Top 10 Worst Gaming Mechanics of Gen 1 Pokemon Games (RBY)

Gen 1 was great, no doubt. It's not perfect, it had its major flaws, ESPECIALLY with the gaming mechanics. They can either be fun to exploit or be very frustrating for you to deal with if you play these games.

DISCLAIMER: I don't hate Gen 1. I love Gen 1. We should be allowed to look back at the flaws of the games that started it all and see how the games after it has improved the franchise.

The Top Ten

1 Critical hit ratio was based on speed, not chance

This is a really cool, technical list!

2 Not being able to move while moves like wrap, bind, and fire spin were in effect.
3 Toxic and leech seed were able to stack
4 If a Pokemon faints from hyper beam, the Pokemon that used hyper beam will not need to recharge

Wow, that is dumb.

5 Every move except for swift had a 1/256 chance of missing
6 If you get a critical hit on a multi hitting move, all of the hits will become critical hits
7 Bad Poison will turn into normal poison if you switch out
8 The only way to get rid of the Frozen status is to use a fire type move or haze
9 You can regain your speed and attack that was decreased by paralysis and burn by using agility and swords dance and will double once your speed/attack is back to normal
10 If you use too many stat boosts, your stats will roll to a ridiculously low number (essentially making your stats decrease instead of increase)

The Contenders

11 Roar and Whirlwind did absolutely nothing
12 Pokeballs are able to miss
13 Takes one whole turn to wake up from the Sleep status
14 The move Disable disabled a random move instead of the move the opponent just used
15 Struggle was classified as a normal type move
16 Mimic copied a random move instead of the move the opponent just used and can duplicate moves you already know
17 If you used Substitute while having exactly 25% HP, your Pokemon will faint
18 If your Pokemon is missing exactly 255 or 511 below its max health, Recover will fail
19 If you are fully paralyzed in the air/ground while using fly/dig, you will stuck up there unless you use the same move or switch out
20 Substitute didn't protect you from status inflections and hyper beam being used on it will not allow the opponent to recharge
21 Focus Energy did the opposite of what it was supposed to do
22 Once Rage is used, it can't stop being used
23 Physical/Special split
24 Special Attack and Special Defense are the Same Stat
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