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101 Playdia

Didn't you learn from your mistake with the Pippin? Don't make consoles.

By Bandai. The startup screen is as loud as a bomb.

102 Nintendo DS Lite

This piece of hardware is awesome. To see the differences between the DS and the DS Lite, see my comment on the DSi part.

Graphic is not important the game play is important

IT has a bad graphics system. So what?

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103 Vectrex

There's nothing much about this but it has some flaws

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104 Amstrad GX4000

A failure. I've seen worse, but this should be above the Vectrex & ColecoVision.

105 LaserActive
106 Panasonic M2
107 Atari Jaguar Duo
108 Atari Panther

Cancelled in favor of the JAGUAR

This system was cancelled why is it here?

109 Konix Multisystem
110 Indrema L600
111 Red Jade
112 AT&T 3DO
113 Atari 2000

This wasn't real. You're just saying the Atari 2600 is bad. This was its prototype.

114 Wonder Wizard

All I can say about it is, It looks like a slab of wood with game dials slapped on it, Even worse, IT has a broken pong game. :(

It looks like a slab of wood with game dials thrown on it. It was literally built from the Magnavox Odessy, using the same circut board and part of the plastic casing. It also uses the same video connector. After you have trouble hooking up the system up, you're lucky if the picture comes in clear. Channel 3, channel 4, what the heck. You have no choice but to use a box. Even worse, it has to be a special box. It takes this crap. The left paddle won't stop flickering and the right paddle dosen't even exist. Where is it? This is a broken pong consoles.

115 Studio II
116 Fairchild Channel F
117 Bally Astrocade
118 VC 4000
119 Magnavox Odyssey 2
120 Cassette Vision
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