Worst Grades of School

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1 7 Grade

God forbid I ever have to deal with 7th grade again. I literally lost most, if not all of my hope, motivation, and energy, from a month in that hellish grade alone. 90% of the people that I once knew in my class turned from being themselves into becoming wannabe cool kids.

Being very anti-social myself, I only had to witness the true horrors social-wise, including two best friends breaking apart because one of them wanted to be best friends with somebody "cooler" more, and that's just one of them.

Because I go to a private school, I might've not even witnessed the true horrors that everyone else speaks of, but I still have had to deal with many of these awful things. For the teachers, it felt as if they literally searched for the worst teachers to work in the middle school classroom at my school (like I said, my school works a little different). The worst case of this was the aid in my classroom I had to deal with for the whole year, of whom discouraged and judged ...more

Usually for me, every school grade has its prons and cons EXCEPT for 7th grade. I am a senior and 7th grade is the only school year for me where the cons outnumbered the pros. The kids are out of control, you have no hope of graduating high school as its really far away (or getting to high school in general),everyone looks really awkward and ugly, the end of your childhood, girls pulling up their pants as high as to their ribs, bullying is at its peak, you are aware of the cruel things in the world, your parents become more abusive to you, getting tons of homework right of the bat, stress, deperssion (possibly), hormone flucations, notes almost everyday, long periods, and kids causing fights and not stopping until something serious happens. I have some more, but I am gonna stop here. All I can say is, if you are reading this and is in 6th grade or below, I am warning you about this, this may be the worst 9 months of your life. If you are in 7th grade reading this, then I wish you the ...more

I found it kind of funny how you said "that's all," when you gave a well-done description on why seventh grade sucks. I applaud you.

7th Grade is by far the worst year of my life. Homework caused stress and failure and once a month would cause a family crisis. The teachers are young and have no experience, they honestly don't care if you fail or not. Bullying was a huge issue which would also lead to many fights. I also lost friends and I felt like I was being separated from my family. I even took a before and after photo of 7th grade and I looked tired, stressed and I even lost hair! You cannot disagree 7th grade was the worst grade in school.

6th grade was terrible, but 7th grade (the grade I am in now) is dark, gloomy, and tragic. Kids in my class are out of control and give little to no respect to the teachers that are trying to educate us. I hated the kids and they hated me; not just in my grade, but kids in the entire school besides a select few.

We had mountains of homework, my grades were horrible, the teachers suck, and the kids are racist, sexist, and are only trying to make the school that I go to have no purpose whatsoever. My schools purpose is to become mature men. Then why are kids throwing stuff in classes, talking when they aren't supposed to, and making noise. No wonder the teachers left last year.

Call me a loser, but my school life is starting to go downhill.

2 6 Grade

There were so many things wrong with 6th grade. First of all, I had to leave elementary school, which I'd been in for 6 years and I had grown a strong bond with the school. Also, in my district, there's one school for all of the 6th graders in the town, so I didn't know most of the kids (about 450) because there are 7 elementary schools in my district. Most of my friends from elementary school either didn't have any classes with me, or were on a different team, mostly the latter, so I had to make a bunch of new friends, which was really hard. There were three teams and apparently, my team was the "smart" one because we were the only one with honors classes so some people on the other teams were jealous. I was alone for most of the time and the lunches sucked. I literally sat on the curb and read books during recess. I fell into a really deep depression over the summer before school started and stayed really depressed for the entire school year and didn't talk to anyone about it. I was ...more

Sixth grade was by far the worst grade ever. My teachers were fine with me, but they were rude to everyone else. The work was EXTREMELY hard for a 11 year old like me, causing me to get nothing but B's and C's on my report card. And, worst of all, everyone talks and acts rude to everyone because they think they can do whatever they want because it was the final grade in the school (and I get blamed for it! ) Also, everybody had different hobbies than me. Good thing I'm done with it.

I hate 6th grade thank god it's almost over. I lost friends they hang with bad guys now. 6th grade should be number 1!. I have mean teachers that punish the whole class and retarded kids. Some kids in my class are so dumb that they can't do long division or multiplication! Also the kids in my class make animal noises and crawl under tables and their so noisy! People make fun of me sometimes cause I'm Arabic and I wear the scarf sometimes they think I have cancer! I'm going to celebrated when it's over!

