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1 The Mad Murder

I hate how that noob loleris put Murder Madness in it's just stupid everyone kills each other and it's just chaos, and that just doesn't make it a mystery game anymore. And you don't even know that it's murder madness someone just sneaks up behind you and kills you. Since everyone is the murderer, you spawn near people, so they just wait the ten seconds while you are like "Yay! I'm murderer! " And the next guy just kills you. And those rounds are WAY too common. It's a waste of time. 1/5

This game sucks and I hate the vip people! There so rude! It never tells you what type of game there doing. When I see I'm murder I'm so happy! Then I figure out its Murder Madness. Mad Studio if you added this can you call it "The Mad Murders"? - spodermanfan1000

Last time I played there was just too many of those stupid chat voices and songs. It just makes me sick, I can see why this is so popular (murder game with extra modes to play) but it still is a copy of Murder Mystery(my favorite. Murder Game) while murder mystery is a copy of a game from Gary Mod. So anyways I don't like Murder games, especially not this one.

The reason why this game sucks because its too violent for kids. Also an ripoff of Murder Mystery. - Maria-Alexandra

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2 Kohl's Admin house NBC

Don't we just love constantly being reset, in a boring plain area with a over-used house where everyone messes the game up?

Boring... So many people abuse the admin and admin is only for important for the game like flights... Needs for adding planes etc... And it's annoying because people is so young and annoying... Thank you!

I love dying constantly and flying in no control. Working hard of a tight space to get admin isn't worth it cause people just kill you. - spodermanfan1000

The game has been under review for weeks! - TopTenHaters

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3 Murder Mystery

This game is actually amazing, though the glitches with /e sit & /e zen just ruins the excitement you get when becoming the murderer. This game doesn't need any updates just updates that patch the /e sit and /e zen glitches.

This is just a copy of the Game mode from Garry's Mod - troop98

This game is awesome actually. And I know that it's a copy but a lot of games on ROBLOX are. It is an adapted version of it.

I am surprised to see it so high up, but I am glad to see it here.
Overall, the game IS alright after you have gotten things like good effects and knives, but those usually involve needing to either spend days of effort or hard earned ROBUX to progress to a point where I can enjoy the game without getting mocked for my lack of items. This game is pretty much a huge ROBUX eater. - Royal521

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4 Reason 2 Die

If you want the awesome game that this was horribly copied from, go buy Left 4 Dead 2 and play versus. One of the things that I hate most about this is that on the zombie team, you can be just a NORMAL ZOMBIE. And you get that most of the time. In Left 4 Dead 2, the non-special zombies are AI. Why couldn't he just have done that? - Adamin

Lol. This game SUCKS. The tutorial took me forever. It sucks either way, all this game made me do was get off. Oh yeah, the heist, was recently popular, but it sucks. The tutorial took me about half an hour to do, worst part, can't skip it, then it sends you back to the mask maker. And then how on earth are you supposed to start the game?!?!?! It wasted half an hour of my life, and if I could, I'd ban the worthless game.

The game automatically picks who is a zombie regardless if you want to be a zombie or survivor, it is ANNOYING! Not to mention the survivors will get a bad time killing all those different types of zombies, but mainly the STALKER is the pain in the neck, since it can grab survivors and the survivor cannot fight back.. and the China lake is STUPID, self damage is way too stupid, WHO WILL PAY FOR A SUICIDE WEAPON? Plus so many people are just JERKS!

This game is really bad, but the creator canceled it.

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5 Welcome to the Town of Robloxia

The game came out in 2010 you can't really judge it.

Why do people think this game sucks. It is a classic and it was made in 2012.Do not blame him for a good game

I don't know what do you in the game I just see that people do family thing that it soon the family things are boring for other people this my opinion as I said again WHAT DO you IN THAT GAME

I love this game just people don't like role play like they used to

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6 Mad Paintball

You can't even jump, there are no speed based characters, all the guns look EXACTLY the same (the sniper characters doesn't even have a scope on their gun yet SOMETHING on the gun acts as a scope. Or the sniper character is a robot that looks like a human, I don't know), and you can even use the third person camera. I though this was a FIRST PERSON shooter... (Though this problem is trivial compared to everything else) Just play actual TF2, or Typical Colors 2, they're much better than this game, all loleris wants is money

When you play Blaze, why does he have no pants? ,

This game is a cool game. What?

Premium characters are op.

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7 Juliuscolesv2 Town of Robloxia

He hacked my account! Don't play this game or you will get hacked! He will lock you out of your account by changing your password, have access to your account, and change your character's looks and account. I'm warning you!

