Top 10 Worst GoAnimate Video Types

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1 Grounded/Time Out Videos

Obviously. And unfortunately it's the most common type of video on the website. It's what Go!Animate is known for. There doesn't have to be a reason for the character getting grounded either. The parents sometimes take sadistic glee in grounding and assaulting their child, especially in the case of Boris from Calliou.

Worst grounded videos ever!
Caillou gets grounded for nothing
Dora gets grounded for nothing
Lily gets grounded for nothing
Absolutely the worst goanimate videos ever!

Grounded videos usually involve baby show characters being grounded for so long even if they didn’t do anything wrong.

Grounded videos make no sense

2 Character Eliminations

Another thing is that if you are a Goanimate youtuber for 1-2 years, the character that you reccommend will have an extremely low chance of getting in the series. Not to mention, I reccommended a character on a character elimination by some guy named Slim Wario. He basic gave my character a penalty just because my character missed a shot in basketball, causing 2 characters (which are Will Smith and Robot Chicken) to get angry at my character.

They just eliminate the troublemakers early, and giving them penalties like Holding out a vote me out sign, extra elimination votes, getting a disadvantage in the next episode if the troublemaker doesn't get eliminated. It's a major rip off to Object shows, Total Drama, and Survivor combined.

Not to mentions, some users add troublemakers as interns whilst treating them like slaves. And if an intern does one teensy thing (good and bad), he/she gets killed immediately.

Boy, if you thought Grounded Videos, Dead Meat Videos, Punishment Day Videos etc. were boring and uninspired, just wait until you see Character Eliminations, these could not be any more shameless. Lemme give you a basic rundown, as this can basically be applied to every Character Elimination series ever. Character Eliminations are shameless BFDI/BFB rip-offs, the only big difference is that they are all mostly made with huge tanks of BIAS and RIGGENING. The character that is eliminated is not normally voted out, the character that is eliminated is based off who the creator wants to eliminate, so no matter who you vote for, your vote is worthless anyways because no matter who you vote, they’ll just get rigged out anyways! Not to mention the creator will eliminate which user/character they hate the most first, that’s it, it’s shameless, shameless bias and riggening, the most notable example has to be Weatherstar4000video, as he puts no effort into his content, which automatically ...more

3 Videos Trying to Be Movies
4 Character Lists

My Top 30 Hated Characters Now:

30. Ruff Ruff Man (Fetch with Ruff Ruff Man & The Ruff Ruff Man Show)
29. Jojo Tickle
28. Super Why!
27. The Wiggles
26. Plankton
25. Teletubbies
24. Barney The Dinosaur
23. Harry the Bunny
22. Opinion Disrespectors
21. Ultron
20. Diego (Go Diego Go! )
19. Bob The Builder for 2015
18. Thanos (Avengers)
17. The Underminer (Incredibles)
16. Screenslaver
15. Ron Burgundy
14. Jay Jay The Jet Plane
13. Trotro
12. Classic Caillou
11. Cars 1 Chick Hicks
10. Jackson Storm
9. Dora the Explorer
8. Doc McStuffins
7. Mike The Knight
6. Little Bill
5. The Problem Solverz
4. Ren and Stimpy (adult party cartoon)
3. Sonic.EXE
2. My bus driver on June 5
1. Dark Bowser

Dude hating on a character over you just hate him like grounding him I like Teletubbies but just grounding Dora or some random kids character

For me the worst characters are 10. Boris he’s evil
9. Uolliac for crying
8. Barney idiot
7. Belson mean
6.Boris teeth guy stupidu
5. Caillou clones pointless
4. Rosie troublesome
3. Lily Rosie ripoff
2. Winnie the Pooh terrible voice
1. Vicky bicthy girl

My by the numbers list 5000 will come out on DECEMBER 30, 2019 as my final character list.

5 Dead Meat Videos
6 Punishment Day

How is the epitome of child abuse at spot #21? They are just as bad if not worse than grounded videos.

It’s child abuse why

7 Held Back Videos
8 Grounded/Death Threats

Grounded/Death Threats are also an waste of time, that's why I added that

Y e p those are things there just mean

9 Hate Comments

I don't know what are they but there crap

10 Assault Videos

I hate Caillou Having too Get Assaulted

The Contenders

11 Sequel/Prequel Videos
12 Warren Style Punishment Videos

Thank God I Never Make Those - DeonStudio2008

13 GoAnimate Styled Rants/Salutes
14 Plastic Surgery Videos

So unrealistic.

15 Rants

Should be first place. Rants are just the same stuff.

A user bashes a show relentlessly while ignoring any of its positive traits; makes personal attacks against both the creator and the show's fans (up to and including saying they should die); and the same insults are used in literally every video of this type.

Never know there go animate rants and there just bad

That why I hate goanimate

16 Behavior Card Day Videos

Behavior Card Day videos are just like Dead Meat Videos

17 Cyberbullying Videos

Cyberbullying lowers self esteem

18 Alvin Hung Torture Videos
19 (CHARACTER) Videos with Copyrighted Material

Weatherstar4000video ALWAYS does this in his videos.

20 Fetish Videos

They even ruined vore. If you manage to botch up the one decent fetish, you know you've screwed up.

21 Getting Fat at Restaurants
22 GoKids
23 GoCouples
24 Cartoon Police Groups

These are pointless.

25 (USER) Videos

Users Videos are cyberbullying

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