Top Ten Worst Gary Abuse Episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants


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1 A Pal For Gary

How has nobody reported this cubic bastard to PeTA yet?

Gary is struggling to keep himself alive, yet SpongeBob constantly berates him, yells at him, and punishes him for acts he didn't even do.
Gary deserves a better owner.

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2 The Cent of Money

Krabs abuses gary for greed

3 Pet Sitter Pat

Wow Patrick is such a jerk in this epiosiode and restraining spongbob the card and yours mine and mine

4 Frozen Face Off
5 Grooming Gary
6 Gary Takes a Bath

No gary wins - cadespencer

7 The Great Snail Race

At least spongebob apologizes to gary and gary wins so this episode is so underrated and overhated

One of my worst SpongeBob epiosiodes it's good at1st but then becomes terrible it should be higher on the list

8 Have You Seen This Snail

He wasn't abused that much - PatrickStar

Yeah, neglect.

9 Dumped

This wasn't Gary abuse. - RalphBob

10 Fungus Among Us
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