Top Ten Worst Gender Stereotypes


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1 Men are sexist

Like Donald Trump

This is sexist

I am the oposite, before saying ANYTHING about the sexes I like to think does this hurt either sex - demonrolink

2 Girls love the color pink

I'm a girl and I'm actually a big fan of blue, but pink eh, sort of like it.

Aw come on. I'm a boy and Pink is one of my favorite colors. (Yes I'm straight._.). - peaceswagtv

3 Women stay in the kitchen

'Tis where all kitchen appliances live... ;). - Britgirl

This is so sexist! They don't STAY in there, they LIVE in there! - Puga

4 Boys are dirty
5 Girls are clean

This is anything but true. I met some very dirty minded girls out there. - LostDream258

Nope. Some girls are such dirty creatures. - Britgirl

6 Men love drinking alcohol V 1 Comment
7 Men are abusive
8 Women like to wear makeup

I'm a girl and I hate makeup. People think I'm pretty because of my face. They must like me for me not for makeup.

Also some men like to wear makeup,Yoshiki for example - zxm

I'm a girl and I don't wear makeup. All I need is my dimples and my smile 😊. Worst girl stereotype ever.

Ew makeup? Total no no. I like my face natural and adorable.
Makeup-big fat 0

9 Men are more privileged
10 Boys love the color blue

Red is better than blue. I'm not a Blood though - Mcgillacuddy

No red and orange and pink are better - ikerevievs

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11 Women are healthier than men

This is only false because girls a born skinny looking or fit boys actually have to exercise facts.

12 Men are stronger

I agree that these are all sexist except for this one! This one is just scientifically proven and correct!

Scientifically, but there are always cases where a girl is stronger than a boy. - peaceswagtv

Why can't we have equal muscle?

Well, to be fair, men are usually the stronger sex physically. But women have to go through menpause, abortions, pregnancy, periods, etc which would make them pretty tough emotionally.

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13 Men are not emotional
14 Boys don't cry
15 Men are all pedophiles
16 Girls can't be tough
17 Men hate gays
18 Girls and women are emotional

Nah, y'all just cry at Pixar movies too much lol no offense. - peaceswagtv

19 Boys are not as creative
20 All boys are perverted, and girls are not

Not all of them are (and some girls are) - Kaboom

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1. Women stay in the kitchen
2. Men are more privileged
3. Men are sexist
1. Men are sexist
2. Girls love the color pink
3. Boys are dirty



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