Top 10 Worst Gaming Moments/Things of the 1990s

The 1990 decade for gaming was a golden age featuring the great console wars between Nintendo and Sega, the birth of the Sony PlayStation, Mario entering the 3rd dimension among many others however the 1990's also featured plenty of not so great moments for video games.

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1 Nintendo Breaks Their Deal with Sony in Favor of Philips

The biggest mistake Nintendo ever made leaving Sony high and dry to work with Philips to design the Philips CDI system humiliating Sony in the process but Sony got the last laugh as they would go on to creates the Sony PlayStation and completely dominate over Nintendo in the years to come while Nintendo's partnership with Philips proved to be a disaster. - egnomac

Well, at least this is how PlayStation was formed. - Drawbox

Philips really should have cancelled the CD-i and have made it into the SNES-CD instead.

2 Virtual Boy

Nintendo's attempt at virtual reality which was a total bust as the thing was difficult to play and came with numerous health warnings its only had 22 games in total and didn't even last a full year. - egnomac

3 Sega Botches The Saturn's Launch in North America

Possibly the dumbest decision by Sega they're decision to launch the Sega Saturn early in America horribly backfired, Sega president of Japan Nakayama worried with the Sony PlayStation beginning to outsell the Saturn in Japan told the Sega president of America Tom Kalinski to launch the system in May four months before its original release as Kalinski advised against this saying that having a surprise launch would jeopardize the systems success but Nakayama still insisted on the Saturn's early launch, and as expected after the announcement of the Saturn's early launch it started a domino effect that ultimately would be the beginning of the end for Sega in the console business as the surprise launch angered many people including smaller retailers who were not prepared for the early launch that they refused to sell the system not to mention it threw developing schedules off and the promise of 20 launch titles were cut down to only 6. - egnomac

4 Superman 64
5 Sega 32X

Sega tries everything to expand the lifespan of the Sega Genesis including making several add-on's like the Sega CD and the Sega 2X but it all proved futile as the 32X add became completely pointless especially since Sega already had a 32 bit console in the works the Sega Saturn. - egnomac

6 Bubsy Goes 3D

During the mid 90's a lot of game series were making that transition from 2D to 3D with Super Mario 64 being the first major game in a series to make that jump from 2D to 3D while many were successful others were not with Buby being the worst of them and even though it was early 3D technology there's still no excuse for it as Super Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot came out before Bubsy 3D. - egnomac

7 Nintendo Continues to Stick with Cartridges

This really hurt Nintendo in the long run as cartridges were more expensive to produce and could only hold a limited amount of data, it wouldn't be until the release of the Gamecube that they finally switched to CD's. - egnomac

They could at least have made a CD-ROM add-on for the Nintendo 64 with the help of Philips, right?

8 The Zelda CDi Games

Literally the worst Zelda games ever made a black mark on an otherwise near perfect franchise. - egnomac

9 Nintendo Censors Mortal Kombat for the SNES

Sadly for Super NES owners Nintendo's port of the hit arcade game Mortal Kombat was neutered removing all the blood and replacing it with sweat and changing up the characters fatality's while Genesis players got to play the same game with all the blood intact via a code/ - egnomac

10 The Mario Party 1 Controversy

Obviously Nintendo when creating Mario Party 1 never took into account just how painful it would be for gamer's to repeatedly rotate the control stick for some of the mini-games they did end up issuing gloves to players but the damage had already been done, thankfully Nintendo learned their lesson and for the sequel Mario Party 2 removed the rotating control stick mechanic all together. - egnomac

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1. Nintendo Breaks Their Deal with Sony in Favor of Philips
2. Sega Botches The Saturn's Launch in North America
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