Rachel Berry

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Rachel Barbra Berry is a fictional character and de facto female lead from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee.


I honestly have got to the point (Season 5! ) where I can't bear to watch her any longer. She is one of the most selfish characters I've ever seen and is literally only happy when she gets what she wants and is on top. Why do the writers of the show love her so much and give her all the solos and good breaks and she always wins? Even when she is knocked down a peg or two (thank you Santana! ) it only ever lasts for a few minutes or an episode at most. She is just totally unbearable. Kurt, Mercedes, Santana and even Britney are just so much more talented. Britney is the most amazing dancer, Rachel is just average at best. Why is she always in the spotlight? She just likes to throw a few crumbs to her friends, but is never really pleased for them unless she has something even better in hand. Quinn's character development was just so much more interesting, I'd have much preferred to see more focus on her. Or Santana. Or Kurt. Or Britney. Or Mercedes. Or just about anyone.

Being gifted at something - no matter how extraordinary the talent - does not make up for being a horrible person in all other aspects. This is made all the more frustrating because out of character there are singers just as talented on the show who don't get as much of a chance to shine because their characters are elbowed out of the way as Rachel relentlessly hogs the spotlight.

You guys say you hate her character, but that's because you don't understand her character. I love Rachel, she's my favorite character because I can relate to her so much. I got bullied for most of my life, but the only thing they didn't have on me was that I could sing. So I joined choir and I took every single solo that they threw out there. My confidence was in my performance, not my social life. And it felt amazing. Rachel said once (which is true for me) "I would rather be a star than be liked. And I'm not saying that's healthy or the way to go, but there's nothing that I wouldn't do for the chance to be in the spot light." I thought the exact same way. Nobody ever liked me so there was nothing for me to lose to take solos, she didn't care what other people thought of her she just wanted to shine because she was a star. Everybody knew that, and that's why they were all jealous of her, that's why she gets the solos. So you can say she selfish, a liar, a bitch, a ...more

One of the worst characters ever written. She acts like she cares about everyone, but the only person she will ever stand up for is herself. She thinks everything is all about her and that she is so superior, but as the amazing Santana Lopez once said, "YOU ARE SHORT, YOU ARE AWFUL, AND THAT IS NEVER GOING TO CHANGE! "

She is talented but sometimes the writers treat her like she's the only reason the New Directions win competitions and that's just stupid. Glee club also has Mercedes, Kurt, Finn, Santana, Artie, Tina, Puck, Quinn, Sam. These people are just as talented as Rachel and they don't get enough credit. The New Directions won season 2 sectionals and season 3 sectionals without having a Rachel solo but they were still amazing and they had some iconic moments on stage. Rachel is the writers' favorite and that's pretty obvious but she's not the only talented one

Rachel never actually fought to get anything. Everything was just handed to her just because of her natural talent. She had a failed audition but got into her dream school anyway. She was handed a lead role in a Broadway musical when she was just a sophomore in college. Everything just came to her life so easily and you would think that this would make her happy and grateful, but no! She was never satisfied with what she got, she always wanted more. She got to play her dream character in a real Broadway stage when she was like 19 years old and she quit just so she could star in some random sitcom she was offered. She was always selfish and treated her friends awfully. I was surprised she even had friends after the way she treated everybody.

SO BOSSY! She never shares the spotlight and thinks the whole world revolves around her! Don't get me wrong, she's a good singer and all but her personality is TERRABLE! I was SO proud of Kurtwhen he finally stood up to her, and the WHOLE mid-night madness thank you Kurt!

Overall, she is an AMAZING performer and singer and a role model for me personally, but when it comes to her character... She is too bossy and annoying. I'm not sure if I can actually relate to her.