Sixth grade was REALLY stressful. Every week, we would get a project (not exaggerating) in science. We also had a project every week in social studies (again not exaggerating). My grades would often go high then go low. Whenever one of my grades were high, the other was low. When the other was high, the other other one was low. But, all of my teachers were really nice, and I made lots of friends. The only thing I hated about 6th grade is the constant stress, homework, and projects.

3 5 Grade

I didn't really like 5th grade. It was just that one grade that I didn't really like compared to other grades. So it was a split class, 5th grade and 6th grade. Middle French. I guess I could say the real reason I disliked 5th grade was because of the 6th graders. Oh how I hated them. They were just so annoying. There is also another big reason. A whole lot of my good friends were in another class so I had to make some friends in my class. I actually did make a friend but that friend did cause lots of stress and drama for me during the year. They even manipulated some of my other friends. Something that makes it even worse would be the homework. A lot of the homework was really hard. A lot of the homework we had was for the 6th graders! Even more, there was too many piles of homework due shortly! There were so many tests as well. And the majority of marks I got on those tests were C+ and R. Now lots of people may say 6th grade is horrible but at least my 6th grade class was ONLY 6th ...more

5th grade SUCKED...Like really bad. Just saying. Even though I got straight A's and stuff, I still hated it. In 5th grade, we had to do so many worksheets, I think we cut down a whole forest. I still have to do work sheets in 6th grade but not as much because my classes are mostly digitalized. Also, the elementary school I went to was pure trash. It had a decent budget but the school was spending it on the useless things. Also, in this school, they favored girls over boys and didn't think them as equals. Especially the lunch staff. They banned pokemon cards but didn't ban some doll the girls were bringing to school and every time the girls got in trouble, the lunch staff gave punishments to the boys... The staff in 5th grade thought we were still had the mental capacity of a 5 year old and punished us for ridiculous reasons. I just hated this grade so much it totally deserved this spot on the list. I felt so good leaving to middle school

Yes. In my school there were fights like every day for the stupidest reasons ever, and people started acting actually bad.

I just graduated 5th grade. I barely had any friends in my class, all of my friends were in one other class, I was basically only known in my class for my drawing skills, I used to be claimed "funny" in K-4 grade but all of my jokes and impressions were barely laughed at, I was talked about behind my back, I had trouble in math, and I embarrassed myself in class by sobbing over a fear of something. 5th grade wasn't the best grade ever, I actually enjoyed it at times. It was just difficult though. The last day (field day) was the best though because a person that didn't like me for the whole year became my friend and acted very kind towards me. Also, I won a free liter of soda! The last day was pure awesomeness.. I wish the rest could've been like that.. Ah well! Let's see how 6th grade goes!... Wait, 6th grade is in the top ten? Oh boy. I can't wait..

4 8 Grade

This has to be the worst year for me because not only that I lost interest in school, but I realized some of the other students are just idiots!

This was the worst year for me. I was bullied by my science teacher. My friends and I all became wannabe mean girls, and I completely destroyed friendships. It was also the year where I got my first boyfriend and found out that he never even liked me. I barely passed honors science and my mental health was horrible. I became addicted to my phone and stopped reading to be cool. Also, me and my crappy ex friends used to drink alcohol in their basements. I completely screwed over my best friend. Also, I realized that I was bisexual. And I starved myself for most of the year. Basically 8th grade was Hell.

This was the only year I got bullied really badly and the worst thing is that it was by one of my close friends. Since I went to a small school everyone knew everyone even if you were the least popular kid there. So the girl would threaten me and she would hide it when we were in school and since she had a lot of money she would take away my friends. I later couldn't eat or anything because she started to tell my friends to do the same thing and back then I was really quiet, I am actually still in the 8th grade but it's the end of the year. I found new better friends. I realized many things thanks to the bully whom used to be one of my close friends. So I blame and thank her at the same time. Also this year I realized I should stop backing up my friends or standing up for them because they never did it for me-- I realized what people were and that this was the brim before high school--- 8th grade sucks but there's a reason for it.

