Top Ten Worst Games On Roblox

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1 Meepcity

What ruined filter? Meepcity. What spread ODing? Meepcity. What RUINED Roblox entirely? Meepcity. Meepcity is a game about adopting a meep, and doing fun things like buying ice cream or pizza, but unfortunately not many people do that. Meepcity is like cancer, ODers are the cells, and normal players get influenced by them and do the same. Roblox is the body, and the more ODers, the higher chances are Roblox will go downhill. It already did, trust me. Anyway, thanks to Meepcity's parties 20k people a day go there and have virtual intercourse. Everyday. 20k people. That means in less than a week 1 million players turn into ODers. Meepcity is a big insult to old players, the creator has done little effort by removing beds and party names and he's just chill because there is a reporting system. IT'S DAMN BROKEN. Meepcity is the single game that ruined the Roblox community, forget about raise a cute kid or roblox highschool, ODers from there came from Hellcity. The saddest part is that ...more

I'm sure Alexnewtron is a good guy and all, but I can't stand his game. There's little to no things to do in this game, and most of the place is basically traced from Club Penguin and Toontown, the parties feature is also traced from Work at a Pizza Place, and the Kart Racers game is traced from Mario Kart. And the parties, OH GOD THE PARTIES. Most people are mostly ODers with fats legs and the bear mask, who really like to have virtual intercourse. I lost respect for my cousin because she always likes to play this abomination of a game. There's a reason why most people like Greenlegocats123 hate this game. The gameplay feels copy pasted, the parties make me want to slam my head into my desk, and this game basically killed Roblox Moderation. 0/10 with a conclusion of rotten. Anyway screw the furry/depression roleplays.

This is pretty much where Roblox online dating started. Because of this game, chat filtering under 13 got ruined and it sparked condos and other stuff

people fake their avatars here and start online dating, one could be a teen and the other a child, or a child and child predator

2 The Mad Murder

I mean It is a pretty bad game but I know the creator of the game and she was just messing games to give her a little slack thank you!

I hate how that noob loleris put Murder Madness in it's just stupid everyone kills each other and it's just chaos, and that just doesn't make it a mystery game anymore. And you don't even know that it's murder madness someone just sneaks up behind you and kills you. Since everyone is the murderer, you spawn near people, so they just wait the ten seconds while you are like "Yay! I'm murderer! " And the next guy just kills you. And those rounds are WAY too common. It's a waste of time. 1/5

That game was super good, but it's creator stopped updating it which sadly resulted in bugs not being fixed and hackers plaguing the servers.

This game sucks and I hate the vip people! There so rude! It never tells you what type of game there doing. When I see I'm murder I'm so happy! Then I figure out its Murder Madness. Mad Studio if you added this can you call it "The Mad Murders"?

3 Kohl's Admin house NBC

This game is annoying with people who abuse the admin to remove floors or block the path to get admin

Everyone attacked me all at once and someone permanently made my screen black so I could not do anything anymore. For me none of my admins worked and it made me really stressed..

Don't we just love constantly being reset, in a boring plain area with a over-used house where everyone messes the game up?

This is basically get killed by some dumb admin abuser simulator. This game is like Fallout 76 barely playable, I can spawn in and then fall to my death. It is annoying that someone can hog all the admin slots and get all the admin. But to be honest this is not as bad as Admin Hangout but I still think this game deserves to be here.

4 Adopt and Raise a cute baby

I tried to play this game once. It's SO DUMB! Here are the reasons why:

1. The houses are ugly.
Houses in adopt and raise a cute baby are like giant cubes with windows.

2. The Map is small.

3. Lots of people OD.

4. No one really even adopts a baby AT ALL.
They just walk around and OD.

At least I can use a stroller to make people fall off the map

Adopt and Raise a cute baby is the epitome of ROBLOX cancer. It's a money-sucking cesspool of garbage that's even worse than the foul trash known as "Adopt Me". It is full of people who break TOS (ODers), exploiters and is generally just a game that you want to avoid.

