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1 Grape

Grape Gatorade tastes like medicine... Who likes medicine?

Whoa whoa whoa Grape is actually good! It's not bad I don't understand why people think it tastes like medicine. It doesn't!

Frankly, everything grape flavored tastes like medicine.

Best gatorade ever

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2 Limon Pepino (Lime Cucumber)

I can't even begin to explain how horrible this flavor is. It was a hot day and I ran out of water, so my friend let me have her Gatorade (which was this disgusting flavor)... let's just say we're not friends anymore.

This is the worst thing I've ever tasted. I took a big gulp on a hot day after hiking and damn near threw up! I thought someone played a sick joke on me or something. This ranks up there with the top 5 worst things I've ever drank!

I'm 100% sure this is swamp water. It tasted like Oscar the Grouch bath water. I would be in the dessert and not drink this. Drinking this Gatorade should be on fear factor!

This flavor is absolutely disgusting. I’d rather drink Shrek’s piss.

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3 Swamp

Is the swamp like the low calorie? Because at school my friend has fruit punch low calorie and it smelled like poop

Please tell me this is like apple or punch...

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4 Banana

never tasted it but it sounds gross - famguyfangirl

I would try it

Is none such thing but sounds deliciouso

Why banana flavor Gatorade? ew

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5 G2

Watered-down low-calorie drink gives Gatorade a bad name (and taste! )

It sucks and you should never try it

Couldn't even finish it. Just tasted like sugar water.

No, bad Gatorade, give us the sugary yum not... this

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6 Orange

Fake orange was never a good flavor for drinks. Orange juice rocks but this fake stuff has never tasted good to me.

Orange is the worst has a terrible aftertaste and doesn't even taste like orange

Orange shouldn't be on this list

My mom doesn't like it at ALL!

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7 Fruit Punch

In USA its great but in Italy thumbs down -

I like it, not my favorite though

Bad after taste does not taste like original fruit punch

Worst flavor ever

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8 Mango

This might actually be the best one ever made

No mango tastes better than all dude

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9 Cocunut

Never tried it. Not planning to.

No such thing but sounds delicious

10 Green Apple

Imagine if Bee Movie and Shrek had a baby, but the baby was a drink. 10/10 would not drink again - ign

It tastes like apple juice! Yuck

I love green apple flavored candy, but drinking it is disgusting

I don't know why but it tastes like an airhead. Gross to be honest.

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11 Fart

Dude this is my favorite flavor what

That's not even a flavor.. - STANCAKE

This is a flavor?

It is so flavorful and good

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12 Blood Orange V 1 Comment
13 Arctic Blitz

Tastes like the most awful cherry flavored lollipop you ever had yet it is green colored.

That is the second best one other but grape is the best!

Tastes like perfume to be honest

When did you think sweat and perfume ever tasted good together this by far the worse flavor ever in the history of Gatorade making gross gross gross you pay people to produce these flavors I would like to get paid to create but a product worth consuming

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14 Kiwi

This is the sickest thing I've ever tasted. I took one drink and I threw up shortly after. I still can't get the taste out of my mouth.

It was green so I thought it would taste I spat it out imediatly so gross got all my friends to try it they did the same thing this should be #1

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15 Glacier Cherry

Any of the cherries are the best

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16 Tropical Blend

Best flavor ever, the only one I will drink to bad is no longer on the shelf. I will not buy other flavor

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17 Watermelon Citrus

Poured a big glass, thinking I had bought the fruit punch flavor... I had to hold my nose just to drink it. This flavor tastes like a mild cleaner.

My first terrible gatorade flavor I've drank. 2nd worst is lime cucumber.

Tastes like the green part of a watermelon. WORST $1 I've EVER SPENT

Don't buy it!

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18 Riptide Rush

Tastes so bitter, it's undrinkable.

19 Cool Blue V 1 Comment
20 Strawberry

Does not taste like strawberry nasty aftertaste

This flavor should be called strawberry/pepto bismol because that be chalky n junk! Fierce strawberry was much better.

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