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21 David Karofsky

At first I hated him, but when I learnt his story I grew to respect him. He has really changed throughout the Seasons and I would like to see him happy with his boyfriend someday.

I really love him, but I hate how he bullied Kurt for a year, and then one week of himself being bullied he attempted suicide... Like, he should've understood how serious bullying was in the first place! But I cried when he almost died and he is a very nice character after season two... - Flowersocks2137

He bullies kurt so much that kurt goes to another school and then he says he likes him... I'm sorry but I just hate how he made himself feel like the victim when kurt actually was.

I can never forgive him for what he did to Kurt Hummel in season 2 of glee - Itsrik

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22 Holly Holliday

Why is she on this list, she should have been in more episodes

Truthfully, I loved her

Um, don't you mean BEST CHARACTER?

I hated her because I hate Gweneth Paltrow. Also, I don't think that she should've made as many appearances as she did.

23 Carl Howell

Ugh he annoyed me so much. But he was hot.

Eh, he was okay I guess

Haha, he was HILARIOUS, the brittany ep woundn't have happened if not for him

24 Sam Evans

Competent singer but terrible dancer and extremely unattractive.

The worst character on the show. Why they kept him so long is a mystery to me. They should have replaced him with Blake Jenner. He's more talented!

Sam is just a boring character. Every single person in this list (even Marley who is currently in place 1) is unique and has something special. But there is nothing special about Sam at all. He is just a handsome guy and a good dancer.

He is so cute. I love you sam.

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25 Jake Puckerman

Seriously? His Character is plain retarded, the bad boy act? It would be cool if he wasn't such a loser, I hate his character, it's so cliché, and puck's half back brother that he had no knowledge about, really? And how he gets everything! Ryder is way better for marley, jake is so overrated, he has a good voice but he only hits low notes, and his character is just plain, he's like a crappy copy of puck

I totally agree with everyone who says he is bad with the fact that he let Ryder take control of all the stuff jake supposedly got Marley on valentines day I hate his dancing I honestly wish he and Marley would stop dating Jake and continue on with Ryder

Poor man's Puck without the charisma, funny lines or the looks. So basically he's just a loser with a bad attitude. (Puck wasn't a loser though, ever.)

After what how he treated Marley, he lost my respect.

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26 Principal Figgins

Worst principal ever. Why couldn't he just fire Sue and Will for causing so much drama. But instead he just sat there on his desk eating a bucket of popcorn while Sue and Will went around destroying the school, along with the kid's education.

He is so annoying and ignorant. Are we really supposed to believe he thought the vomiting during Tik Tok was a skit to raise bullying awareness?

He is kind of funny, but his presence just bothered me.

I love him I meen people are so like emotionol when they watch this like WHY DON'T U DO ANYTHING ABOUT BULLYING but hey if he wuld just fix it then blaine would not even be on the show

27 Shelby Corcoran

She will never be as loving as Rachel's dads

She was so annoying, but I love Idina Menzel

She is super annoying and such a bitch, she lets Puck see Beth, but not Quinn, quinn even apologized, but she didn't even acknowledge that Quinn is also Beth's mother. Also Shelby doesn't even act like she's Rachel's mom, she acts like her vocal coach ugh. - karin1e

28 Sugar Motta

I hated her! She was always so full of herself and put herself above others! She couldn't even sing for gods sake! And the whole Asperges thing was just insensitive! When she went out with Rory I literally screamed in horror!

Self diagnosed with Aspergers? Are you kidding me? Each and every character is teaching what is like to accept others and love your friends and she's making fun of a serious disease. Immature.

She was just pointless. I don't get why everyone loved her so much

"I have self-diagnosed Asperger Syndrome. That means I can say whatever I want." That line did it for me. Not just on this character, but this trainwreck of a show. The humour is so beyond desperate that they need to drag in excuses for Aspergers now? Some pompous little madam uses the Aspergers card to justify being nasty to people? No. Just no. As someone who was ACTUALLY DIAGNOSED WITH ASPERGER SYNDROME, this was the cheapest of 'jokes' you could have written, in my opinion. It really outlines their ignorance as well. Thank Christ this show is over.