That game is so dumb! I hate it! It kinda copies adopt me! Also it won't let me play it! Plus the map is boring

5 Boho Salon

Boho Salon more like Bot and Scam Salon. The group owner uses bots to make group more popular, it's obviously cheating. The group owner also scams players, which is just wrong. Overall they should be reported and be taken down by Roblox itself. Using bots to make the group popular and scamming players is just pure wrong.

The people there force you to be gay and fire you for no reason. I had a terrible experience with those stupid thots.

They use bots to make their group very popular. I don't know why they are doing that, but they are cheating. REPORT THAT GROUP!

WHO EVEN CARES TO GET A HAIRCUT? And, when they added a contest, everyone says "give me 5 stars! " When their outfit is nothing like the theme. The staff are lacking off, none of them are even at the reception area. Bots? Seriously, that isn't permitted.

6 Juliuscolesv2 Town of Robloxia

He hacked my account! Don't play this game or you will get hacked! He will lock you out of your account by changing your password, have access to your account, and change your character's looks and account. I'm warning you!

Shut up. How can playing a game make your account hacked, unless you were stupid enough to submit it anywhere?

Free models, copied original with no credit, yep this is a bad game.

One time he gave credit to 1dev2, but then he quickly said that it's his.

This game sucks because it asked me for meh password who is stupid enough to type it?

This game sucks. Hacker that wants to hack you. Does it get worse? Yes!
This game was made by 1dev2, not this stupid 7 year old. The idiot didn't even give any credit. If you play the game, kiss goodbye to your account, not like I learned the hard way, but it happened to friends of mine. Never play this crap.

7 Roblox High School

If you usually play games to cure your fatigue, then cross Roblox High School from your list. This game is dull and has no purpose at all except for aimlessly roaming around the map. No one treats this virtual school as a standard real school because of all the players that would always give a big, fat no-no when it comes to arriving at classes at the accurate time. Anyways, screw the dramatic and violent furry relationship roleplays.

No one actually goes to school on here and there are a lot of ODers

This is probably the worst game I've ever played on Roblox so far. First off, what is the point of this game? It can be math time while people are still playing basketball in the gym. There is no person that bring you to the class. You can basically walk around the building a few hundred times and not get in trouble. Next, you never get in trouble. There can be a pack of 100 bullies in the school and nothing will happen. There is no principal to do that. Unlike Work at a Pizza Place, you can actually start a ban (but to be honest to all you Pizza Place lovers out there reading this, I kind of hate that game too.) Finally, where are the teachers? Every period, everyone rushing in to the classroom to see who can be the first one in the chair to be the teacher. YouTubers who do their videos on the game, I kind of feel sorry for you guys. If you play Roblox High School, just please get a life.

The avatar customization is A HASSLE. No improvements at all and just plain pointless!

8 Murder Mystery

First, being in first person amps up the suspense. You don't like it? Play casual on MM2. Second, the reason your being stabbed/shot is because you're a noob and you don't know how to play. Again, play casual on MM2. Third, why do you care how you look when throwing a knife? Fourth, I will admit that noobs do shoot random people, but if you don't like it stay out of their way. Fifth, the reason it's called Murder MYSTERY is because it's a MYSTERY who the murderer is, so you can't rage about that. And finally, you're really not supposed to team, that's why it gets confusing. You're just a squeaker who who got killed and is raging about it.

Why are you guys hating it so much I know it's a mm2 copy but still

I'd say the stupid creator is so dumb there's also others on the list this creator smells like poop.

This was my first murder game in roblox, when I start playing murder mystery it looks good but the problem is you're in first person and you don't know if someone shoots you or stabs you it's kinda frustrating, if you're a murderer every time you throw it looks kinda weird and if you're a sheriff you shoot a murderer but some noobs just randomly shoot someone and you can't know which player is the murderer and it's confusing if you're teaming with someone. It was my first murder game but now I stopped playing it. Also there's a new game called Murder Mystery 2, the new version of murder mystery except your on third person.

