The Angry Outlaw Episode #6 Apple Bandai Pippin

htoutlaws2012 Remember back when I said there were a bunch of 5th generation consoles and I said there were bad consoles well this ladies & gentleman is no exception As I dive into how Apple decided to go into the console business with the pippin.

The Idea: After apple was so big with their Machintosh computers & later the Iphones,Itunes etc. In 1996 they decided to go and do a console and how to do that they wanted to base their games on the software of the product itself does that mean it's high quality? Well with an inexpensive price nothing can go wrong right well let's just take a look at it. This definitely runs like a modern PC hard to believe I know, and in U.S had approximately 25 games on the system.

Vault: Majority of the Pippin's game library is highly forgettable most of them don't stick out as big as other bad consoles that had their share of good and very horrid games so with that said let's start that is quite forgettable and that's L-zone. L-zone is one of those really boring games where all you do is hear random noises as you walk around (I guess) and just click on whatever sound it makes seriously that seems to be the whole game Yawn! Next we have Gadget: Invention,Travel & Adventure or abbreviated as G.I.T.A which seems better to say the game does have it's own story where your this guy working for the ''Agency'' and you go and investigate what happened at the hotel to get there your taking numerous transportation to get there and they have some voice overs but it sounds like crap it's okay at best. Hey anime fans do you want a game where you can draw your favorite dbz characters then you'll love this it's Anime Designer Dragon Ball Z, if you've played color a Dinosuar then that's all this game really is you draw have fun without the fighting. Then there's Gundam Tactics: Mobility Fleet which is probably the worst game on this system the only positive of this game is it's cutscenes but after that you find out quickly how badly this game truly is. After picking your fleet you fight the other ship until a single mobile suit comes at you and for some reason he does more damage then you which is even more messed up as if you can tell how broken this game is ugh Next Game. Terror T.R.A.X quite a dark game as you are greeted by this face who looks like a less intimidating SHODAN who just pops up rapidly throughout the story after you beat the game were shown to this face as it says ''A draw is no longer required'' as if saying were not making a game like this ever again. Marathon A game made by the creators of Bungie who were later go on and do Halo. The marathon series are by far the best games on the system yes it's a doom clone but it's done right. Finally we have the Gus games this I guess would be apple's somewhat mascot for the time. The games are point and click kids games and it was acceptable for them to target kids with games like this now let me tell you something which mascot could you stand more Gus or Bubsy?

What Happened: Who in the right mind thought that putting pippin at the end would be genius it just seems stupid well it used to be the worst name now that goes to the xboxone for it's uninspired originality i'll get to that another time. Oh did I say Inexpensive well the lie detector determined that was I lie it was expensive and it is $600 dollars wow do I feel ripped off. It seems after one year Apple decided to self destruct the Pippin entirely and for good reason it was I believe the second least sold system of all time next to the Gizmondo which came later.

Next we'll look at a game so bad it's good you can't help but play it.


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