Top 10 Worst GoAnimate Video Types


The Top Ten

1 Grounded/Time Out Videos

This is why I hate GoAnimate - TwilightKitsune

The worst videos ever

2 Dead Meat Videos
3 Held Back Videos
4 Plastic Surgery Videos
5 Sequel/Prequel Videos
6 Warren Style Punishment Videos
7 GoAnimate Styled Rants/Salutes
8 Cyberbullying Videos

Cyberbullying lowers self esteem

9 (CHARACTER) Videos with Copyrighted Material
10 Rants

That why I hate goanimate

The Newcomers

? Hate Comments
? My Favorite to Least Character List


The Contenders

11 Fetish Videos
12 Alvin Hung Torture Videos
13 GoKids
14 GoCouples
15 Cartoon Police Groups
16 Assault Videos
17 (USER) Videos

Users Videos are cyberbullying - AshtonJean

18 Grounded/Death Threats

Grounded/Death Threats are also an waste of time, that's why I added that - AshtonJean

19 Behavior Card Day Videos

Behavior Card Day videos are just like Dead Meat Videos - AshtonJean

20 Character Eliminations

They just eliminate the troublemakers early, and giving them penalties like Holding out a vote me out sign, extra elimination votes, getting a disadvantage in the next episode if the troublemaker doesn't get eliminated. It's a major rip off to Object shows, Total Drama, and Survivor combined. - AllStarAndrew

Not to mentions, some users add troublemakers as interns whilst treating them like slaves. And if an intern does one teensy thing (good and bad), he/she gets killed immediately. - AinezoChan

21 Punishment Day
22 Logo Remakes

I mean, why?

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