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1 Club Penguin

I used to be a devoted player, begging my parents for the membership and spending nearly everything on clothes and furniture, etc. I was a rich, popular kid, (in club penguin) who was bratty enough to make another player cry, and only hung out with players like me. After a few years of this, I got sick of it and left, realizing I had so much more things to do than just chatting. I then left, leaving my penguin and puffles to perish.

After a few years, I decided to come back and see what had happened over the years. When I tried to log on to my old account, I found out it had been deleted for not checking or playing on it for 4 years, so I was forced to create a new one. I initially was impressed with what they had done (they renovated all the buildings and the map), but I was soon met with disappointment. EVERYONE was a member, and all were trashy players that were rude to anyone who didn't have a membership. I soon found myself getting picked on and was told I should be ...more

People on there think they're SO cool! Most of these kids are spoiled brats and have 0% street smarts. Whenever I make a good point in an argument, they make the sad emote and say something like "she's mean everyone report her! " And after Disney bought it it's filled with advertisements. Every month or so they make a new theme. The last themes I remember were The Avengers, Monsters University, and Teen Beach Movie. And the membership is like $60!

Why does Disney treat this site like it's their lord and savior? Seriously, multiple sites were closed in favor of Club Penguin.

It's one of those sites where you need membership to do anything. And the membership isn't even worth it. The game just wants money.

It's also used for advertising movies that ARE ALREADY POPULAR AND DON'T NEED TO BE ADVERTISED.

The community is full of 7-year old brats who play as "pookies" and "mumus" and strut around like they own the site. And guess what? Disney actually SUPPORTS pookies.

Animal jam is better club
Penguin is stupid and and an animaljam is the best my opinion.

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2 IGN IGN IGN is a San Francisco–based games and entertainment media company operated by IGN Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of j2 Global and wholly owned by Ziff Davis.

I used to always turn to IGN to see a review before committing to buy a game. Here is my problem with IGN though. It turns out that these people are horrible at reviewing games. For example, Sonic and Kirby games typically get no love from them no matter how good they are. They just gave Kirby triple deluxe a 6 because it was too easy. As a kirby fan, I can say that simplicity is one of the things that makes Kirby so great. The only kirby review that scored well was Epic Yarn. After seeing it get a 9 I bought it and regretted it very much. But if they are reviewing Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Halo 4, Zelda, or Mario, those games are automatically praised by them. I love Zelda games so when I saw Skyward Sword get a 10, I once again trusted their review and bought the game. They were high on drugs to give that game a 10. It was a great game, but nowhere near perfect. I know I'm ranting, but if you are looking for god reviews, just go on YouTube and stay away from ign because they ...more

Recently I've noticed a lot of really boring reviews, a lot of them just click-bait.

I've also stopped taking notice of their 8/10 reviews, because it's practically everything they review, despite multiple titles ending up doing absolutely no favours for their creators.

How is it a criticism for a game to be text-based and not have voice acting?

They're Vendetta Against Sonic And My Little Pony Has Gone Way Too Far
It's Fine If You Don't Like Both, But Don't Go To Extreme With The Hate - JPK

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3 Moviestarplanet

! The site is LITERALLY Club Penguin for depressed teens! They think they're cool because they do the weird motion on someone because like, sitting on a stranger is TOTALLY intercourse. They're all STUPID BULLIES and the purchases on the game are all so OVERPRICED! They took away half of the games that were fun and it's impossible to make the ACTUAL "FILM". Why my brother plays this, I don't KNOW! So I checked this junk out when I saw it on my brother after I deleted it a few years back.
It's more retarded then ever


One of the most strictest websites ever they block out 99% of the words on there on the US msp you can't spell a word wrong or type numbers, it's a very boring website with crusty people on there watch out... - xashex

More like CringePlanet/CringeStarPlanet.
...Yeah, that's a great nickname. Like if you agree 👍

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4 Runescape

I wanna say I have actually played this for along time with my big brother and he is 25 years old now and he played since he was 14-15 years old but has stopped playing it not that much. but either way I think it's a great game because I love the world but other players exept some are just really mean though.

5 Wizard101

The reason this is so awful is because you have to pay multiple times to get the full game. They aren't even small extras for.99 or something like that! They are things that should already be in the game. It isn't even very fun.

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6 Zoomingames
7 Fantage

I've played Fantage since 2009. (I quit around 2012 due to the fact that I got banned indefinitely-- the admins did not help me at all, and I was beyond mad.)

Moving past my salt with the game banning me for no reason (i literally did not break any rules) the game is based on members and levels. (I don't know if its still based on levels.)

If you weren't a member, you weren't cool enough for people to talk to. The members would look down at non members and put them down constantly and ignore them and don't even try adding them, ahah. No they'd all, but spit in your face.

Not only that a lot of sexual things went on in the game. There used to be a thing called PD which was short for 'prom dates' which was pretty much a boyfriend/girlfriend kind of thing.