Where the true pressure starts. It starts in 6th grade, but 8th grade is the peak.

5 4 Grade

Oh god... I remember that 3 months before the last day of school out teacher decided to take a break, so she got a substitute teacher. Worst teacher I had in my life. I remember two kids got in a fight; it first started verbally but then it got physical. The substitute was just watching the fight! She did a lot of other bad things like scolding a kid if they got a grade lower than a B-, leaving the classroom for about 20 minutes, and she even changed our lunch time! We were the last ones to eat! The worst thing she had ever done was a week before the last day of school. She had put school computers on everyone's desk, and a small trifold so we couldn't see what someone else is doing on the computer. She said we could play "games". She had put a list of links on every computer... Expect one of the links was supposed to give you a virus. The link looked like someone had typed random words then ended it with.com. I knew there was something with the ink so I didn't click on it, but ...more

I hated 4th grade! Grade 1 was difficult but 4th by far was the worst.

4th grade was the worst at my school. You needed to learn a bunch of things at once. My teacher expected us to do EXACTLY what she said to do, and when we do it, she got mad! We also had lunch later than the fifth graders! We didn't get to do anything fun like all the other grades. Don't even get me started about our gym teacher! She was plain evil.

I loved this grade in my opinion, but that was when my puberty started, and I slowly went from a happy innocent child who would be himself to a lousy, depressed wannabe kid who just wanted to be cool.

6 12 Grade

Grade 12 was good grade, I graduated, but I do miss school sometimes - trains45

I m not looking forward to doing a bibliography 10 page essay next year. At least I will leave stupid high school after June 2020 - Ihateschool

I had a very strict homeroom teacher in 12th grade. She obviously hates me because she gets me in trouble for stupid things (or nothing) almost all the time.

This should be number one!

7 9 Grade

I had such a hard time adjusting to High school in 9th grade that I had to go to a mental hospital - Ihateschool

There are a lot of changes, puberty continues, you can get bullied by people who are a foot taller than you, you can lose a lot of your friends, and it's a brand new school. How worse can it get?

I have a friend (or so I thought) she would make me do stuff for her... CONSTANTLY! I'm tired of her doing that and it makes me angry. I turned 16 yesterday and now she's 15 (PS: I'm a sophomore and she's a freshman) At least her mom told her to stay away from me from now on, because I'm getting tired of her attitude and plus, I hang out with her older brother sometimes (I've known him since last year when he was a junior, so now he's a senior) my friend (who is also 16 and is a sophomore) went through the same problem I did and she was getting on our nerves. At least when me and my friend were freshman, we were mature enough to handle ourselves - Stazemar000

Why ISN'T the freshman year mad? Freshmen are fresh meat to the Seniors and Juniors.

8 3 Grade

I just got out of this grade and it sucked! Mostly because of the teacher. Story: In this grade on Monday I had a spelling pre-test and if I missed any of the words I would have to take the spelling test that applied for all the students in my class. And the school has a grandparents day were the grandparents come in and there is a feast and all that. And it was a Friday turns out when I went upstairs to my classroom with my grandma I had missed the spelling test and my teacher got mad at me and said "Well you were with your grandparents." Isn't that stupid! Another story: So my school has library time on Thursdays where the students get to read and all that. So I was reading and my friends were playing a board-game and I went over to them and said "Can I play" and instead of yes they rudely said "No! " So I went over to my teacher and told on them and guess what. SHE AGREED WITH THEM! "

Not really the worst for me, but the worst part about this was that standardized testing starts.

When I was 3th grade it was hard I that not no how to speak English but I was born her my first language was Turkish then Russian and then English it was very hard I that not know how to talk or write but now I am 7th grade and happy because I know that I am going to miss 3,4,5,and 6 grade, one day when I grow up and remember the days I hate but now I love.

Trust me, This grade is terrible. I got in so much trouble, just because of this guy I sat next to. He always blamed things on me. Though, for some reason my teacher still liked me. I'm going into 6th grade in August, and compared to 3rd grade, I think third grade gives you more homework!

9 2 Grade

Harassed by my teacher and fellow class mates, during the beginning of school till the end. It was an awful experience looking back at it 10 years later.

