Worst Girly Stereotypes

People have stereotypes about girly girls being stupid, but that needs to stop because I have a 4.0 and I'm polite to my friends and teachers.

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1 We don't like video games

Okay so I don't play that much video games now. But I wouldn't mind playing them. I love playing video games. If somebody asked me to play video games with them I would say yes. - CartoonsGirl

This one is wrong! I love video games especially the Nintendo franchise Kirby and Super Smash Bros among others. And I'm pretty good at playing them. - cosmo

I have seen more boys play, however - gemcloben

No no no no no no no! Video games are awesome no matter what gender you are. I'm quite sure ignorant Call of Duty addicted boyfriends and bad experiences with girly-looking shovelware games are mostly the birth of this stereotype. With great games like Super Mario 3D World, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tetris and Yoshi's Island out there, there's no excuse to not love gaming! - Entranced98

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2 We love make-up

We are not dumb, not all of us hate video games, we don't all like makeup, some of us love math and science, we aren't always rude and popular, and we don't get scared easily! my gosh these are all the opposite of me. I love science (i dislike math though) and I actually like makeup. These are only stereotypes in movies.

I'm girly and I'm so mad at girls who where too much make-up. All we need right now is clear lip gloss that's it.

Well... I do love makeup. Wonderful creative outlet. - keycha1n

Well, I honestly do like makeup... - animallover1

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3 We are all dumb

If you read my description you would already know I have a 4.0 what I forgot to mention is that I'm in ALL advanced classes and one gifted class our school has. I even was in a STEM camp.

Ok, I am bad at some subjects but super good at others! Girly girls are not all dumb! - animallover1

4 We despise science and math

I don't despise either of those subjects. I'm pretty good and I was in advanced classes for them. - cosmo

This could not be more untrue. Practically all the top maths students at my college are girls and even the science teachers are mostly women. - Entranced98

Come on. I love science and math. In fact math is my favorite subject in school. - CartoonsGirl

Well, I hate math, but I don't hate sci-... er, wait...

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5 We are rude and popular

I'm not popular nor rude, in fact I'm considered the goodie goodie since I don't curse. This list seems rude, but I'm just mad at all the people who are mean to girly girls. There is a difference between popular and girly.

I am literally the most unpopular person at my school ever since my best friend left. - animallover1

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6 We get scared easily V 1 Comment
7 We are simpleminded
8 We don't like heavy metal

*sigh* Not...true... - Entranced98

9 Our uniforms are messier then boys

Please. I was the most Neatest girl in my class.

LOL it's the opposite.

10 We love and wear skirts/dresses all the time

Some girly girls absolutely HATE skirts/dresses and AVOID wearing them

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11 We are boring

How are we boring? Get to knows us first, you close minded people. We not always about shopping, gossip, makeup, and stuff like that. a lot of us are different

12 We don't stop talking

Less Talk, More ROCK. That is my motto ever since playtime.

13 We grow up quicker then boys

I only started puberty when I was 17. You can call me "Traditional".

14 We love babies

I know the babies are cute, but I can't handle them because they are really hard to take care of them.

15 We love to shop

I don't want to shop and shopping is torture for me.

16 We're weak-willed

Being girly doesn't excuse for weakness, anyone can be weak.

17 They are weak willed
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1. We don't like video games
2. We love make-up
3. We despise science and math



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