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1 7 Grade

7th Grade is by far the worst year of my life. Homework caused stress and failure and once a month would cause a family crisis. The teachers are young and have no experience, they honestly don't care if you fail or not. Bullying was a huge issue which would also lead to many fights. I also lost friends and I felt like I was being separated from my family. I even took a before and after photo of 7th grade and I looked tired, stressed and I even lost hair! You cannot disagree 7th grade was the worst grade in school.

Definitely the worst. Thank god I'm in 8th grade now. We seriously had bucketloads of homework every single day. We had embarrassing "skits" we had to do in history & if you didn't have an acting talent you pretty much failed the project because our teacher didn't give a crap about anything. We had many confusing subjects in science such as chemistry & we had to take notes until our hand became numb. But english was definitely the worst. You had to write a 5-paragraph essay every other week & it took up way too much time considering it was due in like 2 days. The only good subject was math because we had a very good teacher & he gave us just the right amount of homework & it wasn't that bad. But still, overall 7th grade was awful.

7th Grade wasn't so hard for me socially (In our school everyone sticks to their cliques (In my case the nerds) and doesn't bother another one) or academically (I'm an Honors student) but the homework was a killer. Oh, and don't even get me started on the teachers. One of them (Every generation has a name for her, ours was Blowfish) would shoo away our raised hands and not let us use the bathroom. So yeah, 7th grade wasn't the worst, but it definitely deserves third.

God this was horrible, stress, counseling, fights, ugh

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2 6 Grade

Sixth grade was by far the worst grade ever. My teachers were fine with me, but they were rude to everyone else. The work was EXTREMELY hard for a 11 year old like me, causing me to get nothing but B's and C's on my report card. And, worst of all, everyone talks and acts rude to everyone because they think they can do whatever they want because it was the final grade in the school (and I get blamed for it! ) Also, everybody had different hobbies than me. Good thing I'm done with it.

Sixth grade was REALLY stressful. Every week, we would get a project (not exaggerating) in science. We also had a project every week in social studies (again not exaggerating). My grades would often go high then go low. Whenever one of my grades were high, the other was low. When the other was high, the other other one was low. But, all of my teachers were really nice, and I made lots of friends. The only thing I hated about 6th grade is the constant stress, homework, and projects.

I hate 6th grade thank god it's almost over. I lost friends they hang with bad guys now. 6th grade should be number 1!. I have mean teachers that punish the whole class and retarded kids. Some kids in my class are so dumb that they can't do long division or multiplication! Also the kids in my class make animal noises and crawl under tables and their so noisy! People make fun of me sometimes cause I'm Arabic and I wear the scarf sometimes they think I have cancer! I'm going to celebrated when it's over!

Everyone is a jerk.

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3 5 Grade

I didn't really like 5th grade. It was just that one grade that I didn't really like compared to other grades. So it was a split class, 5th grade and 6th grade. Middle French. I guess I could say the real reason I disliked 5th grade was because of the 6th graders. Oh how I hated them. They were just so annoying. There is also another big reason. A whole lot of my good friends were in another class so I had to make some friends in my class. I actually did make a friend but that friend did cause lots of stress and drama for me during the year. They even manipulated some of my other friends. Something that makes it even worse would be the homework. A lot of the homework was really hard. A lot of the homework we had was for the 6th graders! Even more, there was too many piles of homework due shortly! There were so many tests as well. And the majority of marks I got on those tests were C+ and R. Now lots of people may say 6th grade is horrible but at least my 6th grade class was ONLY 6th ...more

5th grade SUCKED...Like really bad. Just saying. Even though I got straight A's and stuff, I still hated it. In 5th grade, we had to do so many worksheets, I think we cut down a whole forest. I still have to do work sheets in 6th grade but not as much because my classes are mostly digitalized. Also, the elementary school I went to was pure trash. It had a decent budget but the school was spending it on the useless things. Also, in this school, they favored girls over boys and didn't think them as equals. Especially the lunch staff. They banned pokemon cards but didn't ban some doll the girls were bringing to school and every time the girls got in trouble, the lunch staff gave punishments to the boys... The staff in 5th grade thought we were still had the mental capacity of a 5 year old and punished us for ridiculous reasons. I just hated this grade so much it totally deserved this spot on the list. I felt so good leaving to middle school

I just graduated 5th grade. I barely had any friends in my class, all of my friends were in one other class, I was basically only known in my class for my drawing skills, I used to be claimed "funny" in K-4 grade but all of my jokes and impressions were barely laughed at, I was talked about behind my back, I had trouble in math, and I embarrassed myself in class by sobbing over a fear of something. 5th grade wasn't the best grade ever, I actually enjoyed it at times. It was just difficult though. The last day (field day) was the best though because a person that didn't like me for the whole year became my friend and acted very kind towards me. Also, I won a free liter of soda! The last day was pure awesomeness.. I wish the rest could've been like that.. Ah well! Let's see how 6th grade goes!... Wait, 6th grade is in the top ten? Oh boy. I can't wait..