Shut up. How can playing a game make your account hacked, unless you were stupid enough to submit it anywhere? - DontMakeARookieMistake

Free models, copied original with no credit, yep this is a bad game. - XxNosyxX

One time he gave credit to 1dev2, but then he quickly said that it's his.

This game sucks. Hacker that wants to hack you. Does it get worse? Yes!
This game was made by 1dev2, not this stupid 7 year old. The idiot didn't even give any credit. If you play the game, kiss goodbye to your account, not like I learned the hard way, but it happened to friends of mine. Never play this crap.

I never was there but I did some research and it was kinda evil - NamiKazePants08

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8 Adopt and Raise a cute baby

Town of Robloxia (Which is also a horrible, stupid, idiotic, boring game) with a new name.

At least I can use a stroller to make people fall off the map - ACGOS

I used to like it but one day I played it and it just looked and sounded really dumb.

Cancerous game, even though I don't play roblox - Unharmless

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9 Roblox Cookie Clicker

This deserves a higher rank than this... I mean, if you wanna click stuff, than go to something like bunny island (Or whatever it was)! Seriously, who has joy in clicking a cookie several hundred times!?

Seriously?! You had to put the boredom burden on roblox? Let me say this: almost every game on roblox that you play gives you satisfaction when you upgrade or kill someone. You cannot have a sense of satisfaction WHEN YOU JUST CLICK SOME COOKIES.

Never played this before by the way my classmate told me this game is such a bit%%

It's pretty boring but at least it exercises your fingers! Lol

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10 Beach House Roleplay

WHY DOES THIS GAME EXIST?! Some 3.0 dude: I'm GONNA PUT ON THESE CLOTHES! I will put on some swimming trunks because I'm so hot. The 3.0 dude doesn't know how to change colors on his body so it looks like there is still a shirt on... 3.0 Dude becomes girlfriend with someone. The girl then sees him on another game where you can't change your appearance from your normal look on ROBLOX. you know what happens next...

It's an okay game, but it gets a little boring. Yes, it's a roleplay game, but there's just not much to explore. If the map was a bit bigger, and if there was more to do, I may like this game better. THERE IS NO SURFING! IN A BEACH GAME! I am disappoint. -_- - MayaWulfe

It's an okay game, but it gets a little boring. Yes, it's a roleplay game, but there's just not much to explore. If the map was a bit bigger, and if there was more to do, I may like this game better. THERE IS NO SURFING! IN A BEACH GAME! I am disappoint. - MayaWulfe

Too many ODers and WHERE IS THE BEACH

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? Sleepy Studios's Game on the Front Page

You know, I can't even say a damn title because IT CHANGES EVERYDAY! ALL IT IS IS CLICKBAIT! Today it was called War Tycoon, yesterday it was Adopt A Puppy! but, it's the same damn tycoon about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! IT NEVER CHANGES! - Yaboistingy

? Are You Smart?

This game is sooo pointless. I hate the way it always asks dumb questions like: 'if you flap your arms really fast, can you fly? '

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11 Temple Run Minigames!

It's not really temple run, its just games to earn coins... also its all about killing people - MorganChambz

I went in this and there was ADS! However, did u realize that when u comment u vote for this game?

I hate minigames because they are always the same games.

It's the BEST map EVER

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12 Twisted Murderer

Another bad murder game crawling with retards!

It's a ripoff of the mad murderer and the mad murderer is a ripoff of murder mystery and murder mystery is a ripoff of trouble in terrorist town

Put this at #1 RIGHT NOW! Taymaster can go jump into a fire. This game has copied elements from Mad Murderer. I mean sure. Mad Murderer is another murder game, but all of the elements are original (also made a new gear on catalog. ) Twisted Murderer just copied and pasted all of Mad Murderer's perfection (and took away some of my favorite things. Such as characters. ) This needs to be removed from Roblox NOW.

This game is very bad. I hope Roblox will shut down all murder games. - Maria-Alexandra

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13 Roblox's Top Model

Its full of noob judges and the clothes are terrible. When the theme was winter I was fully dressed who you should be in winter. But some VIP idiot had Elsa from Frozen and guess what she won and I got a 4 in all. Really! These judges pick the divas to win. The boys also get no attention on this game. - spodermanfan1000

This game is short. It's not much fun and there really is a lot of idiotic boring things in the game. The judges have bad taste on fashion it's like the judges are goofs and some sort of fashion law breakers

I actually enjoy this game, but I HATE HATE HATE the community on this game! A lot of times VIPs (I'm one too, but if I'm a judge I rate everyone fairly) will take advantage and make outfits that literally make others feel ashamed. Often, the judges are super annoying and are 3.0 noobs that give you a 0 if you give them a bad score if they did something not so great. I've made some friends on this game too, though. I also know this game gets hacked a lot. I do have fun making outfits in this game though, but after a while it starts to get boring. So, there is my view on the game.