I remember once I went to once of these 'contests' and the guy who was hosting this thing kept asking the girls if they wanted to have sex, and to wear their most revealing clothes etc..

Then when my ...more

With Fantage's claim of being a safe virtual website for kids, it's just a joke. Nowadays, there aren't any kids on Fantage anymore - just popularity starved teenaged weebs. Most of these "kids" swear and spam the chatrooms with random crap, expects themselves to be in a relationship over the internet, pretend to have sex, and despite all of this, Fantage doesn't do a thing but add crappy pixelated items and desperate events for money. The power hungry teens are the absolute WORST - they swear, sell Fantage's items for real money, and pretend they're something amazing, talented, perfect and cool when in reality they're not. One of the most popular players of Fantage called my friend a pedophile and told everyone to avoid her, all because my friend tried to reveal some truths about her bad side. All in all. Fantage's staff don't do anything, and most of the players are absolutely immature preteens who have no sense of grammar and spelling skills.

A website like club penguin but still a little unfair the members get the better stuff and you know what the nons get? UGLY ASS STUFF THAT NO ONE WANTS! Members get to buy limited items, get more stars and level up more, get tons more metals, gets mostly all the rare items, buy houses, and get to hatch more pets and why would you want to buy a membership? That's just wasting time and money - xashex

You're Stu Fantage Is Amazing Who Put It On This List You Will Die - Korny

Most of the girls on it are rabid Dork Diaries fans, it's annoying. - mayamanga

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Yes a very bad game. My ex-girlfriend established a relationship with a married man from Iraq and I caught her having cyber sex with this guy and she cried when I caught her because I wanted her stop playing. She actually thought was in love with this guy and needless to say the cyber relationship she established with this guy went nowhere and caused our relationship to sour and eventually was major cause of our breakup. It's basically a social game where you play dress up and try to act cool and as another person said it's a place where kids act like adults and adults act like kids and people they are not. The dressing up tends to go to people heads and they regularly lie about their actual age. Definitely do not let your significant other play this game unless you're a swinger to begin with or in an open relationship and by all means do not allow your kids under 18 play this game.

Only for pimped out cheap bullies. People get dramatic for no reason and claim that they're so damn mature when they bully others because they don't have 1,000,000,000 in their credits. Almost every link that this game gives you for when you want to buy credits links you to the website when it doesn't need to do that!

This is so inappropriate for kids, they make it seem fun and kiddy like moviestarplanet in the commercials, but it's impossible to earn credits and it's very disgusting, people might learn things they don't want to or aren't meant to know.. Also, it's very laggy and all you can do is go to chats, the chats are full of idiots doing disgusting stuff and it's just so bad! I don't recommend you playing it, it's a waste of space on your computer because you could download something much better! I quit about 8 months ago because it got so boring and annoying..

Lol I seen this then all of a sudden an IMVU ad pops up but for real it's a bad game

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9 Ourworld

The game itself is AMAZING, but the people SUCK!

This site sucks. All it does is teach us stinginess and that pixel coins can get you anything you want. It ruined my relation with my cousins at one point. -1/10

If the people weren't so bad, I'd still be on here, but the people are so nasty that I just quit...
... Plus, some of the Residents are so mean! They make fun of new players and if you're a higher level and help the newbies, the Residents make fun of you. There are also very innapropriate events, such as bar parties (were people get very drunk) and parties were they have virtual... I'm not gonna say. There are also tons of pervs and pedos... Avoid this website at all costs.

Well, there are many reasons why this game is bad. It had so much potential, but it all turned into nothing.
1. You just do the same things over and over again. All you do on there is buy clothes, walk around, play arcade games, and level up. There are rarely any updates, with the exception of new clothes to buy. It is extremely rare for a new island to be added, so you basically just go to the same places over and over again.

2. A ton of the people on there are very mean. During my 8 years of playing Ourworld, I've noticed that the Residents (The people with memberships) would bully newbies and people without many things. They also bypass the filter and say god-awful things, but it seems that no one cares. Still, there are some very nice people on there though.

3. Fighting happens daily on there. People fight over the dumbest of things, such as "GIFT ME OR I'LL END YOU! " or "NO! HE'S MY boyfriend! ". Again, higher level people and residents fight ...more

10 Poptropica

I don't think Poptropica is that bad. Sure, it's educational and some people consider that boring, but it's so much fun that you don't know that you're learning stuff! It's not exactly a social network, since you can't talk to people... But it's still super fun!

It's fun at first, but it gets boring after a while. They haven't released a new island in 2 years. I joined in 2013, but I hardly find myself playing it anymore. - Popsicles

Poptropica is as boring as hell.

Why is this on the list?