My 2nd grade year was BY FAR the worst school year I have EVER gone through. And it was all due to my teacher. She was old and extremely cranky. She also had no patience with kids, and would discipline anyone over the smallest things. I ended up having to stay after school (detention) over not listening to minor things. The 2nd semester wasn't as bad, but I still hated 2nd grade as a whole. Thankfully, this was the teacher's last year of teaching before retirement.

I got bullied so much at this time, only 1 of my friends were in my class, and my grandma died.

This was my golden year. I was very popular, this was the year I finally made my two best friends, but now, in 5th grade, we drifted apart. They no longer talked to me. They left me in the dust. But I found better friends, 3 better friends. Who soon became my best friends.

10 10 Grade

Today is my last day of 10th grade, and we shall all be thankful for that. Such an abhorrent year. The anxiety and the stress were at ridiculous levels, hormones and emotions were uncontrollable, oral presentations left and right, a research paper, slumping this last quarter, idiot students not getting a clue/taking a hint, and terrible, TERRIBLE teachers. While I made more friends this year than I have any other school year, everything else just sucked real hard. Screw 10th grade and the fact that it's lower than 7th grade, the fact that 7th grade is considered the worst is just insulting to me.

Everyday there was overload work that was finished at 1:00, and teachers who could not teach for crap. Between all 8 classes there was at least 1 test everyday. This grade was the most boring because I didn't learn squat, and the most difficult. I was happy on my last day of this dark age of life called "sophomore year". The last day had felt like a 747 jet has been taken off of my shoulders, I'll never forget that spectacular date!

The photography class I'm doing until the semester's over is a NIGHTMARE. I always feel nervous and stressed when new things pop up, and I'm also almost speechless when I try to talk.

This is when those once humble freshmen start getting cocky.

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11 11 Grade

Everyone hated me in 11th grade for some reason. I guess it was because I was uncool for not making jokes about wanting to kill myself like everyone else. Bunch of inconsiderate jerks.

I vote for junior year. There's the ACT and SAT, plus you're so close to being a senior, which is the best grade. - Turkeyasylum

11th grade is the hardest grade academically. The SAT and ACT are absolute hell. You'll never come across something as bad as those two tests.

I performed terribly in my grades in third quarter in my junior year. Hopefully, I can do better this fourth quarter. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

12 Kindergarten

I had the best teacher in the school in kindergarten. My sibling has her this year.

Kindergarden, the place that I visited and I never want to do it again. All children we're bullying me (except like 3-4 people), also, I don't get it why did We have to sleep after lunch? We did not lay our asses on beds after breakfast, so why after lunch? Also, newcomers started pushing me around the day they came in. - MinecraftHater

Are you kidding you kidding i - SOUTHPARKFANHH

Kindergarten was fun, all we did was play games.

13 1 Grade

I had the worst teacher! she would torture me and put on one of the worst shows ever, the wiggles!

I had absolutely ZERO friends. I was an outcast, no one knew me. My best friend hated me, talked about me, lied to me, and more. All I have to say is a big middle finger.

Well, everyone Is deeply immature still in this grade, but I still hated it. Always snitches, and no real friends

I'm only in 5th grade and I think it's awesome but in first grade my teacher was so mean - Stevenpenguin

14 Preschool

My preschool was so horrible. We didn't have tricycles or playground, WE HAD NO RECESS. We sat in there, taking tests and crap. Those were the reasons I only went to 2 classes and skipped all the rest.

For my preschool school portraits we had to pose with a book on the flags of the world that WE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO READ OR INTERPRET and pretend to read it as we were getting our pictures taken. Are they trying to turn us into CHILD PRODIGIES?

I was first time I went to first school at 2004 I was baby 2 years old then I cry because I wanna to my mom together then mom left and then I stop cry I was 2 years old from long ago I start at preschool

Then I'm 8th grade

I was super shy and socially awkward in preschool, and I didn't have any friends back then. I probably would have loved preschool if this wasn't the case

15 13 grade

My school you could go to grade 13 if you wanted to take an extra high school year after graduating

Wait... there's a thirteenth grade? Oh, hell no!

Dude I hated my thirteenth grade I wish there were a lot of bad words for this one

I have no 13 grade, so it's probably my worst year.