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41 Phantom Forces

I used to like it but the maps don't change and it is repetitive and annoying. Its hard to level up and get new guns and it became really glitchy. It needs to get updated soon.

This game should be in the top 10 worst games since its bad and boring and the credits and stuff are confusing.

Owners a jerks

Very repetitive, so why do you guys play Jailbreak? - ValanticJack

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42 Noob Warfare Tycoon

The "Start working" plate doesn't work for me. - WarriorCatsHater

43 Zombie Outbreak

People kick other for NO exact reason <. < 'Kick Hacker' I'm not a hacker, the noobs on this are sore losers. Someone named 'TheRedAngel' used cheat engine on me with gave me 9999999 Points. Everyone thinks I'm hacker. Plus, JaredValdez2 copies games.

44 Roblox's Got Talent

Once when I played this game, I was on stage, doing painting. All of the judges wanted me to win, but then, the host left. A new host joined and another person was on stage, I still was on stage. Then the host came and killed me. None of the judges cared at all. Terrible Game, Terrible People. Do no recommend.

I won by just saying "My talent is having no talent" - yoshiclay

Boring, Stupid, Retards are judges, Just nothing to enjoy at this game.

@yoshiclay They considered it comedy. - ValanticJack

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45 MLG Noscoping Simulator

I agree this is boring

Why is it on the list?


46 Life in Paradise

Basically the opposite of the name. - TeamRocket747

Free Models in Paradise - spodermanfan1000

"Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby" under a different name. - Drewman1211

I just noticed the thumbnail is changed with a girl smiling because a boy says "Prom? "

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47 Speed Run 4

HOW CAN THIS BE ON THIS LIST?! I didn't want to vote, but this cannot be on this list!

This may not be that old, but I call it a classic. It's too bad they changed some of the music.

The game should be in Classic in 2020.

48 Weight Lifting Simulator 2

It's a pay to win like many other games and if you don't pay have fun loosing 100 hours of your life.

Made the same day as Boxing Simulator. Which is the ripoff? - TeamRocket747

What are you talking about? Gameplay is impressive!

WLS2 ARE VERY BORING. Boxing Simulator 2 is better because BS2 have Rumble match.

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49 Mountaineers

This game doesn't give clear instructions on how it is to be played, got stuck... Lots of walking involved so slow gameplay.

I swear to god this game is more buggy than sonic 06

It sucks so bad...


50 Normal Elevator

I hate that I had to vote to post a comment for this. This game is full of exciting things, funny moments, and is really fun overall. Plus, the "creator hacking people" is just a rumor. Why would 2,000 people be playing his game if he actually did? - InkBlade

I don't see anything wrong with it, but after hearing that the creator hacks people... NEVER AGAIN AM I PLAYING.

I play games to be entertained, not to waste my time.


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51 Apocalypse Rising

I think Apocalypse rising is a bad game because it is just a rip off of DAYZ All you do is find weapons kill zombies nothing interesting ever happens and I need to pay 90 robux just to buy some stupid tokens to create my own character? Apocalypse rising sucks in my opinion

I can't even see a player

Wait wrong game

This game is so unfair, its hard to equip weapons, and many weapons are worse than others for no reason (ex pistol vs riffle). starts easy but adapts to level.

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52 Before the Dawn

Yay I get to become a random character with no upgrades while I sit in a locker waiting for someone to kill me how fun is that?

Its okay but its very repetitive. - spodermanfan1000

very fun

53 Adopt Me

? I hate this too but at least this is better than Adopt and raise a cute kid. But I do have to agree this is horrible.

We really don't need a whole game focused on adopting a random kid for about the 10 minutes you stay in the server.

This game enrages me the concept to the title screen

54 Roblomall

Looks interesting... - Tacocheese

55 Tsunami Sushi

The admin are so stupid

THE tsunami sushi president is a pedo

56 Heroes of Robloxia

How I view it is a childish, annoying, dumb game. It's so annoying to play due to it's difficulty level. Easy! That's basically what mode it's on. Then all the sudden when you join the next level, boom! Another superhero to play as. No explanation on how the hero joined, no nothing.
Nobody joins a mission you want to do!

I need to point out many sins wrong with this
1. It's laughably overrated
2. "random ball drop or anything else" cliche.
3. one of the powers don't work
4. the mission names are bad.
5. the whole game/ - TeamRocket747

57 Club Sanity

This is just a hangout for bigmouth kids who act thug and try to make block porn or something. There is nothing but rude, nasty and nauseating conversation... And to think its KIDS that's typing it... Pathetic. And the music.. That's a whole other level of gag reflex making all together.

Well this game is bad because there were many online daters. With that dances were trying to "have" sexual intercourse with another person. I left my computer for 1 minute and I had emote that I was sitting and after one minute someone was trying to have sexual intercourse with me. I'm really happy that this game got a ban.

This friend made me play this game. At first when I heard the name, "Oh so I guess it's just going to have people dancing to music and stuff like that. Cool." But, nah, when I entered the server in this game, the first thing I saw was a person sucking on the other person' know. At least this game got deleted >

Go to number one Club Sanity, you are the worst. - MinecraftHater

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58 Murder Mystery 2

I don't understand how you think its boring and if your gonna make a hate comment at least make sure to spell right.

It's just boring like I don't know why this game was implemented but it's only murdering and murdering makes it boring it's like one of the borintest games on Roblox and this is so stupid

Worst game ever!

59 Club Christy
60 Theme Park Tycoon 2
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