Blaine Anderson


Blaine is a horribly written character and an overall bad person. I used to think that Rachel was the worst and most self-centered, but now it's him. I used to kind of like him, even though I was annoyed he always got solos, but after what he did to Kurt when he cheated and his expectation for forgiveness he didn't deserve, he's now my least favourite. That says something, because there are a lot of characters I dislike. I don't just not like him- I hate him with a passion. He pushes talented characters to the back and got way more attention than he deserved. I agree he's talented, but no more talented than most of the other Glee kids, except Sugar who was purposely not talented. Ugh.

Look Blaine isn't perfect because let's be honest the show would be pretty boring if everyone were, but he should hardly be considered the worst character. Yeah he was with another guy but Klaine was already over at that point. Also, I feel the need to mention that he WENT TO NEW YORK to tell Kurt, while in the reversed situation (for which they actually were still an official couple) Kurt had NO INTENTION of telling Blaine. And to anyone who says the texts were "innocent flirting" stop making excuses and I don't know rewatch it because that was a horrible thing to do and oh yeah BLAINE FORGAVE HIM FOR SAKE OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP. I also noticed that some people just hate him in general. Like, just his presence and addition to Kurt's life. I feel like anyone who hates Blaine just hates Kurt's happiness (and honestly you seen a little homophobic). - Ricoh

I totally agree! And I honestly don't know why every single thing he does causes an outrage. Yes, he made some mistakes, but so did everyone else and they'll hardly get any hate for it. - baconandbacon

I totally agree! And I honestly don't know why every single thing he does causes an outrage. Yes, he made some mistakes, but so did everyone else and they'll hardly get any hate for it. - baconandbacon

I totally agree! And I honestly don't know why every single thing he does causes an outrage. Yes, he made some mistakes, but so did everyone else and they hardly get any hate for it. - baconandbacon

I like Darren but I hate Blaine. He gets all of the spotlight, he sings way too much. He's been whining about the break up since forever. He accused Kurt of cheating when Kurt was just texting while he actually slept with someone else and expect forgiveness

He's controlling and a horrible person. I would list what's wrong with him, but I'm too lazy and there really isn't enough time in the world to list that. The actor (Darren) is nice, but Blaine is terrible! - Flowersocks2137

He pretty much just appeals to the teenage girl audience, with few exceptions. That's the only reason why he's not up higher on the list. At first he was a really good character and I actually liked him. However, in later seasons he just because annoying. And it was really unfair how they literally had so much focus on his and Kurt's relationship. The relationship was pretty much toxic. The writers had the biggest stretches to put them together again.

Blaine is the best character ever! He has such a big heart, and you can't blame him for getting certain parts, like tony in west side story. He has an amazing singing voice as well.

Kurt: I'm really worried about senior year prom because last year I got prom queen as a joke and it really scarred me emotionally and-


Started off fine but by the end of the show was hands down the worst character. Smug, self-aggrandizing, attention-seeking, manipulative, thoughtless, not nearly as talented as half of his peers but 100% believed his own hype.

He never somehow became familiar to the audience. He's always the "warbler", outsider that somehow became the go to male lead...

He's not that bad. There are only a few flaws with his character. He is still one of my favorite characters. Let's get the good things out of the way. 1 He loves Kurt. 2 He only cheated because Kurt was gone. 3 He was fine until he changed schools (the school sucks). Ok. Now. He cheated on Kurt kind of twice. Kurt didn't realize he was cheating. Blaine understood it. Wow. I mean. He is my second favorite character (Kurt first) none the less.

Blaine needs to take some chill, shove it up his butt, and then wait until he has calmed his face. He must have a list called 'how to make Kurt mad at me! ' Blaine just plain sucks.

It soesnt help that he was in the most annoying relationship on the show and possibly forever. He had no qualities about him that was exciting except his singing voice.

He doesn't deserve Kurt. Kurt needs his indepentance, don't you think?

He's really weird and unlikable.

By far the worst character ever

It's hard for me with Blaine, I like him and I don't. Kurt is MUCH better than him in every way possible. Kurt "cheats" on him when this random guy just starts texting him flirty things and he gets SO mad! Then when he cheats, Kurt accepts his apology! I love Klaine but more of the K then the LAINE.

I HATE HIM SO MUCH! He is a mary-sue, nobody likes him and we all hate him!


Everyone blames the newbies for being the downfall of Glee but I actually liked them. The downfall of Glee was Blaine. He was pretty likable in season 2 when he helped Kurt accept himself after the Karofsky mess but after that it's like the writers became obsessed with him. First they added him to the New Directions. Then they made him the leader. Seriously, he sang more than everyone other than Rachel even though he wasn't there from the beginning. He took up unnecessary screentime (can we try to remember that two of the worst Glee episodes, End of Twerk and Puppet Master, revolved around him? ). At first Klaine was cute but it just started becoming more and more toxic. If my friend had a boyfriend like Blaine, I'd tell that friend to run for the hills. Kurt deserved better. Don't even get me started on the cheating. Blaine was obnoxious and had a lot of flaws, which would've been acceptable if the writers didn't make the characters all act like Blaine was this perfect specimen. He ...more

He was insecure in his relationship

I hated for being with Kurt, because I support Kurtofsky! Come on, Karofsky is so hot and she is better for Kurt. Kurt and Blaine are like the same person in two pieces, but there was always a spark between Kurt and his hot bully. Plus, he was his first kiss.

HE started as a few original character, a copy of every romantic heroe in shojo (mangas who read the teenage girls), and through the seasons, he has gettin' worse. He become an horrible person, and the worst is he's the favorite of teenage girls.

God, he's so annoying. He was cool back in Season two but now he (and Sam how I equally despise) is annoyingly in every single seen and perfromance even though those said scene's and numbers have absoloutly NOTHING to do with his storylines. It's also irretating how he's treated as an original. Quite frankly I think he is way to overhyped and I stopped watching the show b/c of him (and Sam. )

I used to like Blaine because of Klaine but he was so selfish and annoying. And he was really overrated. HE BLAM KURT THAT IT IS KURTS FAULT THAT HE CHEATED. And he was so creppy and stupid with the hole puppet and Elliot Situation. And why isn't he Top 10? Maybe just because of all these Darren Criss Fangirls think everyting their idol do is perfect and so the character he played without thinking of how really bad this character is. Kurt deserved so much better. And I'm really not sorry to all your Blaine/Darren stans their but he sounds not really good.Just my opinon.

Blanie was honestly a good character until a little afternoon he and Kurt started dating. After that, he became over possessive and blamed Kurt for everything. As time went on, he became more and more self absorbed. In Season 3, he tried to belittle Kurt’s fear of getting re-elected as prom queen by saying that he was devastated because he couldn’t wear hair gel. Time after time he abused husband relationship with Kurt and became a very overused, predictable character.