keycard from a cop cause on the bottom on the cops screen it shows a picture and username and it says who stole your keycard. When the cop finds out he either shoots you or hand cuffs you. POINTLESS. Also after escaping there is barely anything to do because THE BANK AND OTHER STORES TO ROB BARELY OPEN!

Agreed, full of cops that do that spam L once they arrest you while shooting you even prison life is better.

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22 Fight the Monsters!

Nah... I guess this game was very interesting

This is another boring rip off of a RPG Game. Lol it sets the levels for weapons like this:

Crystal sword 100 damage LEVEL 1000000
Obsidian bow 400 damage LEVEL 42233332
Diamond Pack 1000 damage 4000 ROBUX

So basiclly, the owner is putting in random numbers to make people either buy level boosters or buy the weapons from the source.

23 Boys and Girls Hangout

Its all free models and it floods with online daters plus good job round jessie you stole over 50 free models so you can get to the front page and plus it's so boring

The first person said, "It's all free models." Well, guess what? ALL models are free, dumbass.

I made a video called "Roblox Game Reviews: Hangout With Free Models" - spodermanfan1000

All models are free what's wrong a bout it.

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24 Are You Smart?

It should be called "Do you Have a Brain? " Seriously, a 2 year old can play this.

Wow I play this game with the only language "English" this Creator is smart I'm french and I don't understand all round

How can the creator know if we are smart by asking dumb questions? - thenerdkid351

More like "Do you have more than one brain cell? " - UnlawfulMatron

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25 Be a Baby

Crap game.

Sounds like ODer. - LapisBob

Well, this is another ODer game made by some kid who wanted the ODer game trend to come along. Also, pretty much this is free modeled.

lol - SilverstreamSucks

26 Roblox Quest 3: Kingdom of Stars
27 Raining Tacos

I HATED the song to begin with, but this game made it even worse! - MichaelAftonUTTP

I love the song but the game is boring

My favorite game ever. I'm 9 I love tacos and the song

I like the song too, but I did not play this game and I did not even vote this - mathguy37

This song is terrible. this game is terrible. mix them together, and you get a giant trash bag full of terrible. its too big to fit in any garbage can, so you just leave it in your back yard and accept it's there. - UnlawfulMatron

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28 LOLcaptions

I'm not saying that the WHOLE game is bad, but the perverted captions. Most people have terrible sense of humour on here! This game is quite old, but the perverts are ruining it. This has been one of my favourite games of all time

Yah this is stupid one time I picked a caption and GUESS WHAT they did not vote me and they tricked me into telling my caption and made me lose

What? I used to absolutely love this! This game was hilarious! If the game was still supported I would still play it.

Fun game but it died :( - Lunala

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29 Soro's Italian Restaurant

Its not the owner's fault it's these dumb trolls. What did we do to deserve this? - spodermanfan1000

Rude workers I tried to work there But those selfish pricks are like no - BraixenBreak

The stuff they've done... ugh

I once said "Hello(,) welcome to Soro’s! " And this on admin came up to me and said "Use proper grammar, or I’ll demote you."

And then I just left the group. Because it’s filled with Grammar Nazis. - SilverstreamSucks

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30 Fashion Frenzy

Hi today I will explain why fashion frenzy or should I say fashion famous is the worst game. So recently there was this update and they changed to were the catwalk would be in different countries and cities. I just happen to seriously hate this update. In Tokyo, Japan, the catwalk had some writing and more precisely Korean writing in other words Hangul. I was so mad to see the creators were clearly clueless of culture. I hate the creators so much for this. I tried reaching out to the creators on twitter but I couldn't manage to get an answer I reached out twice now they still don't answer I'm very mad. It's so hard to believe they don't know culture, they have google on their hands why they not use it or are they that dumb. I mean you search up "Japanese writing" and you can see clearly the difference between the Japanese alphabet and the Korean one.