9 Reason 2 Die

Wanna fight zombies? Wanna fight bosses? Wanna be chosen by a zombie even though you were a zombie in previous rounds? Ugh, I don't like this game. First of all, the survivals abuse their power on the zombies and spam kill them for no reason. It's worse in rescue mode. The bosses are also harder then the older ones. This game also contains little abusive high ranks that are mean to the lower ranks. This game stinks.

Why is this a bad game?. Its amazing for me, you can get guns, fight boss and the creator spend a lot of time on this

Two words Melee Smash. If you aren't getting killed by chainsaw users Your most likely getting killed by ice knuckles users

If you want the awesome game that this was horribly copied from, go buy Left 4 Dead 2 and play versus. One of the things that I hate most about this is that on the zombie team, you can be just a NORMAL ZOMBIE. And you get that most of the time. In Left 4 Dead 2, the non-special zombies are AI. Why couldn't he just have done that?

10 Welcome to the Town of Robloxia

Love how the insecure 9 year olds think this rips off bloxburg even though this is really old

The game came out in 2010 you can't really judge it.

Why do people think this game sucks. It is a classic and it was made in 2012.Do not blame him for a good game

Its Bloxburg but for free. So its neither here nor there to be honest.

The Newcomers

? Bee Swarm Simulator

this is way to popular

? Piggy

Piggy is so overrated and overhyped. And I wanna slam my head on the desk when I see someone with the Piggy hat. Peppa Pig was a bad show to begin with, and Piggy isn't really helping things.

crap poo peppa

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11 Mad Paintball

You can't even jump, there are no speed based characters, all the guns look EXACTLY the same (the sniper characters doesn't even have a scope on their gun yet SOMETHING on the gun acts as a scope. Or the sniper character is a robot that looks like a human, I don't know), and you can even use the third person camera. I though this was a FIRST PERSON shooter... (Though this problem is trivial compared to everything else) Just play actual TF2, or Typical Colors 2, they're much better than this game, all loleris wants is money

Premium characters are op.

When you play Blaze, why does he have no pants? ,

Why is there even a sniper in the game then?

12 Stateview Prison


Okay just, this game is TRASH.
First of all, it's just another stupid jail game.
Second, everything besides prisoner costs so much robux.
Fourth, why is there a door blocking the jail cell?
Get this in the top 5.

"Yay I can be the police! " NOT.
"Yay I can roleplay! " NOT.
"Yay I can actually do something without having an admin vs no robux supremacy! " NOT.
Man, this game is terrible. It's total trash!

because too many campers

13 Temple Run Minigames!

It's not really temple run, its just games to earn coins... also its all about killing people

I went in this and there was ADS! However, did u realize that when u comment u vote for this game?

I hate minigames because they are always the same games.

Morgan, why do I see you on every single list? Do you play Roblox? And what exactly is your name on Roblox? And someone told me you spilled milk on the teacher when you were seven. Oh, and what's the point of this game? You can die easily and it's just KILLING KILLING KILLING! What is wrong with my brain?
So many questions! Oh, and Morgan can you search my name up on ROBLOX? I forgot the password... oh and by the way my name is FloraOfHearts on Roblox. but if you don't want me to mention the time when you spilled milk on the teacher, that's ok.
Me and my big mouth

14 Roblox Cookie Clicker

This deserves a higher rank than this... I mean, if you wanna click stuff, than go to something like bunny island (Or whatever it was)! Seriously, who has joy in clicking a cookie several hundred times!?

Seriously?! You had to put the boredom burden on roblox? Let me say this: almost every game on roblox that you play gives you satisfaction when you upgrade or kill someone. You cannot have a sense of satisfaction WHEN YOU JUST CLICK SOME COOKIES.

Before you play, if you are trying to 100% this game, make sure you DO NOT click. If you do, you will never get the Neverclick achievement. You can not even restart your game, so once you click, either give up or make a new account.

