Top Ten Worst Gender Stereotypes


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1 Men are sexist

Like Donald Trump

This is sexist

I am the oposite, before saying ANYTHING about the sexes I like to think does this hurt either sex - demonrolink

2 Women stay in the kitchen

'Tis where all kitchen appliances live... ;). - Britgirl

This is so sexist! They don't STAY in there, they LIVE in there! - Puga

3 Girls love the color pink

I'm a girl and I'm actually a big fan of blue, but pink eh, sort of like it.

Aw come on. I'm a boy and Pink is one of my favorite colors. (Yes I'm straight._.). - peaceswagtv

I am a girl and pink is SO GIRLY!

Red forever!

4 Boys are dirty

Boys are dirty. I don't think that applies for all. Even some girls say that I am too concerned about cleanliness. - zxm

What if they’re very sterile, and freak out if they touch dirt. Speaking in 3rd person again.

5 Women like to wear makeup

I'm a girl and I hate makeup. People think I'm pretty because of my face. They must like me for me not for makeup.

This is true just because a few girls who commented on this saying they don't wear makeup they're wrong. More girls wear makeup than not its just facts.

I don't like wear makeup, but sometimes I feel pressure if I don't. I feel I have to.

I'm a girl and I don't wear makeup

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6 Girls are clean

This is anything but true. I met some very dirty minded girls out there. - LostDream258

Nope. Some girls are such dirty creatures. - Britgirl

Okay, how the hell is this a stereotype?

7 Men love drinking alcohol

lol - peaceswagtv

8 Men are abusive
9 Men are more privileged
10 Boys love the color blue

Red is better than blue. I'm not a Blood though - Mcgillacuddy

No red and orange and pink are better - ikerevievs

My mom loves the color blue. - Kaboom

No,I like black more than blue - zxm

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? Girls don't like sports

I'm female and I watch sports sometimes.

? All boys are sports-mad

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11 Women are healthier than men

This is only false because girls a born skinny looking or fit boys actually have to exercise facts.

12 Men are stronger

Its not really a stereotypes. Cause physically most men are stronger than women. Though before hitting the puberty both of them have same strength. - zxm

I agree that these are all sexist except for this one! This one is just scientifically proven and correct!

Scientifically, but there are always cases where a girl is stronger than a boy. - peaceswagtv

Well, to be fair, men are usually the stronger sex physically. But women have to go through menpause, abortions, pregnancy, periods, etc which would make them pretty tough emotionally.

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13 Men are not emotional
14 Boys don't cry

I'm a boy and I cry a lot.

I cry as well dear friend
Let boys cry what

15 Girls can't be tough
16 All girls like One Direction

I only like One Direction because I have been a fan of Liam Payne since 2008 and they have split anyway.

I'm female and I absolutely can't stand One Direction.

17 Men are all pedophiles
18 Men hate gays
19 All boys bathrooms are dirty disgusting but the girls bathrooms are neat and clean

I found a bloody pad in the female's restroom at either middle school or high school, and one time, at a female's restroom in a store, I saw that someone didn't flush after going #2.

20 Girls do not play video games

I'm female and I am a proud owner of a DS, a PS3, the Wii, a PS1, a PS2, an Atari, a Game Gear, and several Game Boys. (and yes, I play with all of them)


21 Girls and women are emotional

Nah, y'all just cry at Pixar movies too much lol no offense. - peaceswagtv

22 Boys are not as creative
23 All boys are perverted, and girls are not

Not all of them are (and some girls are) - Kaboom

24 Men love lesbians
25 Man can't be raped
26 Women are vulnerable
27 Women can't do men's work
28 Girls only like dolls

I'm female and I hate playing with dolls

29 Only women are the victims of rape
30 Boys only like toy cars
31 All girls wear pink and love dresses

I hate wearing dresses and I'm female

32 All girls are girly

I'm female and more of a tomboy.

33 All girls like shopping

I'm female and I find shopping very boring

34 All girls like to wear dresses

I'm female and I hate wearing dresses

35 All girls like wearing high heels

I trip in them constantly

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