Worst Girl Meets World Characters

Girl meets world Characters I don't like if you don't like the list get out.

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1 Riley Mathews

Her constant optimism annoys me. She develops a crush on Lucas because of his looks and lucky for her, he's not a jerk. She (and her friends) are responsible for the rest of her history class not learning anything, because Riley Matthews is the centre of the universe.

I think Riley is really nice and all but she does tend to act like the world revolves around her and her friends. Her and Maya were so pissed that Cory ended up being their teacher again in 8th grade because they thought they deserved someone else and when they got another teacher, they ran him off by poking at him and pretty much acting like they did when they had Cory as their teacher. And then they both had the audacity to be shocked when they transferred to another class because someone finally wasn't allowing history to become the Riley and Maya show. Like seriously, Riley is not the most important person in the universe and neither is Maya. I just think Riley needs to realize that when she eventually has to go out on her own in the world, she won't have someone make everything about her and her petty problems. And Maya may have a dad who walked out on her and her mom, but she has a mom who loves her (and I know her mom wasn't always there but that was because she worked a lot to ...more

Riley complains about everything. She will get what she wants, then complains about something else. Riley just goes out and says things like "Your life sucks," or "You have a horrible life," to Maya like it's something you can just throw around. She is a selfish brat and gets everything she wants. Also, Riley will NOT get out of other people's business! She is obsessed with Lucas and treats Farkle like she's a safety net. She feels too much self pity for herself over stupid things and whines until she gets what she wants. That's not called determination, it's called being spoiled. Riley doesn't appericiate her family or anything she has. She does things to make people feel bad for her. Riley can't stand being wrong or second best. She always has to be first. Riley doesn't care about how other people feel, because it's all about her. She has the perfect parents, perfect both sided crush, and basically the perfect life. She feels like she has to get everything that Maya gets. She can't ...more

She says she'll give up anything for her friends or whatever, but she's actually really selfish. She cares so much about what people think of her, and is conceded. she constantly saying, "But I'm a good person". She makes me sick.

2 Maya Hart

I just don't like Maya for many reasons. One is that she tries too hard to be this kind of person. She likes to be like Riley and for some reason she uses that as a way to justify her methods, her stupidity. It's stupid that she always spends her time at the Matthew's family house and acts like she really is part of the family, gets angry when she is left out and ALWAYS, ALWAYS get the good story plot. When I saw Girl Meets World, I was led to believe that this show was about Cory Matthew's DAUGHTER, and not MAYA HART and her friends. I also find her story plot pointless, she's overly dramatic as if that is how people who is loved by her best friend and her best friend's family should act. Also, similar to Riley, she doesn't appreciate the little things. She's mean spirited and even if people actually show her some love, she just has to do something mean. She acts like Riley is the best thing in the world to her but most of the time it feels like she just wants Riley's life and tries ...more

As someone who has watched all three seasons of Girl Meets World I can safely say that Maya is absolutely the WORST. She's supposed to portray the "bad girl" character yet she's spoiled and wants everything to revolve around her. She was supposed to be the mini-Shawn yet she's completely spoiled and an AWFUL friend. Her mom works so hard to make sure that Maya's happy yet Maya belittles her and throws her mom under the bus whenever she gets the chance. She doesn't try to make her life any better whatsoever and only ever complains which is so infuriating to watch. If she hates her grades, which she does, then she should fix them by actually studying instead of just whining all the time. It's obvious that Maya wants everything that Riley has. Riley's family? Maya's there 24/7 and it's so clear that Maya wants to "replace" Riley in the family. She tries to take Lucas away from Riley when A) Riley liked him first and B) she knows that Lucas likes Riley so she needs to stop trying so hard. ...more

Okay, so admittedly, I don't watch GMW or BMW, but I know enough to know that Maya Hart is a horrible person. Shawn actually faced legitimate, real-world problems such as abandonment by both parents several times, homelessness, being taken advantage of, etc, things that can really mess someone up. What saved him from completely losing it was having Corey Matthews and his family there, along with some teachers, to keep him on the right track. GMW often focuses on Maya's "broken" home, and tries to make us feel sorry for her and immediately forgive her of all her actions. Maya calls Lucas names, which yes, teasing and name calling among friends is normal, but, Lucas has repeatedly told her that he doesn't like those names and he wants her to stop. She never listens. And the one time he snaps and calls her something, she freaks out and gets pissed at Riley when she doesn't stand up for her. At the end of the episode, Maya is portrayed as the victim, when she really isn't. Lucas ...more

Whines about EVERYTHING. I liked her story at first but I can tell from the promos (don't watch the show anymore) that she's nothing but a big baby. Stop trying to set shawn up with your mom it's lame and you have no right. Stop chasing after a college boy who has a life outside of some wannabe grown fake rocker middle school girl. Like come on, what's with this show?

3 Lucas Friar

Lucas has no point in history of being on this show. He character has no absolute background. He is just plain and likes to flirt with Riley when its obvious that Cory doesn't like that. He gets out the way to prove a point to others that Riley is right. Just count how many times he agrees with Riley. He mostly puts Riley first before others and himself. He talks to grown ups like their his friend or that it's okay. I don't like it when he asked Riley out taking the permission of only Topanga and not from both parents. He thinks that Riley has it easy. He insulted Maya about her home environment on Girl Meets Yearbook. I have to say that he shouldn't be on the show anymore because there is no good point to have Lucas on the show.

