Top Ten Worst Goals to Make Your Inspirational Speech About

If you make a speech, don't make it about any of these topics.

The Top Ten

1 To bring crisis to the world

Don't enurupt world peace! - Nateawesomeness

2 To make blacks die

This will be super racist! and no I'm not trying to be racist - Nateawesomeness

3 To make communism superior

Communism is horrible - Nateawesomeness

4 To make more laws in America

This would turn to a very strict country if somebody made this speech succesful - Nateawesomeness

5 To make marriage against the law

Everyone wants marrage,so why turn it to a crime - Nateawesomeness

6 To make school longer

School is long enough - Nateawesomeness

7 To make Miley Cyrus the president of United States

Miley Cirus should never be president - Nateawesomeness

8 To let being naked in public allowed

If this speech was succesful,things would be gross - Nateawesomeness

9 To make Disney and Nintendo out of business

Disney and Nintendo see the two most succesful companys,a speech about this will ruin movies for half of the population,and video games for 3/4 of the population - Nateawesomeness

10 To make Sanjay and Craig the #1 show

Sanjay and Craig is the worst show ever - Nateawesomeness

The Contenders

11 Make Justin Bieber songs the only music on the planet
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