I don't why but I see a lot of feminist in this game some girls are way off topic and yet they still win even the men are on point. Hardly anyone rates the outfits fairly because they want to and tiebreaker system is stupid. Its also filled with little kids who just vote for the prettiest if they know what a theme means look it up. - princepretty

I agree with you, other than the feminist part, I think the girls who vote are a tad too young to be deemed feminists, but the ABSOLUTELY never know their themes. It's a pain. - Sunfree

I believe that this game is one of my all time personal favorites but changes and such kinda ruined the amazing game that I loved let me explain: I got hacked at one point ;( and deleted the game for some time the I got it back the first game I went to was Fashion Frenzy... then it was Fashion Famous I was ok with that but the there we so many updates to the whole thing it was cool but a but over the top I think these creators should just stick to a stile every once in a while it tends to start to ruin a good game that people really enjoy. As I kept playing there's more updates like now there dresses and people juts put them on and get voted for juts because they put on a dress. I think that people also need to lighten up a bit because there so mean and don't vote because they say your a noob or because they juts want to win and if nobody votes nobody wins. also vip just is not at all fair people tend to not for people with vip just because there vip this is a great game I juts want ...more

I've seen a lot of females liking other females design over male design, that's what I think about girls playing this game typically. I used to like this game but I stopped playing it and didn't care about my hundred scores in the leaderboard it's very laggy, not that because people team together to become even. Just my opinion

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31 Escape Detention

I don't get how anyone can like this game.

This is very, VERY unoriginal. Not as unoriginal as the "Escape the fidget spinner" games

This game is boring because your just in a classroom.. ?!

No different from the countless obby games in roblox - UnlawfulMatron

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32 Survive the Disasters

What's better then seeing a army tank flying through the air?! Or a single lighting strike killing more then ten people AT THE SAME TIME?! So fun and unpredictable. WHY IS IT HERE!?

I accidentally voted for this game because I thought it was the Top Ten Best Roblox Games list (oops) This is a great game! It provides hours of entertainment. This game shouldn't be on this list, or at least it should be a lot lower. -_- - MayaWulfe

This Game Is Fun Dude This Should Not Be Here I know Natural Disaster Is More Fun But This Game Should Not Be Here

This should be lower on the list it’s really crazy and unpredictable! Yes, you lose all your coins when you leave the game, but when you save up and buy some good items like the speed coil and gravity coil, you don’t lose all your money, meaning that you can buy whatever you need under the amount of your money. - IceFoxPlayz

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33 Get Eaten

Look, this game SUCKS and uses stupid cars that include A BANANA. I mean who would drive in that! I'd give it a massive 0 out of a million.

I can't tell if this is a fetish... - UnlawfulMatron

Well your supposed to feed the people so basically it’s not like your driving it’s like getting eaten with a banana

34 Prison Life

This game sucks. Once your a criminal the only thing you can do is get back to the prison and get arrested. Besides, it is hard to escape prison and the prison is boring. Another thing is anyone with a weapon can shoot you, even the cops wont be punished if they kill you completely 20 million times. Another thing is that when it is bed time, you are locked in for about 2,3,4,5 long and boring minutes. Another thing is that most of the time, cops can arrest you nearly anywhere. Finally, the game has only been updated once out of its long lasting years. Overall, it is boring, stupid and difficult

I like this game, but my god does it have flaws. The guards can be so abusive, and sometimes it's too easy to escape. But my main problem is with the guards. There are three kinds of guards: the good ones, which will only kill you if you're hostile or trying to escape; the noobs, who will let you out and pretty much take away all meaning from being a prisoner; and the bad guards, who kill you without mercy or reason, and continue to abuse you until one of you gets off.

The game is cool, I guess... But the guards are so abusive and rude! I once played this game with some of my cousins and guards kept killing us just because we sat down when it was lunchtime. One of the guards said "No sitting! " and then I said back to him "If we can't sit, you can't breathe." And then BOOM two guards attack me. When it was free time I decided to go to the yard and then five guards started shooting me so I had to spam my space button.

I feel so sorry for you. Whoever was playing the role of those abusive guards are bastards. - IceFoxPlayz

This game stinks and the only thing I could to is to kill off the patrol teams and rescue the prisoners when some can just kill you. The community ignores you when you say about abusive cops, and the only good thing about it is to be a criminal and try you best to get on that tree because I am not on iPad! It’s more annoying when there is hackers in the game. The only fun thing is to rescue the prisoners and go in the jail facility only to get arrested. I hate this game.

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35 Escape the iPhone 7

Escape the really terrible game (or the iPhone 7 if you want to be specific) - UnlawfulMatron

/ What he said.

Cheap,horrible,toxic community.I don't care if DanTDM played it.His videos have been going downhill.

That game is a game that is really generic because its popular for escape electroinics ipad and 3ds
its 2018 but its supid

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36 Super Hero Tycoon

Really? Its your typical tycoon only thing is that the characters look like block crap. The result of the tycoon you build isn't even unique in its own way.