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11 Roblox

The game it self is great but the community is just... I can't say anything without some 10 year old brat insulting me for no reason, for example: Yay! I won a token! :D, then some kid says: stfu noob you suk bllz. Also the forums is probably the worst place to go on this website because almost every other word seems to make another user mad and almost every thread is a flame war. So much for the "Kid friendly" aspect.

Exactly! That happen to me once. I was playing a game with some friends and some and I won and some 9 year old just joined the game and when she saw my name in the top players online. She automatically call me a "noob" just because I was good player -_-. And then I was trying to ignore her and then she told me to "SHUT THE HELL UP BOY" and I was just talking to my friends, not her. I like how she called me a Noob 5 sec after she joined the game. See? This is why I don't play roblox anymore. It's the argument starters and the community full of disrespectful little kids, They think arguing it's fun. They should know whats really fun! LIKE THIS COMMENT IF YOU AGREE WITH ME - MostTalented_BoyX

Shortly before I quit Roblox, these two girls were bullying me for being goofy and I argued with them for an hour and she said I should kill myself and I was sitting there crying. - PrincessKiana

It's a good gaming website, but has too many hackers. It's also annoying when people call you a noob when you make a smart remark or for no reason.

Everyone is playing it. When I used to play (I have not been on in months.) my friend says that some bastard took a look at my account. I wanted to see what he said about it. In the chat of his group, he said I was a pervert. I literally got mad, very. I told the group, “GOLDENYOJOAWARD, I read that. I am very innocent and you judged my like judging a book by the cover.” He just froze. He never responded and people agreed with me.

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12 Stardoll

It's so rubbish, like, all the clothes are terrible and the design is ugly. - ArpstaAmy333

Go there if you want to spend REAL money on virtual clothes and make-up

Terrible, use to play it. It only wants your money.

I used to LOVE stardoll. I begged my parents to get superstar membership. It used to be okay. But now, I have to pay a lot of money to get more virtual money, virtual decorations, virtual makeup, virtal clothes... It also gets boring. It's like moviestarplanet but with more realistic graphics

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13 Kotaku

It's a site about game reviews. Also "otaku" is an insult... - mayamanga

This gaming website started to declares war on GamerGate group thanks to SJW's journalist, Zoe Quinn for ruined the gaming community.

14 Polygon

They're just unprofessional SJWs. They gave Bayonetta a 7 because they said the protagonist was sexualized. Idiots. - MKBeast

15 Miiverse

Actual quote on Miiverse about Smash Bros: "Instead of megaman, put in a Call of Duty soldier! This would be amazing because Call of Duty is the game ever! " I didn't add any typos. I personally think Miiverse is a great website, but there are so many stupid people.

It's actually a good site, but the people there are SO stupid!

Not a bad site, but it's here because of some of the people in the community.

The community is a joke, I saw a lot of kids looking for a date and getting away with it, same with "romantic RPers".

the admins does a randomn job, they remove a message for unrelated reason, while the problematic ones remain unpunished..

i enjoyed the site, but I can confirm, the community is stupid, using Miiverse as their FB or whatever, seeking for sympathy, likes, followers..

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16 Animal Jam

The community is full of wolves who do one-sided trades. It's boring.

I hate this place! I understand that NG is a non-profit site, but I think they could of done something about Trust trades, bully's, and the Never ending cycle of online dating...

Hate it with a burning passion

Best game ever!

17 Bin Weevils

I tried playing Bin Weevils one day, because on the list for the best virtual worlds it ranked number two. I tried it out, sucked. You play as a flipping bug! I mean, come on. Sure I'll play as a penguin or a fairy but an INSECT? I mean, come on. It bored me out of my mind. I tried playing it for two days and hated it. Terrible game.

I love this game, it's pretty fun really you can make friends go to places and have your own nest! Sure some things are tycoon but you can still enjoy it when you are non tycoon. The only problem is like someone said earlier that you can't type numbers or say certain words as it comes up as a blank space on the other players' screens. If people don't like playing as a bug try something with people in, but I love this game, I think it should be before IMVU and OurWorld at least

It's ok I guess, but all the fun things are for membership players, I guess it's a pretty good price for 6 months though (in the UK it is..) the problem is you can't write numbers or certain words as they just appear as blank spaces on other players screens, then you get chat banned for no reason, it is kinda fun though..

This is just another one of the games no one likes to play

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18 Pirate101

It is like wizard 101 but dumb story and people can steal kills

Worst game I've played so far, The story is terrible and has lots of plot holes. Everyones a animal too. After getting a certain level, you must pay. Kill stealing is garbage. that's why I fight ALONE. The side missions are wimpy. that's why my overall rating is 1.3 Beyond evil.

19 Ninja Kiwi

Just stop voting this - Minecraftisawesone

no - Minecraftisawesone

20 Starfall

That website is for stupid babies

You guys are really criticizing a site for little kids? - GamingGoku757

I remember playing on this website in my Special Ed class when I was really little. - PerfectImpulseX

It's for retarded babies. - Jay12

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