There are so many hacking in this game music are really annoying loud music and even walls are broken and floor Hackers should not be allowed to visit - SpencerJC

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14 Survive the Disasters

What's better then seeing a army tank flying through the air?! Or a single lighting strike killing more then ten people AT THE SAME TIME?! So fun and unpredictable. WHY IS IT HERE!?

I accidentally voted for this game because I thought it was the Top Ten Best Roblox Games list (oops) This is a great game! It provides hours of entertainment. This game shouldn't be on this list, or at least it should be a lot lower. -_- - MayaWulfe

This Game Is Fun Dude This Should Not Be Here I know Natural Disaster Is More Fun But This Game Should Not Be Here

My younger brother loves this game

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15 The Quarry

Even if the creator is nice then this game is stupid it's so boring when I worked hard for the diamond blue axe its boring its just a stupid mining game I like to collect things and build things but I don't know about this game ill give it another chance

People whose progress data was bring deleted since an update from the past (i forgot sorry) probably voted this.

This game is amazing, the creator is nice. When I lost my stats, he gave them back to me.

I like this game! When I lost my stats because of a roblox update, a couple kind admins help me get my stuff back

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16 LOLcaptions

I'm not saying that the WHOLE game is bad, but the perverted captions. Most people have terrible sense of humour on here! This game is quite old, but the perverts are ruining it. This has been one of my favourite games of all time

Yah this is stupid one time I picked a caption and GUESS WHAT they did not vote me and they tricked me into telling my caption and made me lose

Never played but it sounds weird

Many times they cuss and this is why I can't play roblox

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17 Meepcity

MeepCity is indeed, a ripoff of Toontown Online and Club Penguin, which are both DISNEY'S works. While MeepCity features some original assets that aren't fully inspired by Toontown and CP, there's just so many assets taken from both games that it drowns out the original stuff. It'd be nice if AlexNewtron credited Disney's Toontown Online and Disney's Club Penguin for the heavy inspiration. The sounds the doors make are taken directly from Toontown, so is the Fishing arrow, the Fishing button, and the Fishing noises. It feels as though Toontown and CP aren't getting the credit they deserve. People will be screaming MeepCity's name, while the two games who helped MeepCity's production are kicked to the side and ignored. I wouldn't be surprised if MeepCity fans thought Toontown and Club Penguin ripped of MeepCity, even though it's the other way around. It's a cute game, but the blatant theft taints it.

This is literally Toontown Rewritten on Roblox. Worst thing is, they don't even mention it! All these cool animations, ideas, and buildings are all from TOONTOWN! This is not an original game! Even the 'meeps' are like pets from Club Penguin! Youtubers are overhyping this, and MeepCity gets way more attention than it deserves. There's nothing different except for cogs. Gardening, pets, houses, how you DESIGN the house, fishing, oh my goodness!

Sorry those stuff in the previous comment I meant to say that those stuff cost too much.

This game ripped off Club Penguin and Toontown here are some other flaws:

70% of the parties are ODer parties/fanboy/fangirl parties
Barley anyone talks (I love talking on Roblox)
Kind of money hungry
Terrible thumbnails - NamiKazePants08

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18 Escape Detention

I don't get how anyone can like this game.

This game is boring because your just in a classroom.. ?!

What sorta opinion whas the first one people? sit in a classroom and do cool stuff? anyway, haven't played it so that's an opinion I can't deny so what to me...

This game is fun this shouldn't be here

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19 The Disaster Games

I personally like the disaster games, especially Natural Disaster Survival (stickmasterluke) and Survive The 97 Disasters! (VyrissTheVixen). But in Natural Disaster Survival, I hate the fact that you take damage from falling from nearly any height. - MayaWulfe

It is because the game puts you in real life situations, so it wouldn't be fair if everyone could survive falling. - DontMakeARookieMistake

There is some cool games,but most of this are like SURVIVE THE ROLLERCOASTER with the crappy thumbnail with the brick and the random decal

And in this you get a few lives I personly think this is better than the other one

What?! These games rock!
You take fall damage in Natural Disaster Survival for a more realistic experience.

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20 Roblox Laundromat

Yeah all it is doing laundry and its annoying that people lock people in the machines it is also mean too

Last time I played it (years ago) all people would do was cuss & bully. Plus it's only for people who occasionally want to waste time doing nothing.

This game used to have many people, but now a few people will go on this game. - Maria-Alexandra

You Get your cloths stolen and when your trying to load people Trap you in there and your stuck its no fun

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