Top Ten Worst Gender Stereotypes

The Top Ten Worst Gender Stereotypes

1 Men are sexist

This is sexist

Extreme feminists are sexist

Like Donald Trump

I am the oposite, before saying ANYTHING about the sexes I like to think does this hurt either sex - demonrolink

2 Women stay in the kitchen

Not true! I have an aunt who married a guy who said that she has to do all the housework but my aunt is richer then my uncle! They divorced

I really hate this one - blackflower

I stay in my bedroom - Aquastar_of_DewClan

'Tis where all kitchen appliances live... ;). - Britgirl

3 Girls love the color pink

Aw come on. I'm a boy and Pink is one of my favorite colors. (Yes I'm straight._.). - peaceswagtv

I'm a girl and I'm actually a big fan of blue, but pink eh, sort of like it.

I am a girl and pink is SO GIRLY!

I hate it - blackflower

4 Boys are dirty

Boys are dirty. I don't think that applies for all. Even some girls say that I am too concerned about cleanliness. - zxm

What if they’re very sterile, and freak out if they touch dirt. Speaking in 3rd person again.

My TopTens name, TheDuttyGyal is Jamaican patois for The Dirty Girl! I’m not a clean freak! I’m not afraid to get muddy!
- TheDuttyGyal

5 Women like to wear makeup

I'm a girl and I don't understand make-up. Who's gonna stare at your lips or nails. The only make-up I get I eye make-up and I still don't use it... And don't let me get started on painting toe-nails

I'm a girl and I hate makeup. People think I'm pretty because of my face. They must like me for me not for makeup.

This is true just because a few girls who commented on this saying they don't wear makeup they're wrong. More girls wear makeup than not its just facts.

I don't like wear makeup, but sometimes I feel pressure if I don't. I feel I have to.

6 Men love drinking alcohol

some men hate alchohol...

7 Girls are clean

Nope. Some girls are such dirty creatures. - Britgirl

This is anything but true. I met some very dirty minded girls out there. - LostDream258

Okay, how the hell is this a stereotype?

8 Men are abusive
9 Men are more privileged
10 Boys love the color blue

Boys = blue Girls = Pink this sounds more like babies. When you have a baby boy or girl you always give them either blue or pink clothes.

Red is better than blue. I'm not a Blood though - Mcgillacuddy

No red and orange and pink are better - ikerevievs

My mom loves the color blue. - Kaboom

The Newcomers

? Women are more sexual than men

Not true.

The Contenders

11 Women are healthier than men

This is only false because girls a born skinny looking or fit boys actually have to exercise facts.

12 Boys don't cry

I'm a boy and I cry a lot.

This one seems like a pretty harmful stereotype.

Yes, there are boys who cry. - ElSherlock

Boys do cry

13 Men are stronger

Its not really a stereotypes. Cause physically most men are stronger than women. Though before hitting the puberty both of them have same strength. - zxm

I agree that these are all sexist except for this one! This one is just scientifically proven and correct!

Scientifically, but there are always cases where a girl is stronger than a boy. - peaceswagtv

Why can't we have equal muscle?

14 Men are not emotional
15 Girls can't be tough

Of course they can - blackflower

16 Men hate gays

Where did this come from lol - Crizz

17 Men are all pedophiles

Not true. - ElSherlock

18 All boys are perverted, and girls are not

Not all of them are (and some girls are) - Kaboom

Some girls can be perverted. - ElSherlock

My female relatives like to talk about littl kids’ butts, poop, and private parts. They’re Asian.

19 All girls like One Direction

I only like One Direction because I have been a fan of Liam Payne since 2008 and they have split anyway.

I'm female and I absolutely can't stand One Direction.

I hate them - blackflower

20 Man can't be raped

They can. - ElSherlock

21 All boys bathrooms are dirty disgusting but the girls bathrooms are neat and clean

Some pigs at Target left period pads all over the floor and poop all over the seats in the girls bathroom.

I found a bloody pad in the female's restroom at either middle school or high school, and one time, at a female's restroom in a store, I saw that someone didn't flush after going #2.

22 Girls do not play video games

I'm female and I am a proud owner of a DS, a PS3, the Wii, a PS1, a PS2, an Atari, a Game Gear, and several Game Boys. (and yes, I play with all of them)


23 All boys are sports-mad

I'm a boy and I don't' like sports.

24 Girls and women are emotional

Nah, y'all just cry at Pixar movies too much lol no offense. - peaceswagtv

25 Boys are not as creative
26 Men love lesbians
27 Women are vulnerable

Not always - blackflower

28 Women can't do men's work

Tes we can - blackflower

29 Girls only like dolls

As a kid I played with blocks a lot, and loved my sandbox - blackflower

I'm female and I hate playing with dolls

30 Only women are the victims of rape
31 Boys only like toy cars
32 All girls wear pink and love dresses

I hate wearing dresses and I'm female

I love dresses, but hate pink - blackflower

33 All girls are girly

I'm female and more of a tomboy.

34 All girls like shopping

I'm female and I find shopping very boring

35 All girls like to wear dresses

I'm female and I hate wearing dresses

36 All girls like wearing high heels

I trip in them constantly

I hate them - blackflower

37 Girls don't like sports

I'm female and I watch sports sometimes.

38 All women can cook
39 Boys are more musical than girls
40 Girls are models
41 All autistics are boys

Not really I am autistic woman obviously 🙄

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