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81 Grand Blox Auto

I love it how ODer's can act like adults in this game -____-

NOTHING like the actual Grand Theft Auto, first off, you can't steal cars, you don't even have guns, and you can't fight people. All you have is a stupid knife. - GamingGoku757

82 Skywars
83 Whatever Floats Your Boat

When I did the Space Challenge event, someone kept spawnkilling me instead of trying to get to 5000. - Drewman1211

84 Pacifico

ODERS have ruined this game

85 Sleepy Studios's Game on the Front Page

It looks good at first because of the thumbnail but then you realize it's a fidget spinner tycoon or something.

Bait and switch games are the worst! - TeamRocket747

You know, I can't even say a damn title because IT CHANGES EVERYDAY! ALL IT IS IS CLICKBAIT! Today it was called War Tycoon, yesterday it was Adopt A Puppy! but, it's the same damn tycoon about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! IT NEVER CHANGES! - Yaboistingy

Cart Ride 99999999 miles down a Dantdm Fidget Spinner John Doe Toilet obby and Escape the killer clown! - Lunala

86 Robloxian Waterpark
87 Frappé

I hate this game and other business groups combined. They also ban you if your avatar is wearing no clothes and expect you to behave by business standards. This has to be higher on list. - Call

Thus game is the reason I hate games ran by clubs. The admins of the game ban you for the littlest things. Standing on a table, banned. Ordering something not on the menu, banned. Hell, even designing your character to make it look like you have no clothes, banned. - izackak

it sucks

88 Zombie Rush

Zombie rush is one of my favorite games and a great time passer and Entertaining to most. Please, don't hate games because YOU think it's dumb.

It is the worst game I played in roblox. The game is just about shooting zombies, gaining levels, getting new weapons and just doing it all over again. - Greninja

89 Unfair Forts

It's so dumb when clans make their weapons so OP (Overpowered). And claim false auto-wins. - EmperorCales

90 Darkened Dawn

It's actually a very well put together roleplay. The only thing that I see wrong is personal; No one ever wants to roleplay with me. - MattytheMedic

I like it though but I'm confused sometimes the how do you get there when you finished the levels

Who ever said this was a bad game sucks! I love this game.

Good game as long as you find the good roleplayers. I don't mind the edgy people or emo characters as long as they aren't Mary Sues, are nice and can actually roleplay without having gigantic egos. - Lunala

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91 Mortus RPG V 1 Comment
92 Teamwork Obby 4

Teamwork, yeah team work means pushing people off and calling them hackers
Really? The creator must know that teamwork is extinct by now

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93 Twisted Racing

As well as taymaster being one of the best creators, I guess this is the worse's game his has ever created Sorry taymaster :(

94 The SpongeBob Movie Adventure Obby

I have a good fast computer but it was loading on loading on loading

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95 Army Base
96 House Party Fun House!

This sucks it's just a playhouse form roblox studio toolbox and just NPCS with dialog talk

97 Doge the Doge

The name sounds weird! All you do is.. Dodge doge heads that come rolling down the hill. If they touch you.. You die! :/

Doge the dog never played it but it sound really boring

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98 21

What? Is it some edgy fake hacker game or some game full of hyperactive teen fangirls obsessing over a certain band? - Lunala

That's the worst name for a game?! 21 BORNING

This is a game? what

99 Create a Noob Army

Nowadays it got really boring and glitchy

This game is a classic who added this here?

100 Cart Ride Into Mario

Oh my god, you spawn a cart, for YOURSELF! Then, 6 people wrestle for the cart, and you get shoved off the stage at 450 mph. - Tacocheese

Cart riding games are BORING as heck and only bacon hairs play it. - MinecraftHater

I actually agree with you! nice opinion dude!

Bad the graphix r bed

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