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21 Traitor Trouble

It's complicated and another cheap rip off of Murder Mystery - MorganChambz

This is a ripoff of Trouble in Terrorist Town in Garry's Mod

Boring, just another stupid murder game.

Play run it's the killers underground base on roblox and get over it. anyway, you were all correct. good opinions

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22 2 Player Gun Factory

If one person leaves, the whole tycoon is doomed.

If the other player logs off, the game is boring and it's not like you can save your progress

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23 Prison Life

I like this game, but my god does it have flaws. The guards can be so abusive, and sometimes it's too easy to escape. But my main problem is with the guards. There are three kinds of guards: the good ones, which will only kill you if you're hostile or trying to escape; the noobs, who will let you out and pretty much take away all meaning from being a prisoner; and the bad guards, who kill you without mercy or reason, and continue to abuse you until one of you gets off.

Once my brother forced me to play this with him and I was a prisoner. I went to the jail but the cell I was in had its door open. I stayed in my cell but the guard came and killed me. This guard memorized my name tag and for the whole game followed me around and killed me without mercy.

Natural habitat for bullies, I played this game and someone was raging and I told him to calm down and he called me a noob and said I should go cry to my mom and said I like my ass crack and kept killing me, I decided to be guard to kill him, I killed him and boy, he said NOOB! Wow... - TeamRocket747

Prison simulator games shouldn't be on a kids platform - TheUmbreon

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24 Boho Salon

They use bots to make their group very popular. I don't know why they are doing that, but they are cheating. REPORT THAT GROUP!

This games sucks 99%. I like it because I can troll with the looks

This game sucks,you can have a job,give pepole hairs...ONLY IF YOU JOIN THE GROUP

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25 Roblox High School

Most overrated game on roblox, and that is a really hard place to get

Seriously, roblox high school is a game about going to school and living the high school life, BUT EVERYBODY JUST SKIPS SCHOOL. In my opinion the only part I like about this game is the high school part. Also, playing on Saturdays and Sundays in this game isn't fun because the school part isn't there, and another complaint, everybody loves having parties, but what do you do in them! You just sit around, type in /e dance, and do nothing else. I am sorry RHS fans, but I don't like this game.

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26 Catalog Heaven

This is not bad you can testing any item before buying any item but there is one problem if any item just release on catalog, this game still not release yet that item. Well that bad thing if any item are limited time and this game not released yet that item until time is over, player can't buy that item anymore.

The whole "test out things before you buy them" is absolute NONSENSE I tell you. People just get the most OP weapons possible and kill each other - and instead of adding an "I'm too young to die" button, Seranok just bans the weapons. And that's not very effective either because he only bans like 5 weapons a year.

Guys I think this app has Putting All the games In This Worst Games But all ThE Games Is fun To play I think They Just don't Know How to Play Correctly

There is a lot of jerks who copy peoples gear like Pretty Princess Wand,Dual Darkhearts, The Rocket Launcher, The Splint Staff, The Magic Rainbow Carpet and more. Plus In the old update before. There was some users try to type try/ 1311. That user was FFJosh. When people try to use explosions hardly to lag the game so like what a bunch of noobs.

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27 Zombie Outbreak

People kick other for NO exact reason <. < 'Kick Hacker' I'm not a hacker, the noobs on this are sore losers. Someone named 'TheRedAngel' used cheat engine on me with gave me 9999999 Points. Everyone thinks I'm hacker. Plus, JaredValdez2 copies games.

28 Work at a Pizza Place

Work at a Pizza Place is fun, but with the flaws mentioned below (and in the previous comments).

1. Nobody even tries to work. AT ALL.
2. The managers are absolutely TERRIBLE. They give party-goers money instead of people who work hard,
they do the same, just replace the "giving money" to "making employee of the day."
3. This goes with #1, but everyone is bent more on partying than working.

