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1 Godzilla (1998)

Ain't no way Godzilla can be a giant iguana attacking New York. Hell, I'll be glad they finally create a better Godzilla that looks exactly perfect like his previous ones for May 16, 2014 because the way I see it he looks better that way.

I don't particularly like Godzilla's Revenge, but at least I have fun when I watch it. Nothing about this film is enjoyable and it has no business sharing its name with my favorite film of all time.

Godzilla Final Wars, Destroy All Monsters and Tokyo SOS were awesome! This film should definitely be Number 1. It ruined Godzilla's Image!

It's A Good Movie, It Just Ain't Godzilla. I Loved It. It Is A Amazing Movie, Just Isn't Godzilla, That's All.

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2 Godzilla's Revenge

You might as well just classify this as barney in a Godzilla suit. - AnythigGrunge4

This movie, is nothing, and I mean nothing, But stock footage from other godzilla movies, it was so bad, that I considered it the worst movie of all time

I thought Son of Godzilla was bad. Nope. It's a masterpiece compared to this. Also, why is 1998 above this? It wasn't that bad. - RalphBob

Godzilla's Revenge AKA All Monsters Attack (1969) is the Worst Godzilla Ever. Worse than the 1998 Godzilla or Zilla Movie

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3 Son of Godzilla

This movie is terrible, and hard to watch

SO Corny. Godzilla looks so bad in this movie. And why is he fighting a giant praying mantis and a spider? Minya is just annoying. - AnythigGrunge4

Just stupid

What?! Praying mantis and spider? Hahalolz, so stupid! Nice that you put this 2nd, Anythng! - HezarioSeth

4 Godzilla Raids Again

My god. This movie commits the cardinal sin of kaiju movies: uninteresting and boring the entire way through on top of being bad.

5 Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster

Same thing with Terror of Mechagodzilla. It took forever to get interesting - AnythigGrunge4

Except Terror of Mechagodzilla is better than this piece of junk. - asantalo

6 Destroy All Monsters

Why WHY! Would you put a great movie Classic in the worst movie list but my opinion final wars is better than destroy all monsters but destroy all monsters is one of the best (I respect your opinion)

It's so boring. Final Wars is much more fun.

This movie ruined my whole week when I saw it - AnythigGrunge4

This is my favorite showa movie. I mean HOW many times do you get to see VARAN or BARAGON or even MANDA in a movie? This is one of the BEST! 😡

7 Godzilla vs. Megalon

It's really more so bad it's good/funny than the worst. Jet Jaguar is a riot.

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8 Godzilla vs. Hedorah
9 Godzilla vs. Monster Zero

This movie is just flat out boring. And really? Godzilla on space. Wow - AnythigGrunge4

Invasion of astro monster is one of the WORST ghidorah the three headed monster is better than this stupid movie they let godzilla and Rodan lose I HATE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH and why should they call ghidorah monster zero? WHAT

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10 Godzilla vs. Megaguirus

This movie sucks. Put this on number 10.

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11 Godzilla vs. Gigan
12 Terror of Mechagodzilla

WHAT! That's my all time favorite movie! TAKE THAT OFF RIGHT NOW!

It took WAY to long to get interesting. - AnythigGrunge4

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13 Godzilla: Final Wars

This movie was so good. What is your problem?

This movie was amazing and one of the best! What is wrong with you?!

Before you get mad at me let me explain. First of all this didn't even feel like a Godzilla movie. Sure it was epic but it was just so crazy. I know Godzilla is bad ass but I mean its not even enjoyable when he kills enemies so god damn fast. Lastly, I just dislike movies last in the series. It always makes me sad. This is honestly just my opinion - AnythigGrunge4

Get this movie of this list! - 906389

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14 Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla

Wha? This movie was awesome. Get this off the list! The only problem with this movie is Little Godzilla. The battle in the end between Godzilla, Moguera and SpaceGodzilla was epic!

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15 The Return of Godzilla V 3 Comments
16 Godzilla vs. Mothra

Godzilla losing to a MOTH? Absolute filth.

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17 King Kong vs Godzilla

It is awful that Kong wins,Hopefully Godzilla fries this punk in the remake.

Man this movie suucks! it all focuses on king kong and it was not fair that toho made king kong bigger and stronger than godzilla and worst king kong cheated and godzilla was horrible but godzilla is still my favorite character so I like him but not in this movie he looks so ugly and derpy and he was weak

18 Godzilla vs Mothra Battle for Earth
19 Godzilla (2014)

I think this one deserves a new rating, Swiss Pants.
I must admit I zoned out and missed most of the garbage shot in the dark, if only
I had missed more. Please don't anyone try and fill me in on what was supposed to get going on as I am desperately trying to forget as much as I can, I could say more but that would bring it back to mind...de dum de de de dum...la la la... Ah that's better

20 Godzilla Resurgence

Ugly mothersucker

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