Marley Rose


Marley is the worst Glee character because the only thing she can do is just being sweet and nice. She is really boring and she doesn't have anything interesting to say. Her storyline sucks. I don't believe that characters with strong storyline like Karofsky and Lauren got kicked off the show and Marley is a main character. She tries too hard and she doesn't like herself, and that's totally against what Glee stands for. Glee is about loving yourself and Marley hates herself. Being bulimic is not something that Kitty did to her. Marley did that to herself. Marley is not the only Gleek to be bullied. What about Kurt, Blaine, Quinn? They became even stronger through bullying. Marley is a horrible role model for young girls.

Marley is just one of the worst characters I have ever seen on glee I dislike her so much. She is just like a wanna be rachel but obviously less confident and more pathetic. She tends to be all innocent about "making love" but she actually cheated on jake and she went all suicidal when jake cheated on her, how pathetic. I've been watching glee since the first episode and now that these new characters popped out it's just trash. I don't even bother watching it anymore. The show will never be the same without Finn (RIP Cory). Rachel is the best character and she should be the star and not this trash character Marley.

I like Marley but I wish they gave her a different storyline about herself and her struggles with her eating disorder and her low income family rather than a boring repetitive love triangle between Jake and Ryder. I just feel there's so much more to her than just the typical lead female and I wanted to see more of herself. People love Kurt, Rachel, Santana, Blaine, Artie, Mercedes etc because they all got their separate individual storylines that were different and people could relate to them because they were real. If Marley had an individual story like that too, many girls would relate to her because she's an easy character to relate to.

Can anyone be more boring? She's ugly too. And two guys fighting over her? That stuff doesn't happen. It's cute that she has the lunch lady as the mom, but to be honest I want her gone. She's boring. So incredibly boring. I cried when Sue snuck in but I still dislike Marley. I passed her name because no one even says her name. I would rather her be with Puckerman 2 instead of Kitty. Only because they would instantly break up. But I don't think I'll ever like Marley unless something good happens. I'm on episode 11. Hopefully something happens.

GOD SHES HORRIBLE! Her facial expressions are super irritating, plus everyone obsesses over her and shes not a interesting or talented character I mean come on her character should get hit by a bus or something shes the absolute worst shes just sweet and nice all the time and is super boring and somehow gets the guy she wants and she messes up the glee club and isn't even smart

Marley is very plain. She's one of those "perfect " characters that has dumb problems and she gets the "perfect " guy she has wanted (Jake) and she gets Ryder to fall for her... What about Kitty? I love kitty, she has actual problems and, in my opinion a much better voice than plain old marley

Marley is a pretty girl with an okay voice. I think her looks got her fans more than her voice. She has many lines that most people don't care about. She is one of the most boring characters and most fans of the show don't care much about her relationship with Jake, or with anyone for that matter.

Marley is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to Glee. She has no interesting or unique characteristic, and she's only bulimic because she gave in to the teasing Kitty gave her, and didn't even investigate it. Overall, I think her personality came straight from one of those predictable kid's cartoons.

Marley is the quintessential "nice girl" who tries to pass off that she's perfect, but is not. She's not that attractive, she doesn't sing that well... Her appeal is not realistic. It's almost like she's the Bella of Glee

She should be out of Glee. I have no idea why the producers of the show love her so much. She is so boring and unoriginal. And her voice is also overrated.

SHE IS SO ANNOYING. Everyone says she is so amazing but she really isn't and in my option she isn't even that pretty. The only origonal thing about her is her mom. that's IT. Glee has already had people dating someone who is the "bad boy" or "not right". Its also has people who don't like their bodies. And through everything the other people have gone through it made them stronger and in the end happier and she just is "weak." WORST CHARACTER EVER.

Marley is sweet and I love her voice, but her storylines are not interesting at all. The love triangle between her, Jake and Ryder and the bulimia thing were pretty much the only storylines she had and they were SO BORING. It's also pretty clear that she's not "the new Rachel", not even close.

I find marley to be COMPLETELY annoying. I think she is so overrated and she made season 4 the worst season. I honestly got so happy when she got suspended from the glee club cause a break from marley is a vacation. I just really dislike her character, she is just too bland and irritating.

She gets so much hate for nothing! People with horrible personalities like Quinn and Santana are fan favorites and Marley, who is a good person that has never heard or bullied anyone has more haters than fans! Maybe she's not that dynamic or strong but she's unique and realistic, people should give her a chance. she should have been in season 6 like Kitty.

They wanted to make her the next Rachel Berry but it was more wishful thinking. She is not confident at all and she lacks Rachel's personality and charisma.

She should be on the first list. her character is out of place. Hate her even more in katy and gaga episode. She's so annoying. She should try to understand what's the difference between being herself and being selfish..

Marley just was plain annoying. She'll never make it to Broadway after that Gaga vs. Katy episode because in the real world you HAVE TO LEARN THAT PEOPLE SOMETIMES DO THINGS FOR SHOWS THEY DON'T WANT/ LIKE TO DO. Not everyone wants to do a smut scene or kiss someone but they still do it. If she doesn't do her best she'll fail faster then she'll say Broadway.

Don't think she's boring just tired of always chasing after jake for the attention she deserves/needs to come out if her shell but you can't deny her talent, Her wrecking ball and every time was amazing.

Why does everyone hate Marley? She's not my favorite, but she was a nice person and it was refreshing to have someone other then Rachel in the main role.

She is so annoying. Her attitude towards life is very shallow and she thinks she is it. She thinks that everyone loves her but in fact everyone loves people like Quinn, Kitty and Britanny. She is weak because she played with Jake but when he did with Bree she got all upset which proves she is a big hypocrite. All in all she is cringe worthy and her cap looks so dumb.

I have yet to watch a scene that involves Marley's character without uttering one of the following phrases: "I hate you", "I just threw up everywhere" or "Nope nope nope."

She is so boring to look at and doesn't even sing well or has any emotion in her performances. No Personality. Only has one facial expression and that is of a sad puppy.

She sucks at singing and she is so boring, I can't believe they tried to make her a Rachel Berry 2.0 in terms of vocals. Gag!

I can't believe Marley is first on this list. In my opinion she shouldn't even be on it at all. There is way worst glee characters than her! Marley is sweet and although she maybe doesn't add up to Rachel but she is a kind and loving character.

Marley is just the worst character. Thank goodness they realized this and got her off screen halfway through the season.