Ugh, I'm in 5th grade currently and I have so much homework due at his date or that. And they're usually big parts of my grade! T_T

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4 8 Grade

This was the only year I got bullied really badly and the worst thing is that it was by one of my close friends. Since I went to a small school everyone knew everyone even if you were the least popular kid there. So the girl would threaten me and she would hide it when we were in school and since she had a lot of money she would take away my friends. I later couldn't eat or anything because she started to tell my friends to do the same thing and back then I was really quiet, I am actually still in the 8th grade but it's the end of the year. I found new better friends. I realized many things thanks to the bully whom used to be one of my close friends. So I blame and thank her at the same time. Also this year I realized I should stop backing up my friends or standing up for them because they never did it for me-- I realized what people were and that this was the brim before high school--- 8th grade sucks but there's a reason for it.

My 8th grade has to been the grade that my LIFE went straight to hell!

Here's why because I been through one hell of a changes that are so unacceptable to move on!

1.Early October, I lost one of my P.E. classes because a 7th grader fought my for no reason & I got embarrassed!

2.I took dance classes because of the fight in Gym class.

3.On November my grandparents of my favorite place & I was on unable to help them because my little brothers & I spent a night at my dad's house! The day after that I couldn't get over it & I was led down!

4.My sports skills went downhill & I wasn't involved in it no more!

5.On New Year's Day I accidentally DELETED all my precious photos on my family computer!

6.On the last week of January I had to stay home from school because we moved to another apartment. While I was helping out my dad showed up & I was looking mean because my dad yelled at me tons of times!

7.On February at gym class I end up ...more

I've had depression for a while, but it was going away after seventh grade. Then, eight grade hits me like a truck. Suddenly, my depression is back with a vengeance. The teachers are rude, the assignments pointless, and honestly is just a waste of time. My stress and anxiety levels rose to a new high, and I have started to take medicine and seek therapy because of this.

Most girls at their "sluttiest" in this year (even if it sounds really offensive, sadly it's true), so any guy's hope for a meaningful relationship is gone

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5 12 Grade

Has the least challenge and conflict. But at the same time it feels the least necessary. Once you're set to go to college, it feels like you're wasting an extra 6 months. - marmalade_skies

This should be number one!

This should be #1. I've been so depressed this year.

At least after that you only have college

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6 4 Grade

In this grade, I moved. I came to my new school. My old school was great. But this one, not so much. My teacher explained the homework to me, and told me not to do something. I didn't, and I got in trouble for it! I had to have silent lunch. My 4th grade teacher was terrible!

This grade sucks. My teacher was not just mean but an ass. He made me in trouble several times just to be mean and would jump out at me anytime he could. He hated me for no reason. It seems like other kids had the same thing.

My teacher was a preschool teacher. She would wear strange clothes like polka dotted dresses. We did baby crafts with snowman. But at least she was not mean - PatrickStar

I ♥d 4th - Pokemonfan10

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7 11 Grade

Everyone hated me in 11th grade for some reason. I guess it was because I was uncool for not making jokes about wanting to kill myself like everyone else. Bunch of inconsiderate jerks.

I vote for junior year. There's the ACT and SAT, plus you're so close to being a senior, which is the best grade. - Turkeyasylum

I performed terribly in my grades in third quarter in my junior year. Hopefully, I can do better this fourth quarter. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Why is 4th grade higher than this?

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8 9 Grade

I have a friend (or so I thought) she would make me do stuff for her... CONSTANTLY! I'm tired of her doing that and it makes me angry. I turned 16 yesterday and now she's 15 (PS: I'm a sophomore and she's a freshman) At least her mom told her to stay away from me from now on, because I'm getting tired of her attitude and plus, I hang out with her older brother sometimes (I've known him since last year when he was a junior, so now he's a senior) my friend (who is also 16 and is a sophomore) went through the same problem I did and she was getting on our nerves. At least when me and my friend were freshman, we were mature enough to handle ourselves - Stazemar000

While everybody already hit puberty, I hit puberty and I was the strange kid. Maybe it's just my school but I hated it

9th grade you have to make new friends that you don't know I'm in 9th all my cousins go their only two are in 9th all of em are in 12th

