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21 Sega Saturn

The Saturn had a TERRIBLE marketing campaign. The biggest mistake Sega did was making the console extremely difficult to program for, especially 3D games. This means that nobody was able to push the hardware to it's limits. The hardware is more powerful than the PlayStation's, but it rendered in quads instead of triangles, forcing 3D designers to change every model for the Saturn to render.

It's game library was very lacking, with not many games that people remember. (Although there are exceptions, like NiGHTS Into Dreams, House of the Dead, Radiant Silvergun, among a few others)

It did quite well in Japan, but the western regions bought PlayStations and N64s instead. Perhaps if the marketing was much better and the development of games were easier, it could have saved it, and the Dreamcast.

I first played the Sega Saturn at an exhibition (in 2012) I played nights into dreams, it wasn't the best game but at least it's playable. The controller wasn't the original one OH NO it was a hulk sized 3d controller. That is the biggest controller I've ever seen. They're even bigger than the duke Xbox controller

The problems were no Sonic games, odd commercials, and it was found to be too difficult to develop for.

Success in Japan. Failure in North America and Europe.

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22 Sega Neptune

32X was suppose to be the Sega Neptune. But, it would have a different look. But, it would be a great idea. But, if it was used we would have the Dreamcast around 2003. Or if the sega neptune was published we wouldn't even have a dreamcast.

It wasn't released people - RandomGuy456

Sega mars, sega Pluto, sega Jupiter, sega mercury, sega Venus, sega Uranus, those would've been the the names of all sega's consoles if they were still 1st party developers - Sanicball

It didn't exist stupid - BlueSheepYT

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23 Atari 2600

Wow. This is on here because it has E.T. on it? This was the longest living game console EVER. And there are WAY worse games than E.T.

How did the system make it on the list even though it was largely successful?

Hey there were lots of good games here you know, like pacman space invaders and pitfall. Why on earth is this here

Get this of the list. Now

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24 LJN Video Art

Even the Wii-U (worst Wii knockoff EVER), Intec Interact and Wireless 60 are phenomenal video game systems compared to this Microsoft Paint ripoff brought to you by Laughing Joking Numbnuts (insert infamous rainbow of doom here).

Jesus, it's horrible! Don't wish your worst enemy's to play this.

Even the one AVGN Adventures level made by and named after LJN is a LOT more playable than this coloring book wannabe which doesn't even feature a fill option a la Paint Shop Pro. Do these Laughing Joking Numbnuts who never stop ruining everything to do with video games ever learn!

Even the commercial for this joke console was made by a bunch of Laughing Joking Numbnuts who have never heard of truth in advertising. Apparently it isn't absurd enough that said Laughing Joking Numbnuts are so infamous for ruining countless video games: Terminator 2, ET, Action 52, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Bill & Ted, Back To The Future, Superman 64, Beetlejuice, Friday The 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, Little Red Hood, Kid Kool, Karate Kid, Roger Rabbit, Dick Tracy, Sonic 06, Sonic R, Sonic Labyrinth, Sonic Boom Rise Of Lyric, Aquaman Battle For Atlantis, T&C Surf Designs, Gotcha The Sport, Lester The Unlikely, Jaws, MK Mythologies, Awesome Possum, Shaq-Fu, the Unholy Triforce, Hotel Mario, Ballz 3D, Bubsy 3D, Rascal, Dark Castle, Captain Novolin, Radical Rex, Spirit Of Speed 1937... the list goes on and on!

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25 Nintendo 2DS

The 3ds was awesome, but this sucks!

I love this console! People don't like it because it doesn't have the flap. So, who cares. It might actually be better that way. When I got a DS lite, I loved it! Until we were babysitting a family. Two of the boys in the family wanted to play on it.(My brother had one too.) So we gave our DS's to them. The 3 year old boy took good care of it. But the 6 year old boy broke the flap. It was my brothers. So he didn't play with it anymore. So the Wii u should be higher than this!

So this is the remake of the DS but can play 3DS games. If anyone mistakenly drops it, just goes smash because of its poor open design

I don't use the 3D, so I don't hate this one. - BlueSheepYT

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26 Game com

Has horrible games and ports from famous franchise or movies and why would anybody want to buy a black and white handheld console that is made in 1997?! And it has an internet (text only) I can't believe it imagine using this to text people and you can't leave your house because you need a wire for the internet why not just use a computer!?

