Top 10 Worst Glam "Metal" Album Covers

I think Glam "Metal" wasn't really metal. Glam "metal" aesthetic is nowhere near metal - music, lyrics, band appearance and even cover arts are very different.
Some of the glam "metal" bands may have one or two metal songs in their discography but this doesn't change the fact that in general, they followed the glam "metal" aesthetic (it gave metal a bad name).

Here I focus on the worst aspects of the Glam "Metal" aesthetic.

The Top Ten

1 Look What the Cat Dragged In - Poison

I wanna vomit just thinking of the fact they are called metal...
Can you picture a similar cover art by Slayer? - Metal_Treasure

2 Open Up and Say... Ahh! - Poison
3 Knights of the New Thunder - TNT

The one shown here is the original cover, it caused controversy so on most releases it has a different album cover which has a Viking Helmet and Axe on the cover. The other cover isn't anything special but way better than this. - christangrant

4 Metal Skool - Metal Skool

It's very similar to Look What the Cat Dragged In by Poison - Metal_Treasure

5 The Pack is Back - Raven
6 Stay Hungry - Twisted Sister

Well,i agree that Love is for Suckers album is glam and with a terrible cover,but this album is not.There are 3 Heavy Metal songs in the album,The Beast,Burn in Hell and Captain Howdy.The rest is Hard Rock.And putting make up doesn't make you always glam.None of Twisted Sister album had glam lyrical themes except Love is for Suckers. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

7 Love is for Suckers - Twisted Sister

This is exactly the album title and album cover that would define METAL (sarcasm) - Metal_Treasure

This album actually caused Sinder to leave TS which caused the break up of the band, they would eventually reunite - christangrant

8 Stakk Attakk - Wrathchild
9 Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz - Pretty Boy Floyd
10 Night Songs - Cinderella
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