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41 Before the Dawn

Yay I get to become a random character with no upgrades while I sit in a locker waiting for someone to kill me how fun is that?

Its okay but its very repetitive. - spodermanfan1000

very fun

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43 Work at a Pizza Place

Work at a Pizza Place is fun, but with the flaws mentioned below (and in the previous comments).

1. Nobody even tries to work. AT ALL.
2. The managers are absolutely TERRIBLE. They give party-goers money instead of people who work hard,
they do the same, just replace the "giving money" to "making employee of the day."
3. This goes with #1, but everyone is bent more on partying than working.

It would take a hell of a lot of work, but I wish there was a bot manager. It could be NOT unfair and actually make good workers employee of the day and give bonuses to them. It would be SO, SO, SO much better than the idiotic NBC managers (although there probably is a lot of because managers that are dumb, too). - MattytheMedic

Almost everyone asks to be manager when someone literally just became manager, it is so annoying! It is also filled with little kids who can't spell "manager" right. Most of the time, managers are really bad and usually give bonuses to those who don't even deserve it. But, most of all...I believe the "vote-kick" button should be removed. So many managers abuse it by attempting to kick out people who didn't even do anything! But regardless, I still somehow enjoy the gameplay and the fun of creating your house. Not to mention that there are secret-places! - kawaiitohru

Once me and 2 other people were working our butt off and the guest put trucks in front of every door and the manager who was a girl was at this boys house. It blocked a lot of stuff that they said out but I think they were having sex and every chance she got she gave HIM paychecks. UNFAIR. When I finally became manager someone forced me to give it up to them and I was really fair and this person did not even work while I helped my guest workers. She never even worked from the start.

I try to do my delivery job properly. NOPE one of those bacon hairs always rams his car into my truck then tries to jump in the truck and steal the supplies, then he hijacks the truck. Also cashiers are trolls and the manager always slacks off. And the little kids always beg for "manger" it's spelt MANAGER NOT MANGER. - Lunala

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44 Tsunami Sushi

The admin are so stupid

THE tsunami sushi president is a pedo

45 Heroes of Robloxia

How I view it is a childish, annoying, dumb game. It's so annoying to play due to it's difficulty level. Easy! That's basically what mode it's on. Then all the sudden when you join the next level, boom! Another superhero to play as. No explanation on how the hero joined, no nothing.
Nobody joins a mission you want to do!

I need to point out many sins wrong with this
1. It's laughably overrated
2. "random ball drop or anything else" cliche.
3. one of the powers don't work
4. the mission names are bad.
5. the whole game/ - TeamRocket747

46 Apocalypse Rising

I think Apocalypse rising is a bad game because it is just a rip off of DAYZ All you do is find weapons kill zombies nothing interesting ever happens and I need to pay 90 robux just to buy some stupid tokens to create my own character? Apocalypse rising sucks in my opinion

I can't even see a player

Wait wrong game

This game is so unfair, its hard to equip weapons, and many weapons are worse than others for no reason (ex pistol vs riffle). starts easy but adapts to level.

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47 Club Christy
48 Adopt Me

We really don't need a whole game focused on adopting a random kid for about the 10 minutes you stay in the server.

49 Club Sanity

This is just a hangout for bigmouth kids who act thug and try to make block porn or something. There is nothing but rude, nasty and nauseating conversation... And to think its KIDS that's typing it... Pathetic. And the music.. That's a whole other level of gag reflex making all together.

This friend made me play this game. At first when I heard the name, "Oh so I guess it's just going to have people dancing to music and stuff like that. Cool." But, nah, when I entered the server in this game, the first thing I saw was a person sucking on the other person' know. At least this game got deleted >

Not only is this game practically useless since all you pretty much do is watch people twerking and whipping, but this game is has a great bond with sexual abuse because of it's 'lye down' movement. And no doubt about it, online daters lurk around in those every corners.

Go to number one Club Sanity, you are the worst. - MinecraftHater

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50 Little Angel's Daycare

Literally all the thing in here are my faveroute games...what's wrong with me?

51 Myo Frozen Yogurt

Unjimmy is wrost cafe owner ever

52 The SpongeBob Invasion

SpongeBob is overrated and overhyped. I haven't tried this game but I won't anytime soon. -_- - MayaWulfe

This game is overrated

53 Flood Escape

I didn't want to vote, but I don't' know how to comment any other way. But why is this here? Flood Escape can be annoying sometimes, but it's not a bad game. I like it, and I don't care what anyone else says.

Hard is easier than normal. Easy is easier than normal. Hard navigation and can't keep items

It's so hard to win even on easy mode - TheMinecraftGamer

This game is almost impossible for me. Other players CONSTANTLY knock eachother down, which even makes it difficult to complete a single floor on easy. This game has a good concept, but would be better with smaller servers.

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54 Mad Games

I actually like this game, but the community is the WORST - thunderstar1124

Just mad murderer with 2 extra game modes and it has MAD MURDERER BUILT INTO IT, what a waste of time, it could'eve been game modes added to mad murderer, it's just another example of laziness and is probably going to be a stain on the studio's reputation

It's a stupid game. Not even original ideas.

Kill this game it sucks murder murder murder juggernaut murder murder murder murder the second worst roblox game ever

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55 Ultimate Driving Westover Islands


The game is good, but the community surrounding it is horrible. You've got the fail roleplayers (FRP) who think it's funny to go around shooting people yelling f*** the police while going 100mph in their sports car, you've got the ODer community, then you've got the poor people who are going 12-20mph on their lawnmower or golf cart, you've got the abusive police who will arrest you the first chance they can, and there's the normal people who are trying to RP.

56 Theme Park Tycoon 2
57 Roblox Plague

This game is good. The guy above me can't clearly use proper grammar and doesn't have a good taste in real games!

This game is sucks so badly

It happen,s to me all the time

Worst game ever
Whats even the point of this game? Being chased by G@yish zombie-things and try to hide while you even can't?
There's no place to hide
At least there is sprint option but it regenerates so slow
And of course if they find you, you can't even escape because when you walk on g@yish pee then you lose health
Trust me... There is a lot of g@yish pee...

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58 Simon Says

This sounds like a 5 year old game?! Who plays that game?!

Simon Says is just classic. the game is fun. great. and I made many memories from it.

The Planet one is hard though.

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59 Roblox Splatoon

Why do people just re-create everything that already exists in ROBLOX! - MichaelAftonUTTP

I'd just play normal splatoon.

Worst game ever!


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60 Super Hero Tycoon

Really? Its your typical tycoon only thing is that the characters look like block crap. The result of the tycoon you build isn't even unique in its own way.

This is not fighting crime, this is just dumb power dropping and stupid building

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