It's a crappy a handheld made by Tiger Electronic and the games are on Mini Cartridges and most game are popular franchise ports and why would anybody want to play a black and white handheld?! Its released in the 1997?! It's the time where GBC is alive?!

It's pronounced game com, not game dot com.

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27 Chintendo Vii

Maybe this was intended to mock Nintendo Wii

A parody of wii which everybody hates

What is with the name. It just says Wii'S lesser twin. Insult to games. Why do people knock-off good consoles and make farces out of them. Ugh. This thing should die

Probably from Nintendo's self-parody division...

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28 Xbox

This was just awful how is it so far down the list? It was just a massive brick the controller was a massive brick. The only really good games were Halo and Jet set radio future. Bad lack of games. I really like the 360 I suppose this console was bad most likely because it was Microsofts first attempt.

The original Xbox is ok, the Xbox 360 is ok but it has a bad fanbase and the casual games are horrible, - Harri666

How is this on here- THE XBOX FANBOY

I enjoyed my Xbox 360 but before that I owned a ps2 and a n64 which were far superior to the original Xbox you literally only got the first Xbox for halo...one game wooo... Now I could go on and on about all the games you could play that were amazing for n64 and ps2 but the consoles high praise speak for themselves. Plus compare the Xbox to the ps2 and the Xbox looks stupid and outdated.

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29 R-Zone

The R-Zone the most worst video game console I ever see I mean look at it where does this monstrosity come from? I mean the games are so primitive if you watch the commercial the kid is screaming in agony. I love how the magazine how the kids react to it "oh, he's horrified" and you know why there's the R-Zone? Because they do it because Nintendo did it and it's way beyond garbage than the VB!

This crazy farce is no better than Virtual Boy.

They did it because Nintendo did it and it's a torturing device plus causes seizures so you have to play it like for 2 minutes. It has horrible games and it's a perfect way to explain to your son that you are adopted

The virtual boy probably sucks, and so does this, but LJN video art is worse than any console.

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30 Phantom

this system was so god awful that was not even released that is why it should belong on this list - florida000

31 Action Max

The games are more interactive games than gaming - coffeeberzerk

32 Nokia N-Gage

No one will live this down. It appears twice because of its complete flaw of existence

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33 PolyStation

A stupid ripoff. I wouldn't say anything, except for the fact that this spawned TWO sequels. And rumor has lt that there is now a third. That makes this a legacy console. These guys & Wireless managed to become the only bad legacy companies ever. That's quite a feat. And as you can expect, the sequels are worse.

Daft name is the first thing. Play station good, polystyrene awful. They gave away that it is a copy just like chintendo vii and ye Nintendo wii

This is stupid! It comes with a cartridge instead of a dvd! Super Mario Bros., Mario is replaced by Pikachu! What are they thinking!

It has the branding and box of the N64, the console design of the PS1, Namco games, and a SNES cartridge design.

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34 Nuon

It was a console that used cd technology and was made by all these random companies

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35 Apple Pippin V 1 Comment
36 V-Smile

I used to play it when I was 5 and I have some good old memories. This is a good console for very young kids

What games are educationAl. It Brought a few on to many faces. If it has to be educational, name it so we can be warned.

A whole series of joke consoles aimed at children ages 3-7

Oh shut up. this is for kids, so shut up and be mature

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37 Wireless 60

A joke console with 60 lousy games

Knock-off of the Wii. Deserves to be in the top 10. - imacg4

Lmfao this isn't even a legit console

See the Wireless Air 60 section to see my accidental review on this console. Hint: lt's not good.

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38 Pioneer LaserActive

Has expensive price, need bundles of expensive add on to play on this, the games you play is like watching a movie and lastly horrible games that come to this garbage

It costs $2,500. Really. Just that much for a system that has no games to play on it.

It plays laser disc games making it the first gaming console using laser disc but the game are primitive its like Sega CD games and you need bundle of add on

Almost as bad as the CD-I & 3DO, the LazerActive is an overpriced piece of junk centered on bad, obsolete technology. It also requires you to purchase expensive add-ons to work. Despite lt being one of the three worst consoles of the 1990's, the 3 P's (Philips, Panasonic, Pioneer), there's not much to say about lt. An idea that doesn't work.

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39 Atari Lynx

Who put this on here? This thing was awesome, you could play Gauntlet on this thing, gauntlet, in your pocket! I'd buy it again just to have that ability.

Not only was it huge, but also batteries drained and ran for $190.

40 Watara Supervision
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