Worst Generations of My Little Pony

The Top Ten

1 G4

Dear lord. Look what G4 has spawned.

This is the actual worst. Of course G3 was girly. That's because MLP isn't meant for GROWN ' MEN.


The ponies don’t even look like ponies, they’re so ugly! But worst of all, are the disgusting brownies that are obsessed with this shifty show!

2 G3

Yeah. G3, ugh. It was extremely girly and frilly. The girls were crybabies. And Pinkie was so bossy and it didn't teach kids ANYTHING!

Ridiculously cute and frilly, no real plot or memorable characters.



3 G3.5

It's boring. All it have is 2 episodes and 1 movie. With not that much likable characters.

This is what nightmares are made of. - RiverClanRocks

4 G2

Sexist. Just sexist.

They scare me

It stinked how G2 didn't have a show, but I think it had a game.

5 G1

G1 was the actual worst. I mean before the G4 edition, there wasn't any awesome MLP. Glad we have today's My little pony - kmyeakel

G1 is not too ridiculous. But there wasn't many pony-like stuff. Also, there were humans and SEAPONIES? Really? SeaPonies?

G1 is the best.
No Bronies.
Better animation than gen 3-4

6 Newborn Cuties

Newborn Cuties? Morel like Newborn Uglies! These are just creepy! - RiverClanRocks

What the heck

It's not a generation. But it's freaky. I mean, baby ponies that talk and Pinkie meeting Scootaloo for he first time. That's ridiculous.

7 G4.5

They are zombies with egg heads

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