5 Grade


In 5th grade, my class all had water ice and the teacher denied me any because I said that some other kid in the class had a weird body odor (which was real). I was a kid and it just randomly slipped out of my mouth. The kid told the teacher and she tole me off and told me "no water ice for you". I apologized but the teacher still downright refused to give me any water ice as a punishment.

My mom picked me up, and during the whole ride home, I complained and told her that my teacher was being mean to me and that she gave the whole class water ice and not me...all while throwing a massive temper tantrum. I cried "IT'S NOT FAIR! WAH! " really really loudly. My mom was mad at my fit and said in a frustrated and tired tone of voice "OK fine, if I buy you a water ice, will you stop that crying? " I said yes and got the water ice that I was owed.

TL; DR: I threw a tantrum over water ice when I was 10 because of my mean 5th grade teacher.

This was my worst grade so far. Back then, I mostly did not did my work, which I had bad grades in reading, plus social studies. I passed my math test, but not my reading test on my first try. One month later, I attempted the reading test again. All I did was guess. About 2 weeks later, I was really nervous when the test results was back. I was surprised that I passed it. My parents was proud of me that I don't have to go to summer school. - MaxTheRabbit

Am in fifth grade and it's the worst grade so far when we did our class party they forces us to dance and hate dancing believe me fifth grade is the second worth grade for me so far but second grade was the worst my favorite grade was 4th grade because of my nice teacher plus I hate fifth grade because of the disrespectful children plus there are 2 people I really hate in my class I wish I can beat them up and if someone told me to beat them up I will - bert631

Glad this is number one. This grade was terrible and worse than grade 6. I'm so glad I'm done with it because my teacher was rude and bossy, I have a terrible class (except for some of my friends), and it was a waste of time. The work and tests were SO HARD AND BORING and yeah. Also I have a crush who was in my 6th grade class but not in my 5th grade class. I was very upset. 5th was truly the worst school grade ever.

I'm in fifth grade. I interact socially but I don't do academicly. My parents are Asian so I get yelled a lot! B=oh shoot (my parents expect me to get all A's).Plus my teacher it's so mean to me. Once I dropped my book and the teacher sent me into the principle's office saying that I threw it. Parent teacher conference = I'm screwed. I hope I survive middle school!

Haha this was my comment, I'm in 7th grade now (by the way what with those spelling/grammar errors? ) - DarkandSinister

This grade was fine academically, but this was the grade I got a referral (scam) for stepping on the book of a student because SHE dropped her stupid book on my head. Also the same grade ALL four of my old best friends left me for another school (since the school I am in is a K-8). I stayed with me long lost friend ( friendship beginning all the way from kindergarten and reunited at 5th grade), also I got pissed that more than half on my class left the school and only like less than 10 stayed and we used to be like 30. But I'm in 7th grade, all fine for now... Some new friends happy end lalalala

I'm in 5th now and so much responsibilities! IT is hard too. I don't like 5th grade, I want to be in 6th because some people say that it's the easiest grade. - funnyuser

Everyday in grade 5, I was bullied every single day, EVEN ON DAY 1! This made school much more stressful, and there were no positives to think about, nothing in grade 5 was good. I had no friends, and everyone wanted me to kill myself.

I'm in grade 5 now my only friend who came to my home moved and at the start of the year I heard that people talk behind my back at recess I sit on a bench alone and the work is grade 6 level for reading and I'm on grade 4 for reading I read a book and I dident know 45 words in it and yet there not helping me my old friends gossip and I stand up for a student but still do not have friends

I'm in 5th grade right now and my friends are now turning away and bulling me. I am acing every test and so now everyone cheats from me. When they sat next to me in class I thought it was because I had friends. I guess I was wrong..

The only reason I think it's bad because of the teacher I had, I was so happy when we switched to math no matter how much I fail at it it's better than social studies. He asked us "How is Donald Trump racist? " what? - Puppytart

Look, my fifth grade year was awful, but this should not be number one at all. Elementary school is a breeze with not much homework and easy to learn concepts. Not sure how this is so high.

We had a really mean teacher in 5th grade, and she always got on me because my favorite thing to do was to be the practical kid and be like, "You mean this..."

I didn't like first grade my teacher was kinda mean to me and I was kinda really naughty back then too so I got in lots of trouble in first grade

This was the worst year of my life. I had to move, but that's not what made it so horrible. My new teacher was a nightmare. She would give me silent lunch and make me walk laps durimg recess for really dumb reasons. Far too often I got those two punishments when I didn't even know what I did wrong! - thunderstar1124

I loved 5th grade. Great class, no drama, good teacher, and my best friend of 10 years was in my class. I also met 2 of my other best friends that year.

5th grade was my favorite year. I had 3 really good friends who had the same interests as me, but I barely see them anymore. - lovefrombadlands

5th grade was by far my favorite. We felt like the kings of elementary school and I was one of the most popular kids.

But 5th grade was my favorite year. I felt there was a bond in my class and there wasn't that much homework.

I don't know why, but I was super depressed in fifth grade. Just didn't have any friends or purpose I suppose. - keycha1n

In 5th grade, everyone pretended to be nice to me. - Cartoonfan202

I take back what I said about 4th grade, I just finished 5th and it sucks. - MusicMovieMinecraftMe

This is absolute torture, everyday everybody but my friends are complete turds to me, and my worst enemy, whenever somone asks him why he's mean to me he says "because he's ANNOYING" those stupid inconsiderate turds

How is this te worst? Fifth grade was my best year! Had a great class, great teacher, my best friend in that class, and we met two of our other current best friends in that class. Some of my best memories come from it.

I hated 5th grade I was bullied and had little to no friends. - SapphireGrim