I thought Lucas was cute at first. I expected him to have an evil side to himself and it just so happened that he sorta did, for a while. But then you find out even that thing doesn't really exist because he was provoked due to his friend. It's completely ridiculous. His character is completely ridiculous. He's supposed to be this moral compass but he wanted to have 2 girls at the same time? Really? He just flirts a lot then acts like he was the greatest thing that could have happened in Riley and Maya's life. I wished he was used better but three seasons and no character development shows a poor, poor personality for a character.

The actor and the character are so BLAND and lame. No personality, basic as ever. Lucas and riley have 0 chemistry, riley's over the top and lucas is way at the bottom in personality. And he's a cliche character in everything? Always playing the pretty boy at school when the only good thing about him looks wise is his smile.

Lucas is so bland, he has no personality. He doesn't have many lines either, and I noticed he basically wears the same outfit.

Hey at least the character dresses more normal than Riley and Maya do. (I've seen a few episodes, I've noticed). - Anonymousxcxc

4 Auggie Mathews

He acts like a jerk (wearing a wife beater and trying to act tough and cute) and why is he dating when he is like 6? And his "girlfriend" has the worst voice I have ever heard in my life. No joke.

Hey, you are super cute but... You are not funny. - MeaganSaysHI

NOT CUTE! He's just as annoying and obnoxious as davis cleveland on and off screen of shake it up. They want us to say "aww" all the time when he's on screen yet he's not adorable. He overdoes it, even morgan had personality.

Very poor choice for show

5 Farkle Minkus Farkle Minkus

Farkle for me had the most character development. He still gets relapse of his goofiness but Farkle feels more human despite the fact that the rest of the shows characters seem to question it. He may seem over the top at times but he acts just like a teenager discovering things. Plus, he's smart. It's just sometimes that show puts him in terrible plot lines and doesn't really utilize the versatility of his character. It was worse during the times when he claimed he loved 2 girls equally. Please Farkle, if you had to choose, we all know it would be Riley.

Farkle? Really? And what is with him being minkus' son? What's with all the cheap ways of bringing BMW characters into the show? All these lame coincidences. Farkle is a joke, I did feel bad for him when he was being "bullied" but besides that he can go with that lame lady's man gig.

He is very annoying and selfish, specially in the fake companies episode and the president election episode, and he is very conceited

What kind of name is farkle? He is annoying sometimes. And how could he like two best friends at the same time MAKE up your MIND already!

6 Ava Morgenstern

Not cute, annoying voice, and over the top. Go away already

This character is completely useless. No character development, a terrible human being and she is just 6 years old.

She's legit the most annoying character. She's not funny at all and I cannot stand Ava.

She is really annoying and gets on my nerves all of the time

7 Cory Mathews

He doesn't run his classroom good enough. I thought they would raise their hands, be quiet and stay seated. He just lets them do whatever. He would never be hired to be a teacher. He tries too hard to bond with his kids and picks of the same people in his class- Farkle, Maya, Riley, and Lucas.

It's all "let's learn about Maya and Riley's troubles" not "let's learn about history"

Tries too hard to be like the kids, goofy on the show and off and not in a good way. Why is he doing the "you're watching Disney Channel" thing with the wand? NO and I mean NO grown adults from T.V. shows on Disney do that, you don't see bob duncan talking about you're watching Disney Channel and he was way better than cory as a dad.

Meaning he is so cute and funny

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8 Katy Hart

I thought at first that Katy Hart was an important character, that she was made to create some sort of justification for Maya's intolerable actions. But the fact is, she just loves her daughter and her situation and their home and environment has no relation whatsoever with Maya's annoying antics. It is sad because it was made as if Katy was created solely to be someone's love interest (Shawn's) and act like some sort of important person when necessary. In the end, she has nothing much to offer.

I can't believe that this character's saving grace was the fact she hid the truth from her daughter. She's a terrible mother. I just can't like this character very much.

Pointless character

9 Topanga Matthews

She doesn't do nothing and is so rude to ava. I mean even is Ava can be rude, loud, obnoxious, etc. Doesn't mean you as an adult can be mean to a little kid, especially when she put her hands on her to pick her up and slam the door in the kids face. That's teaching kids its okay to be rude

The show has ruined Topanga Matthews for me. They mad her incredibly immature. She is unlike the kind of person BMW led her to be.

She treats Maya better then Riley who's her real daughter

10 Joshua Matthews

Josh is extremely selfish and a huge hypocrite. He led on Maya by saying "You grew up gorgeous," but then started treating her like dirt afterwards. He trashed his and Maya's age difference, but then tried to ask out a girl that was 3 years older than him! Josh acts like he's all that, when really, he's not cool or important to the show. He was cute on Boy Meets World, but Disney ruined him. If he gets together with Maya, I might stop watching the show. Joshaya is unrealistic and illegal! He is immature and thinks he's funny. He thought he was so much better than Lucas, Maya and Farkle during Game Night.

He's so mean to Maya! I mean, he told Maya that he was three years older than her and then tried to ask out a girl that's three years older than him! In my opinion, Maya can do way better than that!

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11 Zay Babineaux

Zay is the comic relief but at least he actually is funny. Most of the good bits go to him, he is more of a moral compass than Lucas in my opinion.

Zay is annoying, obnoxious, and too competitive.

I love Zay

12 Billy Ross

Why is he on here? He only appeared once, and that was when he was bullying Farkle.

I like him. He bully's kids and I laugh

13 Mr. Feeny

I like mr feeny

14 Yogi

Stupid Asian attention whore

15 Sarah

Noting but a meanie

16 Charlie Gardner

Felt sorry for Charlie. He deserved better.

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