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41 Apocalypse Rising

I think Apocalypse rising is a bad game because it is just a rip off of DAYZ All you do is find weapons kill zombies nothing interesting ever happens and I need to pay 90 robux just to buy some stupid tokens to create my own character? Apocalypse rising sucks in my opinion

I know the shooting games is bad on Roblox. I hope this game will not be popular. - Maria-Alexandra

Used to be a revolutionary, amazing game. Got involved in the community, got in great squads. Not it's just flashing crappy montages, hackers, Gus trying to make it a survival game, ZolarKeth left (Sharksie is great, it's just that Zolar was way more experienced with apoc's code), Crappy billboards, Community, etc. - MelonMan

This game is so unfair, its hard to equip weapons, and many weapons are worse than others for no reason (ex pistol vs riffle). starts easy but adapts to level.

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42 The Mad Murderer

Loleris just wants money. He hates his fans. He's a jerk. He tries to hard to be funny. he copies everyone's game ideas. Need I say more?

This is already on here...

This is on here already

It got posted twice to show how much thid game sucks

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43 Flood Escape

I didn't want to vote, but I don't' know how to comment any other way. But why is this here? Flood Escape can be annoying sometimes, but it's not a bad game. I like it, and I don't care what anyone else says.

Hard is easier than normal. Easy is easier than normal. Hard navigation and can't keep items

This game is almost impossible for me. Other players CONSTANTLY knock eachother down, which even makes it difficult to complete a single floor on easy. This game has a good concept, but would be better with smaller servers.

It's so hard to win even on easy mode - TheMinecraftGamer

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44 Mad Games

I actually like this game, but the community is the WORST - thunderstar1124

Just mad murderer with 2 extra game modes and it has MAD MURDERER BUILT INTO IT, what a waste of time, it could'eve been game modes added to mad murderer, it's just another example of laziness and is probably going to be a stain on the studio's reputation

It's a stupid game. Not even original ideas.

Kill this game it sucks murder murder murder juggernaut murder murder murder murder the second worst roblox game ever

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45 Roblox Plague

This game is good. The guy above me can't clearly use proper grammar and doesn't have a good taste in real games!

This game is sucks so badly

It happen,s to me all the time

Worst game ever
Whats even the point of this game? Being chased by [email protected] zombie-things and try to hide while you even can't?
There's no place to hide
At least there is sprint option but it regenerates so slow
And of course if they find you, you can't even escape because when you walk on [email protected] pee then you lose health
Trust me... There is a lot of [email protected] pee...

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46 Simon Says

This sounds like a 5 year old game?! Who plays that game?!

Simon Says is just classic. the game is fun. great. and I made many memories from it.

The Planet one is hard though.

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47 Roblox Splatoon

One of the most gliteist games ever the morphs don't work the paintball guns don't work and you can't form a squid

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48 Unfair Forts

It's so dumb when clans make their weapons so OP (Overpowered). And claim false auto-wins. - EmperorCales

49 Darkened Dawn

It's actually a very well put together roleplay. The only thing that I see wrong is personal; No one ever wants to roleplay with me. - MattytheMedic

I like it though but I'm confused sometimes the how do you get there when you finished the levels

Who ever said this was a bad game sucks! I love this game.

I love that you can wear ANY hat even ones that cost like 10,000 robuck who ever said that this is a bad game there wrong

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50 Mortus RPG V 1 Comment
51 Teamwork Obby 4

Teamwork, yeah team work means pushing people off and calling them hackers
Really? The creator must know that teamwork is extinct by now

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52 Twisted Racing

As well as taymaster being one of the best creators, I guess this is the worse's game his has ever created Sorry taymaster :(

53 The SpongeBob Movie Adventure Obby

I have a good fast computer but it was loading on loading on loading

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54 Army Base
55 Roblox Dodgeball

A not so bad game, but seriously, why Super Smash Bros 4?

Sucks so badly, all this talks about is Smash Bros 4, the worst Smash Bros game ever. And people play unfair and impossible to get the acheivements. This is why I hate this game, everyone hates this game!

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56 House Party Fun House!

This sucks it's just a playhouse form roblox studio toolbox and just NPCS with dialog talk

57 Doge the Doge

The name sounds weird! All you do is.. Dodge doge heads that come rolling down the hill. If they touch you.. You die! :/

Doge the dog never played it but it sound really boring

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58 21 V 2 Comments
59 Normal Elevator

I don't see anything wrong with it, but after hearing that the creator hacks people... NEVER AGAIN AM I PLAYING.

I play games to be entertained, not to waste my time.

This game is boring :/

It's boring the creator nearly hacked me

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60 Kingdom Life II (Remake)

Role play games can be boring but you can make friends, have adventures, and even just chat ir make because. You have to be into them to play them but I agree its kind of boring.

I like it game, but too many OD'ers, Fail RPers, Cutters and Silly Heroes

Wanna deal with godmodders? wanna be hated? wanna see demons?... then this game is for you

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