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29 Jessie St. James

No. Did not like him at all, and he should definitely be higher on the list. Glad he ended up with Rachel, they were awful and deserve each other.

What? Jesse was the best!

King George is amazing

Loved Jesse, his and rachel's rendition of Rolling in the Deep was incredible

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30 Terri Schuester

I think the character was deliciously annoying, but her and her Sister were the epitomes of antifeminist characters.

How on earth is Terri absolutely nowhere to be seen on this list?!?! Never in Glee's six-year run did it ever manage to come up with a more useless character than Will's shrew of a wife. Her only real purpose from the start was to act as a foil in Will and Emma's budding romance and the fact that 99% of her screentime revolved around that god-awful 'fake pregnancy' storyline doomed her from the second episode. Well acted by Jessalyn Gilsig but utterly worthless and unlikeable as a character.

I hate her. She so annoying & plus she lie to Will - Itsrik

Very very very annoying and irrelevant.Ugly too

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31 Ryder Lynn

I seriously hate this guy! He was a winner on the glee project which meant he was supposed to have a seven episode story arch... But instead he dominated the whole flipping season practically! It's infuriating when the time could have been used to expand on other characters such as Kitty.

I generally hate the entire season 4 episodes. That said, the Ryder character was particularly irritating (as we're most of the new characters). I won't be watching any future episodes as the magic appears to be gone with the original cast.

He's so annoying. Every time he is on screen I wish I could punsh him in the face. This whole relationship drama with Marley and Jake is so old and boring, I mean who cares about that?! Also I can't stand his hair

He got all the weird plots - majormanafemale

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32 Wade "Unique" Adams

I like the character but they really underuse her to make more screen time for boring characters like Marley. She had so much potential but she barely gets any solos and is used as a punch line to a joke. And what's up with the cat fishing story. They dropped it after season 4 for no reason probably to make room for stupid characters like jake, Marley, and kitty who stand against everything glee stands for.

Worst character ever. I guess we're supposed to feel sorry for him or something, but every time he was on screen I just wanted him to leave. Definitely the beginning of the down-slide for this show when they introduced him.

I hate his/her singing voice and his/her character is super annoying

He is a boy, that is a scientifical fact! They act like he's a girl?!? ' that's just messed up, anyone with half a brain can realize that! - craiger13

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33 Jacob Ben Israel

I voted for him just because he was kinda annoying with his big Rachel Berry crush, but at times he was kinda funny.

I hate how he insults everyone and complains about sex when he's like never gonna get laid

I think he's disgusting

Plain disgusting.

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34 Becky Jackson

The very first episode with her was sweet, to show Sue's soft side and her sister's story, but after that-- Becky's character is unnecessary and inappropriate. Everything she says is SO annoying, and isn't funny at all. Every time she says "Oh sthnap" makes me want to barf. I think it's in poor taste to make her act like that.

They make her vulgar, horny, inappropriate, rude and a bully. And the sad part is, as an actress with a disability does she even truly understand specifically what type of character she is portraying? I feel like they cross lines with her constantly.

She is the worst character on Glee since ever. All she ever wants is to be treated like everyone, but she thinks that winning something just because the coach likes her, is not how others are being treated. To me, she needs to treated worst.

I absolutely loved her and her relationship with Sue in the first seasons but after a while she became this mix between Jacob, Santana, Sue and Bree like jfc... She was crude, rude, butt hurt and I just wanted her to go away. I hate what the writers did to her.