This is not fighting crime, this is just dumb power dropping and stupid building

37 The Disaster Games

I personally like the disaster games, especially Natural Disaster Survival (stickmasterluke) and Survive The 97 Disasters! (VyrissTheVixen). But in Natural Disaster Survival, I hate the fact that you take damage from falling from nearly any height. - MayaWulfe

It is because the game puts you in real life situations, so it wouldn't be fair if everyone could survive falling. - DontMakeARookieMistake

The only one I can stand is Natural Disaster Survival. - scarmark

In my opinion, Natural Disaster Survival by Stickmasterluke is awesome. I hate how some trolls push people off of heights so that they die though, that gets annoying. Other than that, it's a cool game.

There is some cool games,but most of this are like SURVIVE THE ROLLERCOASTER with the crappy thumbnail with the brick and the random decal

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38 Live Life as a Baby

And mess up the house - TeamRocket747

And die every five secounds - SilverstreamSucks

39 Catalog Heaven

This is not bad you can testing any item before buying any item but there is one problem if any item just release on catalog, this game still not release yet that item. Well that bad thing if any item are limited time and this game not released yet that item until time is over, player can't buy that item anymore.

The whole "test out things before you buy them" is absolute NONSENSE I tell you. People just get the most OP weapons possible and kill each other - and instead of adding an "I'm too young to die" button, Seranok just bans the weapons. And that's not very effective either because he only bans like 5 weapons a year.

Guys I think this app has Putting All the games In This Worst Games But all ThE Games Is fun To play I think They Just don't Know How to Play Correctly

I agree. It’s not bad unless you get hit by this guy all the time. I usually choose good weapons.

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40 Traitor Trouble

This is a ripoff of Trouble in Terrorist Town in Garry's Mod

It's complicated and another cheap rip off of Murder Mystery - MorganChambz

Boring, just another stupid murder game.

Is copyright

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41 Tattletail Roleplay

You can't even do anything. All you do is walk around in a big house and do nothing else. It is useless.

At least you can look for eggs while you walk around - Tyoshi

TattleTail is a dead game. none of the fandom like it anymore, and personally, it was only on the front page for 1 week!

The fact that I’ve spent over 1000 Robux on this crappy game is sad. - SilverstreamSucks

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42 Roblox Laundromat

Yeah all it is doing laundry and its annoying that people lock people in the machines it is also mean too

Last time I played it (years ago) all people would do was cuss & bully. Plus it's only for people who occasionally want to waste time doing nothing.

You Get your cloths stolen and when your trying to load people Trap you in there and your stuck its no fun

This game is boring, I personally don't have fun playing this game

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43 2 Player Gun Factory

If one person leaves, the whole tycoon is doomed.

If the other player logs off, the game is boring and it's not like you can save your progress

Gun games are not good for you

Me: "Hey man do you have that [insert pricey item here] ready? "
Other guy: "Yes let me get a few more cash."
Me: "Aight cool."
Other guy: [leaves]
[His side of the tycoon gets resetted]
Other guy: [Rejoins]
Other guy: "Hey sorry man I lost internet connection for a few seconds."
[He can't load his tycoon from where he left off, it took half an hour to get to the item we wanted.]
Tycoon games were cool in the old ROBLOX. But now that all these advanced games are being made, like Lumber Tycoon 2, or Restaurant Tycoon. [Games that are fully editable, and you can make your places anyway you want without the limitations of buttons on the floors like the old tycoon games.] - UnlawfulMatron

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44 Phantom Forces

I used to like it but the maps don't change and it is repetitive and annoying. Its hard to level up and get new guns and it became really glitchy. It needs to get updated soon.

This game should be in the top 10 worst games since its bad and boring and the credits and stuff are confusing.

Owners a jerks

I haven't played this, like, ever. It looks pretty cool and all, cus of how the guns and maps look. But I don't know how a gun game is in the top 10 games with most players (usually). - starryrcad

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45 Weight Lifting Simulator 2

It's a pay to win like many other games and if you don't pay have fun loosing 100 hours of your life.

You just do weights and nothing happens so useless I rate negative eighteen million stars - mathguy37

Made the same day as Boxing Simulator. Which is the ripoff? - TeamRocket747

Oh another simulator game? joy. how original. - UnlawfulMatron

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46 Work at a Pizza Place

Work at a Pizza Place is fun, but with the flaws mentioned below (and in the previous comments).

1. Nobody even tries to work. AT ALL.
2. The managers are absolutely TERRIBLE. They give party-goers money instead of people who work hard,
they do the same, just replace the "giving money" to "making employee of the day."
3. This goes with #1, but everyone is bent more on partying than working.

