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61 Little Angel's Daycare

Literally all the thing in here are my faveroute games...what's wrong with me?

62 The SpongeBob Invasion

SpongeBob is overrated and overhyped. I haven't tried this game but I won't anytime soon. -_- - MayaWulfe

This game is overrated

I like Spongebob but this game is just too bad.


63 Flood Escape

I didn't want to vote, but I don't' know how to comment any other way. But why is this here? Flood Escape can be annoying sometimes, but it's not a bad game. I like it, and I don't care what anyone else says.

Hard is easier than normal. Easy is easier than normal. Hard navigation and can't keep items

It's so hard to win even on easy mode - TheMinecraftGamer

This game is almost impossible for me. Other players CONSTANTLY knock eachother down, which even makes it difficult to complete a single floor on easy. This game has a good concept, but would be better with smaller servers.

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64 Mad Games

I actually like this game, but the community is the WORST - thunderstar1124

Just mad murderer with 2 extra game modes and it has MAD MURDERER BUILT INTO IT, what a waste of time, it could'eve been game modes added to mad murderer, it's just another example of laziness and is probably going to be a stain on the studio's reputation

It's a stupid game. Not even original ideas.

Kill this game it sucks murder murder murder juggernaut murder murder murder murder the second worst roblox game ever

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65 Simon Says

This sounds like a 5 year old game?! Who plays that game?!

No one knows true or false

Simon you little-

This game is

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66 Roblox Splatoon

Why do people just re-create everything that already exists in ROBLOX! - MichaelAftonUTTP

I'd just play normal splatoon.

Worst game ever!


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67 Ultimate Driving Westover Islands


The game is good, but the community surrounding it is horrible. You've got the fail roleplayers (FRP) who think it's funny to go around shooting people yelling f*** the police while going 100mph in their sports car, you've got the ODer community, then you've got the poor people who are going 12-20mph on their lawnmower or golf cart, you've got the abusive police who will arrest you the first chance they can, and there's the normal people who are trying to RP.

68 Frappé

I hate this game and other business groups combined. They also ban you if your avatar is wearing no clothes and expect you to behave by business standards. This has to be higher on list. - Call

Thus game is the reason I hate games ran by clubs. The admins of the game ban you for the littlest things. Standing on a table, banned. Ordering something not on the menu, banned. Hell, even designing your character to make it look like you have no clothes, banned. - izackak

it sucks

69 Club Tesla

Find out more in the club tesla discord

70 Hilton Hotels

Worst game ever hands down. Full of rude staff skipping lines and giving warnings for the stupidest reasons. Also there is nothing to do after you book a room and the game gets boring after that. - Call

This game has full of trolls

Probably one of my most hated games besides the Robux scam games. The staff abuse their power completely. They give you warnings way too easily and they probably will count this as spam:
You: "Hi"
Guy: "What do you want? "
You: "Hi"
Employee: "Warning 1: spam" - ValanticJack

71 Roblox Plague

This game is good. The guy above me can't clearly use proper grammar and doesn't have a good taste in real games!

This game is sucks so badly

It happen,s to me all the time

Worst game ever
Whats even the point of this game? Being chased by G@yish zombie-things and try to hide while you even can't?
There's no place to hide
At least there is sprint option but it regenerates so slow
And of course if they find you, you can't even escape because when you walk on g@yish pee then you lose health
Trust me... There is a lot of g@yish pee...

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72 Super Hero Tycoon

Really? Its your typical tycoon only thing is that the characters look like block crap. The result of the tycoon you build isn't even unique in its own way.

This is not fighting crime, this is just dumb power dropping and stupid building

73 Galaxy Arcade

How did it get on this list? I think Galaxy and its Arcade counterpart are some of the greatest ROBLOX ideas to be made as of now.

Galaxy is a wonderful game that includes the fierce fighting of spaceships, this is both fun and rewarding and it introduced a new idea that roblox normally doesn't include. If your stuff dies in galaxy, it's dead for good. However, since too many two year olds get rekt by anyone with half a brain cell a version REVERSING the loss of ships, gives INFINITE MONEY and makes the strongest spaceships GAMEPASSES. Way to grind the noobs for visits and robux, Rcouret. - iiSerpentKing

74 Project: Pokemon

Yet another Pokemon brick bronze ripoff and mew Can learn flamethrower what - BraixenBreak

Contrary to popular belief, this actually isn't a Pokemon Brick Bronze ripoff, infact this game got released way before PBB. My opinion on this game? Not bad, could be better

Braixen Pokemon Brick Bronze was not out when project pokemon was made and also Mew can learn any move

The creator was too lazy to add autosave so my mysterious pidgey is gone and my Level 11 Bulbasaur is gone. - TeamRocket747

75 Boxing Simulator 2

Where the hell did whoever created this get this idea? And why the hell would you introduce it into Roblox? Now it's literally everywhere. - ValanticJack

Awww... a beautiful game... with you trying to work hard to be strong, then some trolling Oders come and ruin your business... I only like Rumble Mode. - TeamRocket747

76 The Mad Murderer

Loleris just wants money. He hates his fans. He's a jerk. He tries to hard to be funny. he copies everyone's game ideas. Need I say more?

This game was so hated that it got posted twice. - thenerdkid351

This is already on here...

This is on here already

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77 Cake Maker

Totally again people that go in and make your self a cake and go in I agree that the part I really hate also I'm confused how do you make a cake in the I pad

Very great classic game!

I'm not a noob people love me but I like going into the noob ITS FUN

All you do is make a cake and feed it to a giant noob. Repeat process.

It gets pretty boring after a few minutes of playing.

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78 Super Bomb Survival

There's nothing wrong with this game. But what's annoying in this game, is people who try to kill you with Self-Destruct, etc.

I liked this game before, but now I just can't enjoy it anymore, because Tyler is a sellout.

I don't see what's wrong with this game...

Fun game, but the things you buy with Robux is seriously over-priced. - ValanticJack

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79 Roblox Dodgeball

A not so bad game, but seriously, why Super Smash Bros 4?

Sucks so badly, all this talks about is Smash Bros 4, the worst Smash Bros game ever. And people play unfair and impossible to get the acheivements. This is why I hate this game, everyone hates this game!

The camera SUCKS

I know you were talking about Sm4sh x Roblox Dodgeball, but:
- (my opinion) Sm4sh is a very good game. One of the best selling games on Wii U.
- (agreed) It's like very hard to kill a person

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80 Kingdom Life II (Remake)

Was RPing as one of my OCs and she is a PART BIRD who was sent back in time from magic and has to find her way back, but people still call her an "angle". And people only speak to her to comment on the wings, which is just dumb. Care about the character, not just her wings. Stupid 6 year olds. Then the demon Mary Sues hunted her down and so she had to live life like a maximum ride character, constantly hunted down for having wings. (Which isn't what my personal rp was about. It was about being lost in time.) - Lunala

Role play games can be boring but you can make friends, have adventures, and even just chat ir make because. You have to be into them to play them but I agree its kind of boring.

Best game.

Wanna deal with godmodders? wanna be hated? wanna see demons?... then this game is for you

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