Worst German Titles for English Language Movies

Often it happens that for a release in German speaking countries, an English language movie doesn't keep its original title. Up to the 70s, it was obligatory for a movie to get a German title due to not many German people understanding English. Later on it was more common to keep the English title but add a second German title (e.g. "Signs" became "Signs: Zeichen", which is the literal translation) or simply leave it as it is, as most modern Germans perfectly understand English anyway. But sometimes the translators decide that a simple translation isn't enough and name the movie something entirely different - often with unintentionally funny results. This is what this list is about.

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41 Voll Verheiratet (Just Married)

"Totally Married" - Martin_Canine

42 Der Tiger Von New York (Killer's Kiss)

"The Tiger of New York" - Martin_Canine

43 Der Unsichtbare Dritte (North by Northwest)

"The Invisible Third (Man)" - Martin_Canine

44 Stirb Langsam (Die Hard)

"Die Slowly"

(No one who understands German would think of this as a bad title simply because the movie series is better known under that title than its original title over here... but actually it is unnecessarily inaccurately translated) - Martin_Canine

45 Bei Anruf Mord (Dial M for Murder)

"When Call Murder"

(When Grammar Learnt Translation) - Martin_Canine

46 Mary & Max, Oder: Schrumpfen Schafe, Wenn Es Regnet? (Mary & Max)

"Mary & Max, or: Do Sheep Shrink When It's Raining? "

(Well, it's a quote, but... how get a whole different idea of the tone of the movie) - Martin_Canine

47 Solange Es Menschen Gibt (Imitation of Life (1959))

"As Long as There are Humans"

(Yes, even my favorite old movie isn't safe from weird German titles. At least this one isn't as bad.) - Martin_Canine

48 ... Und Täglich Grüßt Das Murmeltier (Groundhog Day)

"...and Everyday, the Groundhog Greets" - Martin_Canine

49 Die Rote Lola (Stage Fright)

"The Red Lola"

(Note: there is absolutely no one called Lola in that movie. Also, no one is red.) - Martin_Canine

50 Die Rachsüchtige Hure (Court of Lonely Royals)

"The Vengeful Whore" - Martin_Canine

51 Mega Monster Movie (Stan Helsing)
52 Von Allen Geistern Besessen (Repossessed)

"Possessed by all Ghosts"

("Von allen Geistern verlassen" ["left by all ghosts"] is a German idiom meaning to have gone crazy or to be insane. Obviously someone found that pun funny) - Martin_Canine

53 Agent 00: Mit Lizenz Zum Totlachen (Spy Hard)

"Agent 00: With the License to Die Laughing" - Martin_Canine

54 Batman HÄLT Die Welt in Atem (Batman (1966))

"Batman Keeps The World Breathless" - Martin_Canine

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