I hate being a freshman - YOSHIA2121

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9 10 Grade

Today is my last day of 10th grade, and we shall all be thankful for that. Such an abhorrent year. The anxiety and the stress were at ridiculous levels, hormones and emotions were uncontrollable, oral presentations left and right, a research paper, slumping this last quarter, idiot students not getting a clue/taking a hint, and terrible, TERRIBLE teachers. While I made more friends this year than I have any other school year, everything else just sucked real hard. Screw 10th grade and the fact that it's lower than 7th grade, the fact that 7th grade is considered the worst is just insulting to me. - DCfnaf

Everyday there was overload work that was finished at 1:00, and teachers who could not teach for crap. Between all 8 classes there was at least 1 test everyday. This grade was the most boring because I didn't learn squat, and the most difficult. I was happy on my last day of this dark age of life called "sophomore year". The last day had felt like a 747 jet has been taken off of my shoulders, I'll never forget that spectacular date!

This is when those once humble freshmen start getting cocky. - marmalade_skies

My God is it awful

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10 3 Grade

I just got out of this grade and it sucked! Mostly because of the teacher. Story: In this grade on Monday I had a spelling pre-test and if I missed any of the words I would have to take the spelling test that applied for all the students in my class. And the school has a grandparents day were the grandparents come in and there is a feast and all that. And it was a Friday turns out when I went upstairs to my classroom with my grandma I had missed the spelling test and my teacher got mad at me and said "Well you were with your grandparents." Isn't that stupid! Another story: So my school has library time on Thursdays where the students get to read and all that. So I was reading and my friends were playing a board-game and I went over to them and said "Can I play" and instead of yes they rudely said "No! " So I went over to my teacher and told on them and guess what. SHE AGREED WITH THEM! "

When I was 3th grade it was hard I that not no how to speak English but I was born her my first language was Turkish then Russian and then English it was very hard I that not know how to talk or write but now I am 7th grade and happy because I know that I am going to miss 3,4,5,and 6 grade, one day when I grow up and remember the days I hate but now I love.

This grade was really bad for me. I just moved, knew no one and someone asked to be my friend. I gladly answered yes. Boom, later in the year I met my absolute best friend but my first one was extremely rude. We stopped being friends later. To this day my other friend is my absolute best! She will be one of the only good memories of 3rd grade. - PaintedWolves

Teachers suck damn bithes and sluts

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11 1 Grade

I had absolutely ZERO friends. I was an outcast, no one knew me. My best friend hated me, talked about me, lied to me, and more. All I have to say is a big middle finger.

Well, everyone Is deeply immature still in this grade, but I still hated it. Always snitches, and no real friends

I'm only in 5th grade and I think it's awesome but in first grade my teacher was so mean - Stevenpenguin

I was picked on in 1rst grade

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12 Kindergarden

Kindergarden, the place that I visited and I never want to do it again. All children we're bullying me (except like 3-4 people), also, I don't get it why did We have to sleep after lunch? We did not lay our asses on beds after breakfast, so why after lunch? Also, newcomers started pushing me around the day they came in. - MinecraftHater

Are you kidding you kidding i - SOUTHPARKFANHH

Kindergarten was fun, all we did was play games.

It's where everything started - amenyoussef

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13 2 Grade

My 2nd grade year was BY FAR the worst school year I have EVER gone through. And it was all due to my teacher. She was old and extremely cranky. She also had no patience with kids, and would discipline anyone over the smallest things. I ended up having to stay after school (detention) over not listening to minor things. The 2nd semester wasn't as bad, but I still hated 2nd grade as a whole. Thankfully, this was the teacher's last year of teaching before retirement.

This was my golden year. I was very popular, this was the year I finally made my two best friends, but now, in 5th grade, we drifted apart. They no longer talked to me. They left me in the dust. But I found better friends, 3 better friends. Who soon became my best friends.

I had the worst teacher he would Allah yell ag everyone and never have patience. He threw stuff across the room when he got mad, but the students were not mean I had a lot of friends!

It was terable the teacher bulied me

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14 Preschool

My preschool was so horrible. We didn't have tricycles or playground, WE HAD NO RECESS. We sat in there, taking tests and crap. Those were the reasons I only went to 2 classes and skipped all the rest.

I was super shy and socially awkward in preschool, and I didn't have any friends back then. I probably would have loved preschool if this wasn't the case

I have absolutely no memory of pre school at all whatsoever.

This shouldn't even be on the list. You can't even remember any memory of Preschool so its hard to get a foothold on what happened during that time. - Call

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15 13th grade

Dude I hated my thirteenth grade I wish there were a lot of bad words for this one

This grade was so awful, I wished a few years ago it didn't exist...

I didn know 13th grade existed..

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