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21 Raining Tacos

I HATED the song to begin with, but this game made it even worse! - MichaelAftonUTTP

I love the song but the game is boring

My favorite game ever. I'm 9 I love tacos and the song


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22 Soro's Italian Restaurant

Its not the owner's fault it's these dumb trolls. What did we do to deserve this? - spodermanfan1000

Rude workers I tried to work there But those selfish pricks are like no - BraixenBreak

The stuff they've done... ugh


23 Jailbreak

No fun. Everything requires a keycard and police are never at the jail, so you can't get one. Everything is SUPER expensive. The police have a huge advantage, being able to handcuff you from like 10 feet away, and everyone is really mean. No one works together, most criminals and inmates just hurt each other, and half the time there's nothing to do. - InkBlade

I hate this game because all of the cops use their handcuffs that can arrest you from miles away. I just cannot have fun in a game where you can get arrested from miles away. There is no skill involved in being a cop. Also, to one person here defending jailbreak, yes, the game had 100k players playing at once. As we all know, that determines how great a game must be. By your logic, Pewdiepie can't be dissed, because he has the most subscribers on YouTube. Flawless logic.

Ugh...everyone says there is so much to do! I was excited and when I played it...oh god. Why is it sooo easy to escape! And once you escape...well there is nothing else to do. Rob banks and drive cars. For cops just try to arrest the criminals cause let face do any of the cops stop the inmates? No, they don't. The only good thing about Jailbreak are the graphics...but this is roblox were talking about so I don't expect much. - spodermanfan1000

Being a cop is fun but a prisoner punishies you I mostly get handcuff and its anoying and the only way to rob, you need a keycard but the police will know and handcuff you being a prisoner is unfair be a cop insead of a prisoner

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24 Fashion Frenzy

There are some trolls out there (but it's unlikely/likely you'll find one)! When it says the theme up there you have to wear during the result sometimes vote someone that is famous and someone with irrelevant theme. - Q-Q

I hate this game! - IHateEverythingintheword1234

25 Prison Life

I like this game, but my god does it have flaws. The guards can be so abusive, and sometimes it's too easy to escape. But my main problem is with the guards. There are three kinds of guards: the good ones, which will only kill you if you're hostile or trying to escape; the noobs, who will let you out and pretty much take away all meaning from being a prisoner; and the bad guards, who kill you without mercy or reason, and continue to abuse you until one of you gets off.

The game is cool, I guess... But the guards are so abusive and rude! I once played this game with some of my cousins and guards kept killing us just because we sat down when it was lunchtime. One of the guards said "No sitting! " and then I said back to him "If we can't sit, you can't breathe." And then BOOM two guards attack me. When it was free time I decided to go to the yard and then five guards started shooting me so I had to spam my space button.

Once my brother forced me to play this with him and I was a prisoner. I went to the jail but the cell I was in had its door open. I stayed in my cell but the guard came and killed me. This guard memorized my name tag and for the whole game followed me around and killed me without mercy.

This game is actually fun for me! I recommend it! - MichaelAftonUTTP

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26 Escape Detention

I don't get how anyone can like this game.

This is very, VERY unoriginal. Not as unoriginal as the "Escape the fidget spinner" games

This game is boring because your just in a classroom.. ?!

It's just an obby. Not much to say. Even my 7 year old daughter can make a better obby. And I don't even have any kids! - UnlawfulMatron

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27 Escape the iPhone 7

Escape the really terrible game (or the iPhone 7 if you want to be specific) - UnlawfulMatron

/ What he said.

Cheap,horrible,toxic community.I don't care if DanTDM played it.His videos have been going downhill.

28 The Disaster Games

I personally like the disaster games, especially Natural Disaster Survival (stickmasterluke) and Survive The 97 Disasters! (VyrissTheVixen). But in Natural Disaster Survival, I hate the fact that you take damage from falling from nearly any height. - MayaWulfe

It is because the game puts you in real life situations, so it wouldn't be fair if everyone could survive falling. - DontMakeARookieMistake

The only one I can stand is Natural Disaster Survival. - scarmark

In my opinion, Natural Disaster Survival by Stickmasterluke is awesome. I hate how some trolls push people off of heights so that they die though, that gets annoying. Other than that, it's a cool game.

There is some cool games,but most of this are like SURVIVE THE ROLLERCOASTER with the crappy thumbnail with the brick and the random decal

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29 Area 51

No objective

30 Catalog Heaven

This is not bad you can testing any item before buying any item but there is one problem if any item just release on catalog, this game still not release yet that item. Well that bad thing if any item are limited time and this game not released yet that item until time is over, player can't buy that item anymore.

