Top Ten Worst Goosebumps Books


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21 The Scream of the Haunted Mask
22 Weirdo Halloween

This was not a good one

You call this scary

23 Monster Blood II
24 Night of the Living Dummy III
25 Night of the Living Dummy

You should take this off this list. This is my 2nd favorite goosebumps book.

Wha? On the worst list? Honestly, there's something wrong with u people

The most overrated Goosebumps book ever. The two main characters are so anoying in this one and the dummy isn't that scary in it or the in the sequals books.

26 You Can't Scare Me

This one was scary

It was ok, a bit boring though...


27 Bad Hare Day

It was funny and I loved it

28 Return of the Mummy
29 Stay Out of the Basement

Loved it so much. Get it off your list!

Couldn't finish this one, bored me

Grat bok Grat epicod

T.V. show was excellento

30 The 12 Screams of Christmas
31 Welcome to Dead House
32 The Curse of Camp Cold Lake V 1 Comment
33 My Hairiest Adventure
34 The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena
35 Please Don't Feed the Vampire

Not in the least a chiller!

36 Say Cheese and Die
37 Slappy New Year!

it so bad

38 How I Learned to Fly

Dude,they need to be scary looking to draw the reader in and the cover come on and ask yourself this before you read a Goosebumps book dose it look scary

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