Top 10 Worst Gorillaz Songs


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1 Do Ya Thing

Wot. this is like one of their best songs

This sucks.

Literally my 2nd most favourite gorillaz song


2 Seattle Yodel

Worst way to end an album my god

just yodel

It's bad but quite sad if you think about how this album might be a call for help and think about Murdoch abuse. That just bothers me.

It's a yodeling pickle; nothing more needs to be said.

3 White Flag

It's just okay

I really just don't think that this song should have made it to the final album

Am I the only one that seems to know about the beauty of this and Sweepstakes?

So annoying and tuneless just like Keyson said - JaysTop10List

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4 Ghost Train

I actually really like this song. It may not be their greatest, but it surely doesn't deserve to be number 1 on this list. Besides, you have this song to thank for Gorillaz even existing.

God the vocals are awful and the instrumentation is bad.

5 The Speak It Mountains
6 Sex Murder Party Sex Murder Party

Definitely the worst Gorillaz song

This song is not a goob - Toot

I don't like this song but none of the gorillaz songs are out right bad. you have to say there's a gorillaz song for everyone but not every song by the gorillaz is for everyone

7 People

I hate this one - JaysTop10List

8 Rockit

What a bloody song - JaysTop10List

9 Halfway to the Halfway House
10 Glitter Freeze

The Contenders

11 Plastic Beach


12 Garage Palace

Terrible waste of a song

Sad waste of a decent video. - Toot

Disgusting. Horrible vocals and bad instrumental. Definitely the worst

Oh my god I hated this song. I love humanz but ew oml

13 Sweepstakes

What the crap is this this?

14 Hallelujah Money
15 Carnival

I have to admit, I understand why one might not like this song, but it's nowhere close to their 14th worst song. It's not like it's The Speak it Mountains or anything. - Toot

16 Don't Get Lost in Heaven

For Me, this was the weakest song on Demon Days (besides the intro). For me it kind of feels out of place when I listen to it in the car

17 Hillbilly Man

Nice but 2D sounds like a cat in this one - JaysTop10List

18 Murdoc is God
19 Souk Eye Souk Eye

This song is brilliant! What is wrong with you?!

It's a terrible song off the now now and not worth anyones time

20 Momentz Momentz

A decent song, actually. I just don't like it.

This is annoying

21 Phoner to Arizona

Horrible song. Just a bunch of random synths.

This song hurts to listen to. Especially with headphones on.

22 Latin Simone

What even is this song? People complain about the album Humanz not sounding like Gorillaz, but nobody mentions this song.

23 Some Kind of Nature

This is one of the best songs off Plastic Beach. - winterbreeze

I actually happen to like this song... - Mumbizz01

24 O Green World

How do people like this song. It’s awful. Just god awful

Good song, actually. - undeadfred87

25 Clint Eastwood

Lol one of their singles

One of the worst song of all time by any performer.

Lol this is one of their best

Lol, I only voted this to say it’s fine, I was listening to it on the 2000s radio and I was jamming to it because it’s good.

26 19 - 2000
27 The Speak It Mountain

Wut why is this on the list twice - gizzmokids1

How is this better than Do Ya Thing? - Toot

28 Fire Flies Fire Flies

How any human being considers this to be worse than Momentz I will never understand. - gizzmokids1

29 Doncamatic


30 Submission Submission

Hands down one of the worst Gorillaz songs of all time. - winterbreeze

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