Never played this before by the way my classmate told me this game is such a bit%%

15 Beach House Roleplay

WHY DOES THIS GAME EXIST?! Some 3.0 dude: I'm GONNA PUT ON THESE CLOTHES! I will put on some swimming trunks because I'm so hot. The 3.0 dude doesn't know how to change colors on his body so it looks like there is still a shirt on... 3.0 Dude becomes girlfriend with someone. The girl then sees him on another game where you can't change your appearance from your normal look on ROBLOX. you know what happens next...

I used to like playing this in 2013 for whatever reason, but now I find little to no enjoyment in this game.

I mean there are online daters sometimes, but come on guys this is a classic. I personally like it, just don't like the people on it sometimes.

This game is kinda good, but at the same time it is boring because there isn't really anything much to do there.

16 Area 51

This game has a boring map, glitchy AI, and follows trends, and it is copied way too much!

These types of games are turning to bullcrap. Wash my eyes please.

I died like almost 100 times after killing killers WOW II raged hard

To be honest, this game is a boring, bland mess of a game. And, millions of places are copies of it! This definitely deserves to be here!

17 High School Life

It's a BIG rip off of Roblox High school

This game is Terrible. Lessons finish very quickly. I rather play Roblox High School

Cool and sucks at the same time.

Just a ripoff of roblox High school honestly its not original

18 Mountaineers

this game is a event and event games on roblox are normally well rated but not this one

I don't even know what this game is. I think it is so bad that litterally like no one knows this game anymore

most people voted for games that were roleplaying , but this is the worst game on roblox.

I swear to god this game is more buggy than sonic 06

19 Pet Ranch Simulator

Yippee a simulator. Do you like running around and that’s it? If so. This is the game for you.

You literally do nothing but hatch eggs once every 5 minutes. For whatever reason 93% of the raters enjoy that.

it is basically adopt me

20 Fight the Monsters!

Nah... I guess this game was very interesting

Stereotypical and a bad attempt at an RPG.

This is another boring rip off of a RPG Game. Lol it sets the levels for weapons like this:

Crystal sword 100 damage LEVEL 1000000
Obsidian bow 400 damage LEVEL 42233332
Diamond Pack 1000 damage 4000 ROBUX

So basiclly, the owner is putting in random numbers to make people either buy level boosters or buy the weapons from the source.

21 Boys and Girls Hangout

Its just a map with random clothes and accesories to equip, not even the countryside is detailed, its made from scratch and yet, they still make money

Its all free models and it floods with online daters plus good job round jessie you stole over 50 free models so you can get to the front page and plus it's so boring

The first person said, "It's all free models." Well, guess what? ALL models are free, dumbass.

I made a video called "Roblox Game Reviews: Hangout With Free Models"

22 Pet Simulator

Another simulator. This is probably the worst one because it’s so slow.

When I saw this game I thought oh well another simulator game BUT THEN IT STARTED TO GET UPDATES TOO QUICKLY (now these updates were driving me nuts) and it's so boring all you do is get money and unlock pets and maps. So I hope roblox removes it.

This game sucks. If you're not buying things, the only thing you can do is click a pile of coins, wait for your slow pet to pick them all up, and do the same over millions of times. I would rather fail a business than play this horrible game.

This game is very boring.

23 Are You Smart?

It should be called "Do you Have a Brain? " Seriously, a 2 year old can play this.

Wow I play this game with the only language "English" this Creator is smart I'm french and I don't understand all round

More like "Do you have more than one brain cell? "

How can the creator know if we are smart by asking dumb questions?

24 Fame Simulator

Oh look another rip-off of pet simulator WHY DO WE NEED MORE OF THOSE

What next, jumping simulator? Existing simulator?

Just a ripoff of pet simulator

Pet simulator with a fresh coat of paint

25 Raining Tacos

Never played but to me it will probably be the most annoying game that has ever existed!

I HATED the song to begin with, but this game made it even worse!

I love the song but the game is boring

Most overrated song in the world.

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