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1 Luke Gartrell

I want him to go to hell as well. Plus I also did a rant on him and he deserves to be ranted on. He likes stupid baby shows such as Tiny Planets, and other baby show crap. And he doesn't know how to talk like a real person. All he does is talk like Patrick Star on crack for the rest of his life. And I want him to die!

He made a list of good users and he put bad users on that list. Also he made a list of bad users and he put good users on there. - EpicJake

I wish I could kill him - Bri-Loves_PSY_66

All users sucks

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2 Warren Cook Warren Cook Warren Cook is a YouTuber who is a huge Disney fan . He makes these things called "Fake VHS Openings" which really annoy Goanimate users . Because of this, everyone on Goanimate hates him, and makes fun of him by making these "Grounded Videos" out of him .

He makes fake VHS openings and makes grounded videos out of good users - EpicJake

3 King Tinky Winky Will RAPE YOU ALL!!!

He makes videos out of good users. - EpicJake

4 Dora Rocks

"More like Dora sucks" calm down they can like Dora whether you like it or not, respect opinions

More like dora sucks

Here's this person after this person says "more like dora sucks"

"(Sobs) my computer/tablet/phone fallen apart now I'll never make another dora hate realted thing again WAAH! "


5 Dony the Awesome
6 King Max Will Bury You All!!

Same as Warren Cook and king tinky winky. - EpicJake

7 Barney the Killer
8 TheScootatoo1995

This user is a Warren Cook wannabe. - EpicJake

9 GrandChase RealCook
10 Brendan Barney

Someone please execute Brendan Barney

A person who enjoys seeing Caillou getting tortured.
If he finds out that you like Teen Titans Go, he will go insane. - Drewman1211

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? Tbone Animate

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11 CJmo

Agreed With my former account

Yeah He needs Terminaton

He made several
videos out of peach and Daisy and taking them way
too seriously

13 Alvin Hung Alvin Hung Alvin Hung is the creator of the site known as "GoAnimate". He has gotten controversy for being greedy and removing many things on the site. He has gotten lots of hate from GoAnimators.

Wordt user ever!

He removed Comedy World and Li'l Peepz! -DL240

14 Fundir Broe UTTP

Please insert this item as "Uttp" as a whole, not just one UTTP member.

15 African Vulture
16 Trent Morrison

He makes Fetish art and videos

17 Greenkid9012

He made a video called help save goanimate! It is extremely laggy and he thinks that he can stop Alvin Hung. Green kid is most probably some kid who has a mentality of a 3 year old. He also said that Alvin Hung hates creativity. That is not true because he is just sick and tired of unoriginal grounding videos. Vote this for number one because green kid sucks!

18 SamTheGoanimateRanter

He ranted on Weatherstar4000video he is mega far grounded

19 samster5677

He is the Worst Youtuber Ever! He makes grounded videos of Caillou. I hate Caillou Gets Grounded. I only like Boris Gets Grounded, Clyde gets Grounded, Bongo gets grounded, and Dora Gets Grounded

Someone better terminate him for hating Caillou.

Someone better terminate him for that

He has AIDS

20 OfficerPoop247

Can't understand why he has so many subscribers

Two Words: Child abused

21 Caillou Reloaded
22 Weatherstar4000video

Screw this user for making videos out of princess peach

His videos do say lots of bad words.

23 MumaX992
24 Barney in the Hat
25 ThomasTheCatWarrior
26 Caleb the Animator
27 Popler 121 VGCP AUTTP

Thinks Flash is a ripoff of GoAnimate.

28 L Ryan L Ryan
29 Isaac Andersen Animations

He promotes child abuse, swearing, disrespecting opinions, saying that young teenagers before there puberty they are kids, and trying to roast people who hate him. He says he "puts effort" but doesn't bother to use the Alan The Video Maker styled models nor never EVEN referenced the models.

Puts effort. My butt.

If I would recommend one video, it would be his OLD 2014 Caillou Movie on Sailor Sedna's channel - Maddox121

30 Michael The GoAnimate Guy


31 Clogger More
32 True Animate
33 Phormillion
34 Pucca FTW Kid vs. Kat Sucks
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