I hate how Rachel Berry gets all the attention when the character is just an average singer who can't even dance and is, yet, still in the spotlight ALL THE TIME! I know some people may think differently, but to me she is just a selfish brat who doesn't deserve anything she has. SO many other people are as, if not even more, talented than she will ever be. For example, about EVERY OTHER GLEE CLUB CHARACTER! I really wish that the writers would focus more on other characters than just Rachel, and if they do focus on her, then at least have her grow up and work for everything she has instead of just handing it to her, cause it is quit annoying having her get everything she wants without working for it.

She cheated on Finn and then tried to act like the victim when he went back to Quinn cause she can't handle anyone else being happy but herself. She needs to learn that not everything she does goes without a punishment.

I wish she would just get off the stage for once I mean she is a amazing singer, but the bad thing about it is she knows it too much to let other people have the spotlight who are just as good and have a way better personality than she does

As Santana said:'Rachel Berry is the most horrible human being on the planet'. I don't think there is something else needed to be said.

I hate how she didn't let Finn run with Quinn for Prom. Seriously she nearly died coming to your wedding don't you think you owe her something? I'm pretty sure senior prom was ruined for Quinn since Finn was calling her names such as a liar and Rachel chose till the lady minute to tell her she was jealous. Quinn wanted something to hold on to, and feel special for the night esspecially with Finn, but Rachel didn't let that happen. Seriously she got into NYADA like two episodes later. She was so selfish and ruined prom for Quinn.

While she does exhibit an amazing vocal range, that's about all the character has to offer. It's hard to buy her as an underdog when she gets everything that she wants, the lead solo, finn, nyada, the lead in a broadway show, her own glee club when she is only a year older then the "students" She is selfish and at her core is a glorified mean girl.

Super selfish, it was almost unbearable. She would do selfish things, face the consequences and then make it seem like she was getting unjustly punished

Rachel Berry was and still is the most annoying character I have ever seen on television. I would skip Rachel scenes because that's how much I don't like her. People just pity her and she is always babied by the show and people. She really needed a good and long smack down for EVERYTHING SHE IS JUST PLAIN ANNOYING and it makes zero sense on how Finn and Rachel got together.

She's a good singer and actress, but just a horrible person. I might be able to stand her if the show hadn't been written trying to portray her as likable. It was obvious that the viewers were supposed to relate to her and like her simply because the creator was a fan of the actress.

Rachel: OH MY GOD NYADA IS MY DREAM! *quits*


One season later, she demands both things to be spoon-fed back to her. And she's an inspiration HOW exactly? Oh, by quitting because she claims she "grew out of it". Haha, good role model

I always groan when she gets a dramatic solo at the end of the episode about Finn somehow "betraying her" for seeing other people. Finn has the right to move on, why can't she do the same?

Over rated. Not as talented as people make her out to be

I was devastated when the show followed her to New York. I thought we were going to get other characters in the limelight. I always preferred Mercedes and Tina's voices and Santana was fabulous. Quinn could take a running jump as well. Talking and singing through her nose, hideous.

Rachel thinks that the glee club needs her more than anything. She does not deserve the solos she gets. She bosses everyone around and acts like she owns the glee club she is talentless and pathetic. Rachel is an idiot. She told everyone to take one for the team, but last time I checked it was Sugar Motta who provided the money for nationals. She never did anything for the glee club. All she ever wanted to do was talk about herself and did not care about anything other people were going through. She deserved that slushie that was tossed in her face by Becky in season 6. She is a lima loser and that is all she is ever going to be.

Rachel was tried to be portrayed in a positive light but not once has she ever done something not for herself I saw the you just don't understand her excuse well personally I believe she's morally wrong and not just by lack of sharing solos but she's horrible person she puts everyone else down like she was bullied her entire life and feels it justified because she's more talented another lie made by the show more than half the people Ik like mercedes better some even tina yep TINA some Santanna and half get sick of her irritating voice also she is a manipulative brat who'll do anything to get what she wants and throws tantrums when she doesn't

She is a self-promoting selfish thing.

Mercedes Jones proved she was a better friend to Santana in ONE episode than Rachel could be in THREE SEASONS!