Top 10 Worst GoAnimate Video Types


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1 Grounded/Time Out Videos

This is why I hate GoAnimate - TwilightKitsune

The worst videos ever

Grounded videos usually involve baby show characters being grounded for so long even if they didn’t do anything wrong. - JoeBoi

2 Dead Meat Videos
3 Held Back Videos
4 Warren Style Punishment Videos

Thank God I Never Make Those - DeonStudio2008

5 Plastic Surgery Videos

So unrealistic. - JoeBoi

6 Sequel/Prequel Videos
7 GoAnimate Styled Rants/Salutes
8 Cyberbullying Videos

Cyberbullying lowers self esteem

9 Rants

That why I hate goanimate

10 (CHARACTER) Videos with Copyrighted Material

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11 Punishment Day

How is the epitome of child abuse at spot #21? They are just as bad if not worse than grounded videos. - MChkflaguard_Yt

12 Fetish Videos
13 Alvin Hung Torture Videos
14 GoKids
15 GoCouples
16 Cartoon Police Groups

These are pointless. - JoeBoi

17 Assault Videos
18 (USER) Videos

Users Videos are cyberbullying - AshtonJean

19 Grounded/Death Threats

Grounded/Death Threats are also an waste of time, that's why I added that - AshtonJean

20 Behavior Card Day Videos

Behavior Card Day videos are just like Dead Meat Videos - AshtonJean

21 Character Eliminations

They just eliminate the troublemakers early, and giving them penalties like Holding out a vote me out sign, extra elimination votes, getting a disadvantage in the next episode if the troublemaker doesn't get eliminated. It's a major rip off to Object shows, Total Drama, and Survivor combined. - AllStarAndrew

Not to mentions, some users add troublemakers as interns whilst treating them like slaves. And if an intern does one teensy thing (good and bad), he/she gets killed immediately. - AinezoChan

22 Logo Remakes

I mean, why?

23 My Favorite to Least Character List


24 Hate Comments
25 No Lets Watch Playlists
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