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61 Raining Tacos

My favorite game ever. I'm 9 I love tacos and the song

Lol all the games are the best
Don't lisen to anyone just play it and tell everyone is this a good game then they will say yes just play it belevie me please please please

Really? It's so stupid, clonetrooper1019 wastes his time on some request for a plain baseplate with a taco script.
And yet it has millions of visits.
What do people do with their life these days. Go spend your time on a actual, fun, game. Scrubs.

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62 Zee Bawx

Every person on this game can't take a joke

Its funny that the furry owner lets her mods and admins abuse their power

63 Cart Ride Into Mario

Oh my god, you spawn a cart, for YOURSELF! Then, 6 people wrestle for the cart, and you get shoved off the stage at 450 mph. - Tacocheese

I actually agree with you! nice opinion dude!

What fun riding a cart on a track then falling what more do you need

Cart riding games are BORING as heck and only bacon hairs play it. - MinecraftHater

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64 Super Blocky Ball

Its not so fun.all you do is costimize your ball and's so annoying when people knock you out of the way.SOMEONE MAKE IT FUNNER! YOU JUST BE A BALL AND ROLL! WHAT IS THE POINT! YOU CAN ROLL IN REAL LIFE YOU KNOW! its ok but its kind of boring.



i not trying to be rude but for real what is this game for!

its ok but it gets kind of annoying.
why do we have to know the results for each race


65 Animatronic World

Role plays of the games you've already seen/played

I don't really agree. The maps are good, the OC maker is awesome, but dating animatronics ruined it. - MinecraftHater

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66 Krusty Krab Tycoon 2

This guy said, "report odie98 for stealing! " The person who said that has a game like that and guess what? Odie didn't copy and in the other person's version you can't buy anything. Lets talk about Odie's version. He just copied the title and the main picture (pic doesn't really matter) Odie's game is diffirent if you play it. - spodermanfan1000

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67 Roblox Battle Remastered

This game isn't even remastered, this game is a copy right to the original Roblox Battle and with the remastered one, too many experts and bunny hoppers that always win MVP. Unfair - bugger

68 Design It

There's always these people who always vote for off topic people its annoying

*ahem* We got people who vote for others who did the wrong category. - TeamRocket747

69 Dynamic Flight Simulator

The worst aviation-related game on ROBLOX. Promotes terrorism by encouraging players to kamikaze themselves into other planes, highly outdated planes, and extensive use of free models, even exploited ones.

This game is boring, but it still shouldn't be on here. :/

Worst flying ever but love her the der the der der

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70 Too Scary Universe

I didn't play it yet but if it scary why won't they play a scary game and also if it's not scary wit will you do and yeah

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71 Fairy Frenzy

We all like to see what it's like to raise something. But Fairy Frenzy is just WAY out of the world. The fairies look dead ugly. The Fairies follow you everywhere you go. Sometimes you can't even get a house, tapping and walking everywhere? Releasing your 'babies' Sound Familiar? This is basically Adopt and Raise an UGLY Baby. This is FULL of noobs. I'd rather play Murder Mystery than this piece of crap,

These fairies are seriously nasty.. - DefesTopTens

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72 Legend of Lucky Irish

It is not so awesome and it can be hack so easily. I even gonna destroy my house

73 Roblox 2: Defeat the Enemies of Roblox!
74 Universe Adventure Crossover RP V 0.80

I love this game and the exploration that comes with it, but it gets boring when your goal is to make friends in a crossover-themed RP. Look around you and all you will sadly see is Touhou fanboys.

Admins are too uptight and strict! Why can't I have a little fun, instead of joining your cringy anime RP!

It sucks so many people ignore you to much bad rpers (I only play it sometimes) to many stupid geeky nerds that are anime I got ignored by one of the bad rpers darkshreaders people say he's a bad rper (as soon I join and then try to rp but I'm to scared they just ignore me when I talk to them) this game doesn't deserve dislikes its just that the idiots like zvarika keeps roleplaying as touhou the worst game ever

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75 Cake Maker

Totally again people that go in and make your self a cake and go in I agree that the part I really hate also I'm confused how do you make a cake in the I pad

I'm not a noob people love me but I like going into the noob ITS FUN

I just hate it because there is too many noobs going into the giant person and getting killed and the noobs are going in the machines and making themselves into cakes.

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76 Roblox Adventure: Bot Conquest

Why is Bot Conquest here? It's awesome! JUST KIDDING. Not so awesome. Tylermcbride shouldn't be making a real video game and things costs money! Tyler is a kid! Remove the game and please accept this TheTopTens it is to boring!

Its very slow another thing is on the ultimate competition most of the servers crashed

77 Spleef 2
78 Ootd Runway V2
79 Super Bomb Survival

There's nothing wrong with this game. But what's annoying in this game, is people who try to kill you with Self-Destruct, etc.

I liked this game before, but now I just can't enjoy it anymore, because Tyler is a sellout.

I don't see what's wrong with this game...

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80 Pokémon Paper Roleplay

There are lots of better games such as the robots and arc of the elements but WHY THIS

This game is fantastic. Why the criticism?

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