It would take a hell of a lot of work, but I wish there was a bot manager. It could be NOT unfair and actually make good workers employee of the day and give bonuses to them. It would be SO, SO, SO much better than the idiotic NBC managers (although there probably is a lot of because managers that are dumb, too). - MattytheMedic

Almost everyone asks to be manager when someone literally just became manager, it is so annoying! It is also filled with little kids who can't spell "manager" right. Most of the time, managers are really bad and usually give bonuses to those who don't even deserve it. But, most of all...I believe the "vote-kick" button should be removed. So many managers abuse it by attempting to kick out people who didn't even do anything! But regardless, I still somehow enjoy the gameplay and the fun of creating your house. Not to mention that there are secret-places! - kawaiitohru

I once became manager than a shiny teeth kid got triggered because he wanted to be manager and he voted to remove me. - TeamRocket747

Once me and 2 other people were working our butt off and the guest put trucks in front of every door and the manager who was a girl was at this boys house. It blocked a lot of stuff that they said out but I think they were having sex and every chance she got she gave HIM paychecks. UNFAIR. When I finally became manager someone forced me to give it up to them and I was really fair and this person did not even work while I helped my guest workers. She never even worked from the start.

This game is fun, but there's always fights over managers, not to mention the ovens. Sometimes the managers are decent, but once, I saw a guy complain about the fact that another player fairly became manager, and he tried to report her and make this huge fight over the position, for all the workers to see.

Everyone gave up and left the game.

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47 Roblox's Got Talent

This game sucks. I spent my whole holidays playing this game. First time I played this game, I played the piano. And when I was playing the piano with the song I spent for 2 hours to practice, the judges just wanted to kill me. Then the host have to kill me, of course. I didn't give up. I tried so hard to get rep and to be a judge. When I was trying not to kill anyone, the other judges just wanted to kill everyone. I started to get bored of this and want to be the host to not kill anyone. And this time I have to wait 2 days to get rep and wait to my turn. And I got 200 rep and finally I became the host. When I was the host, no one wanted to vote for any perfomances. So I got angry. I gave the girl the second chance. The judges denied my decision. I didn;'t care about that and continued to ask the girl what her talented was. It turned out that one of the judges was an admin of this game. He jumped next to me, in the stage. He said I was a abuser(I didn't even know what its meant cause ...more

Just to let you know, an abuser is someone who enjoys hurting people for fun. - IceFoxPlayz

It's alright. When it started it was great, it was a way for people who were amazing at piano to play beautiful music, or very skilled people to do parkour. Now you rarely have someone who can do piano that's not Havana or someone who does the easiest parkour stage. If I ever play I do piano, when I first started I worked so hard practicing it and finding songs. When the time finally came around I would barely even get started and they would start voting. I did not just wait 30 minutes to perform for 5 seconds before being killed! - Mykiur

Once when I played this game, I was on stage, doing painting. All of the judges wanted me to win, but then, the host left. A new host joined and another person was on stage, I still was on stage. Then the host came and killed me. None of the judges cared at all. Terrible Game, Terrible People. Do no recommend.

Ok so first, when I first played this. I was trying to get rep by completing what appears to be a mini obby. People just push you off and make you start all over again. When I tried to win. I did it perfectly and they dinned it. When I got enough after doing that mini obby over and over again, I finally got to be host. I was being nice and following the rules. Someone lost and ran away as I tried to use the dinner stick because the next person had to go, someone yelled 5 times "DON'T KILL HIM I LIKE HIM! " bla bla bla and asked for new judge because I was trying to get this guy after he lost off stage. I had enough and just killed him. He left mad. These people do not know what fair or let the next person go means.

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48 Zombie Outbreak

People kick other for NO exact reason <. < 'Kick Hacker' I'm not a hacker, the noobs on this are sore losers. Someone named 'TheRedAngel' used cheat engine on me with gave me 9999999 Points. Everyone thinks I'm hacker. Plus, JaredValdez2 copies games.

49 Noob Warfare Tycoon

The "Start working" plate doesn't work for me. - WarriorCatsHater

50 Normal Elevator

I hate that I had to vote to post a comment for this. This game is full of exciting things, funny moments, and is really fun overall. Plus, the "creator hacking people" is just a rumor. Why would 2,000 people be playing his game if he actually did? - InkBlade

I don't see anything wrong with it, but after hearing that the creator hacks people... NEVER AGAIN AM I PLAYING.

I play games to be entertained, not to waste my time.

So much copyright you tubers don’t play this

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