The whole "test out things before you buy them" is absolute NONSENSE I tell you. People just get the most OP weapons possible and kill each other - and instead of adding an "I'm too young to die" button, Seranok just bans the weapons. And that's not very effective either because he only bans like 5 weapons a year.

Guys I think this app has Putting All the games In This Worst Games But all ThE Games Is fun To play I think They Just don't Know How to Play Correctly

To lose you have to give everyone a chance to combat your selected items. To win you have to get unfair items that no one can combat against. To be hated by everyone up to the point when everyone leaves, buy the Banned Items gamepass. - UnlawfulMatron

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31 Traitor Trouble

It's complicated and another cheap rip off of Murder Mystery - MorganChambz

This is a ripoff of Trouble in Terrorist Town in Garry's Mod

Boring, just another stupid murder game.

The stupid innocents always shoot me

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32 Roblox Laundromat

Yeah all it is doing laundry and its annoying that people lock people in the machines it is also mean too

Last time I played it (years ago) all people would do was cuss & bully. Plus it's only for people who occasionally want to waste time doing nothing.

You Get your cloths stolen and when your trying to load people Trap you in there and your stuck its no fun

This game is boring, I personally don't have fun playing this game

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33 Tattletail Roleplay

You can't even do anything. All you do is walk around in a big house and do nothing else. It is useless.

At least you can look for eggs while you walk around - Tyoshi

TattleTail is a dead game. none of the fandom like it anymore, and personally, it was only on the front page for 1 week!

I like this game, but all you do is just walk around, search for eggs and roleplay like an idiot. People who roleplay as characters /w voicelines are super annoying. I was in a server and someone who was Fandroid sayed "don't tattle on me! " a billion times. The tattletails are just so annoying.

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34 2 Player Gun Factory

If one person leaves, the whole tycoon is doomed.

If the other player logs off, the game is boring and it's not like you can save your progress

Gun games are not good for you

Me: "Hey man do you have that [insert pricey item here] ready? "
Other guy: "Yes let me get a few more cash."
Me: "Aight cool."
Other guy: [leaves]
[His side of the tycoon gets resetted]
Other guy: [Rejoins]
Other guy: "Hey sorry man I lost internet connection for a few seconds."
[He can't load his tycoon from where he left off, it took half an hour to get to the item we wanted.]
Tycoon games were cool in the old ROBLOX. But now that all these advanced games are being made, like Lumber Tycoon 2, or Restaurant Tycoon. [Games that are fully editable, and you can make your places anyway you want without the limitations of buttons on the floors like the old tycoon games.] - UnlawfulMatron

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35 Phantom Forces

I used to like it but the maps don't change and it is repetitive and annoying. Its hard to level up and get new guns and it became really glitchy. It needs to get updated soon.

This game should be in the top 10 worst games since its bad and boring and the credits and stuff are confusing.

Owners a jerks

UGH! This game is so repetitive and shouldn't exist! - MichaelAftonUTTP

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36 Roblox's Got Talent

Once when I played this game, I was on stage, doing painting. All of the judges wanted me to win, but then, the host left. A new host joined and another person was on stage, I still was on stage. Then the host came and killed me. None of the judges cared at all. Terrible Game, Terrible People. Do no recommend.

I won by just saying "My talent is having no talent" - yoshiclay

Boring, Stupid, Retards are judges, Just nothing to enjoy at this game.

Atmosphere and community are toxic

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37 Boys and Girls Hangout

Its all free models and it floods with online daters plus good job round jessie you stole over 50 free models so you can get to the front page and plus it's so boring

The first person said, "It's all free models." Well, guess what? ALL models are free, dumbass.

I made a video called "Roblox Game Reviews: Hangout With Free Models" - spodermanfan1000

Oders. Do I need to say more?

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38 Zombie Outbreak

People kick other for NO exact reason <. < 'Kick Hacker' I'm not a hacker, the noobs on this are sore losers. Someone named 'TheRedAngel' used cheat engine on me with gave me 9999999 Points. Everyone thinks I'm hacker. Plus, JaredValdez2 copies games.

39 Life in Paradise

Basically the opposite of the name. - TeamRocket747

Free Models in Paradise - spodermanfan1000

"Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby" under a different name. - Drewman1211

Oder in Las Vegas itself. - WarriorCatsHater

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40 MLG Noscoping Simulator

I agree this is boring

Why is it on the list?


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