Worst Generations of My Little Pony

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1 G4

Pedometer is highly - HakanBrakan

I hate it because of the paedophiles so called cloppers ruined this show if it weren't for them it would be a decent show

Dear lord. Look what G4 has spawned.

This is the actual worst. Of course G3 was girly. That's because MLP isn't meant for GROWN ' MEN.

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2 G3

Ridiculously cute and frilly, no real plot or memorable characters.

Yeah. G3, ugh. It was extremely girly and frilly. The girls were crybabies. And Pinkie was so bossy and it didn't teach kids ANYTHING!



3 G3.5

Newborn Cuties were a part of G3.5 and the G3.5 toys are creepy

It's boring. All it have is 2 episodes and 1 movie. With not that much likable characters.

This is what nightmares are made of. - RiverClanRocks

4 G2

Sexist. Just sexist.

They scare me

It stinked how G2 didn't have a show, but I think it had a game.

5 G1

G1 was the actual worst. I mean before the G4 edition, there wasn't any awesome MLP. Glad we have today's My little pony - kmyeakel

G1 is not too ridiculous. But there wasn't many pony-like stuff. Also, there were humans and SEAPONIES? Really? SeaPonies?

G1 is the best.
No Bronies.
Better animation than gen 3-4

6 Newborn Cuties

Newborn Cuties? Morel like Newborn Uglies! These are just creepy! - RiverClanRocks

What the heck

It's not a generation. But it's freaky. I mean, baby ponies that talk and Pinkie meeting Scootaloo for he first time. That's ridiculous.

7 G4.5

They are zombies with egg heads

8 G5

G5 has the same old G3 colors and new superhero designs that they're really hot, just like anime

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Waah! It's a fake!

What the?!

9 G1.5
10 G2.5
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