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35 Britney S. Pierce

Who put her on the list, she's better than all of you

I don't get why everyone loves her, before her stupid "genius" story arc every time she opened her mouth I got annoyed, she isn't funny. And she constantly stated "I'm more talented than all of you" and I would roll my eyes every time

Brittany in S2 was so awful to Artie didn't ask for sex or consider it meant lot to him at that point in time. Used him for his voice. She cheats on Artie with Santana and plays dumb a lot. She's smarter then she acts. - majormanafemale


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36 Quinn Fabray

Are you kidding me? Of course she had her flaws, but who doesn't? She went through so much in her life, getting pregnant, numerous anxiety dissorders, GETTING HIT BY A TRUCK! She had the best back story, and karma has been torturing her for her whole life. All Rachel did was try to rub in her face that Finn chose her over Quinn. Quinn knew that Rachel was too young to get married, and told her not to marry him because she cared about her, but Rachel just got mad and almost did it anyways. She even helped Mercedes get over her eating disorder. The show never really focused on her enough, but she was a great character! When you think about it, Rachel was way more of a brat than she was.

Probably worst character writing on the show. She became a joke when she came back from the summer break and joined the "skanks". Trying to get back Beth was the biggest brain fart, really? After you give up the legal rights to your child they don't give it back to you if the adoptive mother screws up lol. And after her being a self obsessed brat and just complete imbecile for the rest of her high school career, coach Sue comes and says that she admires how Quinn "changed her life around"? From what? Having teen angst? Yeah, the teen pregnancy was hard, obviously, but it lasted for 9 months. Honestly if she wasn't such a religion freak she could've gotten an abort. After being the leader of celibacy club and having an affair behind her boyfriend's back it really isn't a big deal to go through with it and get an abortion too lol. I hate the General way she always speaks, I only hear martyrdom in her voice.

Quinn is an inspiring character, but since everyone on here is judging by one event I have to say it... Everyone says she's strong because of her teen pregnancy, but are you forgetting that she sort of brought it on herself? She cheated on Finn with Puck (his best friend) which she already shouldn't have done, they used no protection, and she's leader of the celibacy club, not to mention she's Catholic! Why does everyone forget that part of the story? - baconandbacon


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37 Artie Abrams

Artie has been one of my top favorite characters on show's first three seasons. But then he became kind of boring and he didn't have much of a storyline. However, I still love him and I wish him the best. Totally ship him with Kitty!

His smooth voice is like white chocolate fountain I'd dip my strawberries in anytime

Okay he's in a wheelchair but he still... Treats girls like dirt, acts like white trash, and dresses like 60's nerd - karin1e

Well I agree he could dress better. He acts the way he does is deflection of things Artie doesn't deal with his emotions he ignores and deflects he just does that. Or when he would do sexist joke with Tina it was joke between them. It really wasn't serious. - majormanafemale

I think Artie has a great voice, but his personality is abysmal. Sure, he is nice sometimes, but he treats girls terribly. I don’t understand why people like him so much. He is awful to his girlfriends and constantly makes others feel bad. I feel like people give him a free pass because he looks nerdy and is in a chair, but his behavior is unacceptable. It doesn’t matter how horrible your situation is, you don’t treat anyone like they are less. There are a lot of horrible people on the show (which I actually think make the story interesting), but people, not just men, need to treat others with respect, especially if they are dating.

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38 Joe Hart Joe Hart Charles Joseph John "Joe" Hart is an English professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Manchester City and the England national team.

The most pointless character on the show. I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes every time he even spoke. It was utterly ridiculous that Quinn Fabray, one of the most beautiful girls ever, would be remotely interested in him romantically.

His character was super annoying, but when he told Jake "God makes no mistakes" I laughed out loud, I'm not even sure if that was supposed to be funny though, also he was the hottest thing to ever appear on Glee So I bared with his truly annoying persona.

Quinn and Joe could have been an Amazing couple

Charles Joseph John "Joe" Hart is an English professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Manchester City and the England national team

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39 Carmen Tibideaux

She literally made Rachel Berry boost her own ego even more by accepting her even when she didn't really audition but didn't accept Kurt who did a performance.

She was so rude to Rachle

40 Sue Sylvester

Her character was overused to the point of exhastion, just like all of the other characters, but you have to admit she is the funniest

Why us Sue even on this list? She is the best character on the show. She is cleverly used and written and her relationships with her sister, Becky and the Cheerios! are adorable!

Her insults are funny and harmless unlike Santana who is rude selfish and a joke overall

I loved her

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