It would take a hell of a lot of work, but I wish there was a bot manager. It could be NOT unfair and actually make good workers employee of the day and give bonuses to them. It would be SO, SO, SO much better than the idiotic NBC managers (although there probably is a lot of because managers that are dumb, too). - MattytheMedic

Once me and 2 other people were working our butt off and the guest put trucks in front of every door and the manager who was a girl was at this boys house. It blocked a lot of stuff that they said out but I think they were having sex and every chance she got she gave HIM paychecks. UNFAIR. When I finally became manager someone forced me to give it up to them and I was really fair and this person did not even work while I helped my guest workers. She never even worked from the start.

I hate this game. When I am cashier I work so hard. I get almost 50 people served before I get my check. But the manager always picks the person who is trolling around the place. I have 10,000$ on that game and they have maybe 400? Also...the parties - spodermanfan1000

1. Nobody will work here
2. All players are leaving
3. Too many guests
4. Managers giving party-goers money instead of people who worked very hard and he gaving employee of the month
5. Trying to ask to become manager
6. Noob people used wrong food to order customer
7. Too many messy
8. Too many pizza on top of roof from old one
9. Players didn't work here after become jobs
10. Too many hacking - SpencerJC

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29 Life in Paradise

Basically the opposite of the name. - TeamRocket747

I rode a flying tornado car in life in paradise and destroyed all the oders trust me it was the most fun I've ever had! everyone flew away or etheir got stuck in the ground it was hilarious but the glitch was fixed now I need a new stradgey to trolling oders and roleplayers

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30 Before the Dawn

Yay I get to become a random character with no upgrades while I sit in a locker waiting for someone to kill me how fun is that?

31 MLG Noscoping Simulator V 3 Comments
32 Roblox's Got Talent

Boring, Stupid, Retards are judges, Just nothing to enjoy at this game.

The judges are retarded noobs and the host kills you for no reason.

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33 Club Christy
34 Club Sanity

This is just a hangout for bigmouth kids who act thug and try to make block porn or something. There is nothing but rude, nasty and nauseating conversation... And to think its KIDS that's typing it... Pathetic. And the music.. That's a whole other level of gag reflex making all together.

This friend made me play this game. At first when I heard the name, "Oh so I guess it's just going to have people dancing to music and stuff like that. Cool." But, nah, when I entered the server in this game, the first thing I saw was a person sucking on the other person' know. At least this game got deleted >

Not only is this game practically useless since all you pretty much do is watch people twerking and whipping, but this game is has a great bond with sexual abuse because of it's 'lye down' movement. And no doubt about it, online daters lurk around in those every corners.

This gane is bad. It's a ripoff of Club Boates. But the game creator is banned. - Maria-Alexandra

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35 Phantom Forces

I used to like it but the maps don't change and it is repetitive and annoying. Its hard to level up and get new guns and it became really glitchy. It needs to get updated soon.

This game should be in the top 10 worst games since its bad and boring and the credits and stuff are confusing.

How does everyone have a level 50 or higher this quickly?

The game is not for kids because of killing? - Maria-Alexandra

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36 High School Life

It's a BIG rip off of Roblox High school - TheMinecraftGamer

This game is Terrible. Lessons finish very quickly. I rather play Roblox High School

This game always gets exploited or is just stupid because people start doing dumb stuff like "turning into a werewolf or a vampire" or just glitch the dj stand and they put a song on that came out in 1910

Its big rip off You have to buy a houses after u left and buy house again FOR NO REASON! - SpencerJC

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37 Roblomall V 1 Comment
38 Ultimate Driving Westover Islands V 2 Comments
39 The SpongeBob Invasion

SpongeBob is overrated and overhyped. I haven't tried this game but I won't anytime soon. -_- - MayaWulfe

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40 Boys and Girls Hangout

Its all free models and it floods with online daters plus good job round jessie you stole over 50 free models so you can get to the front page and plus it's so boring

The first person said, "It's all free models." Well, guess what? ALL models are free, dumbass.

I made a video called "Roblox Game Reviews: Hangout With Free Models" - spodermanfan1000

Online Dating is common in there. - MinecraftHater

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