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81 Sleepy Studios's Game on the Front Page

It looks good at first because of the thumbnail but then you realize it's a fidget spinner tycoon or something.

Bait and switch games are the worst! - TeamRocket747

You know, I can't even say a damn title because IT CHANGES EVERYDAY! ALL IT IS IS CLICKBAIT! Today it was called War Tycoon, yesterday it was Adopt A Puppy! but, it's the same damn tycoon about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! IT NEVER CHANGES! - Yaboistingy

Cart Ride 99999999 miles down a Dantdm Fidget Spinner John Doe Toilet obby and Escape the killer clown! - Lunala

82 Galaxy Arcade

How did it get on this list? I think Galaxy and its Arcade counterpart are some of the greatest ROBLOX ideas to be made as of now.

Galaxy is a wonderful game that includes the fierce fighting of spaceships, this is both fun and rewarding and it introduced a new idea that roblox normally doesn't include. If your stuff dies in galaxy, it's dead for good. However, since too many two year olds get rekt by anyone with half a brain cell a version REVERSING the loss of ships, gives INFINITE MONEY and makes the strongest spaceships GAMEPASSES. Way to grind the noobs for visits and robux, Rcouret. - iiSerpentKing

83 Zombie Rush

Zombie rush is one of my favorite games and a great time passer and Entertaining to most. Please, don't hate games because YOU think it's dumb.

It is the worst game I played in roblox. The game is just about shooting zombies, gaining levels, getting new weapons and just doing it all over again. - Greninja

This game could have been awesome but there are some serious flaws.

#1 Player Zombies. These guys are toxic. Whoever added this feature is an idiot. It does nothing but encourage malicious people to ruin everybody else's experience. Death to the player zombie feature.

#2 Half of the maps are a pain to play. I'm not great with keyboard and mouse (trackpad in my case) controls so hilly maps are a real nuisance to me. Unfortunately, quite a number of maps are hilly or have a bunch of obstacles that I get stuck on. This leads to me switching servers until I finally get a good map. I've had times where, even after several server switches, I still got stuck with my hated maps of Forest, Cave, Farm, Corrosion, etc until I took it as a sign to play something else. The only good maps are Morpheus, Depot, and Facility since it's easy to run around in those.

#3 Zombies get unfair hits. If I had a dollar for every time a zombie spawned right on top of me or behind me and got ...more

84 Project: Pokemon

Yet another Pokemon brick bronze ripoff and mew Can learn flamethrower what - BraixenBreak

Contrary to popular belief, this actually isn't a Pokemon Brick Bronze ripoff, infact this game got released way before PBB. My opinion on this game? Not bad, could be better

Braixen Pokemon Brick Bronze was not out when project pokemon was made and also Mew can learn any move

Braixen, PBB came after PP. I'm pretty sure you would've already knew that and you're probably just biased to PBB. Also, PP isn't based on or copying PBB. Both games are based on Pokemon, just like most games on front page are. If you're really going to say anything associated with pokemon on roblox is copying PBB and is a PBB rip-off, that's just stupid. When PBB copied PP with auras, nobody from PP complained about it, but when PP decided to add a randomizer mode, everyone said it copied PBB even though PBB didn't make randomizer. :D - npcds1

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85 Boxing Simulator 2

Where the hell did whoever created this get this idea? And why the hell would you introduce it into Roblox? Now it's literally everywhere. - ValanticJack

Awww... a beautiful game... with you trying to work hard to be strong, then some trolling Oders come and ruin your business... I only like Rumble Mode. - TeamRocket747

86 The Mad Murderer

Loleris just wants money. He hates his fans. He's a jerk. He tries to hard to be funny. he copies everyone's game ideas. Need I say more?

This game was so hated that it got posted twice. - thenerdkid351

This is already on here...

This is on here already

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87 Cake Maker

Totally again people that go in and make your self a cake and go in I agree that the part I really hate also I'm confused how do you make a cake in the I pad

Very great classic game!

I'm not a noob people love me but I like going into the noob ITS FUN

All you do is make a cake and feed it to a giant noob. Repeat process.

It gets pretty boring after a few minutes of playing.

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88 Super Bomb Survival

There's nothing wrong with this game. But what's annoying in this game, is people who try to kill you with Self-Destruct, etc.

I liked this game before, but now I just can't enjoy it anymore, because Tyler is a sellout.

I don't see what's wrong with this game...

Fun game, but the things you buy with Robux is seriously over-priced. - ValanticJack

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89 Roblox Dodgeball

A not so bad game, but seriously, why Super Smash Bros 4?

Sucks so badly, all this talks about is Smash Bros 4, the worst Smash Bros game ever. And people play unfair and impossible to get the acheivements. This is why I hate this game, everyone hates this game!

The camera SUCKS

I know you were talking about Sm4sh x Roblox Dodgeball, but:
- (my opinion) Sm4sh is a very good game. One of the best selling games on Wii U.
- (agreed) It's like very hard to kill a person

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90 Kingdom Life II (Remake)

Was RPing as one of my OCs and she is a PART BIRD who was sent back in time from magic and has to find her way back, but people still call her an "angle". And people only speak to her to comment on the wings, which is just dumb. Care about the character, not just her wings. Stupid 6 year olds. Then the demon Mary Sues hunted her down and so she had to live life like a maximum ride character, constantly hunted down for having wings. (Which isn't what my personal rp was about. It was about being lost in time.) - Lunala

Role play games can be boring but you can make friends, have adventures, and even just chat ir make because. You have to be into them to play them but I agree its kind of boring.

Best game.

Wanna deal with godmodders? wanna be hated? wanna see demons?... then this game is for you

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91 Lumber Tycoon 2

Yeah. Big trees. - TeamRocket747

The game shouldve been fun, but the physics glitches the long ammounts of time it takes to haul wood, as well as the fact that the game doesn't give you any tools to help automate the process makes it a tedious grindy game that you can only find fun if you like all your precious wood glitch off the map.

92 Skywars
93 Whatever Floats Your Boat

When I did the Space Challenge event, someone kept spawnkilling me instead of trying to get to 5000. - Drewman1211

94 Pacifico

ODERS have ruined this game

95 Blamo

The game tries to act unique like a indie game on a website build for 8 year old kids who want to date.


96 Unfair Forts

It's so dumb when clans make their weapons so OP (Overpowered). And claim false auto-wins. - EmperorCales

97 Darkened Dawn

It's actually a very well put together roleplay. The only thing that I see wrong is personal; No one ever wants to roleplay with me. - MattytheMedic

I like it though but I'm confused sometimes the how do you get there when you finished the levels

Who ever said this was a bad game sucks! I love this game.

Good game as long as you find the good roleplayers. I don't mind the edgy people or emo characters as long as they aren't Mary Sues, are nice and can actually roleplay without having gigantic egos. - Lunala

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98 Mortus RPG

I hate the creator

99 Teamwork Obby 4

Teamwork, yeah team work means pushing people off and calling them hackers
Really? The creator must know that teamwork is extinct by now

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100 Twisted Racing

As well as taymaster being one of the best creators, I guess this is the worse's game his has ever created Sorry taymaster :(

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