6 Grade


Sixth grade was REALLY stressful. Every week, we would get a project (not exaggerating) in science. We also had a project every week in social studies (again not exaggerating). My grades would often go high then go low. Whenever one of my grades were high, the other was low. When the other was high, the other other one was low. But, all of my teachers were really nice, and I made lots of friends. The only thing I hated about 6th grade is the constant stress, homework, and projects.

I hate 6th grade thank god it's almost over. I lost friends they hang with bad guys now. 6th grade should be number 1!. I have mean teachers that punish the whole class and retarded kids. Some kids in my class are so dumb that they can't do long division or multiplication! Also the kids in my class make animal noises and crawl under tables and their so noisy! People make fun of me sometimes cause I'm Arabic and I wear the scarf sometimes they think I have cancer! I'm going to celebrated when it's over!

The teachers were nice. The homework pile was large. A popular group of guys hated me for my social awkwardness and for my looks. Sticking to my original group didn't go as planned. My friends split apart. Luckily, I made close friends. I was teased jokingly about being married to an eighth grader because of a school play. Needless to say, we never spoke again. Overall: loved the teachers, hated some students, and liked the classes with nice teachers and people I was friends with the most.

In six grade I had the worst teachers with the worst students and the work was really easy but it was so boring. Everyday in 5th period, about 4/5 of the class doesn't finish their homework. People bullied me. People in my class were annoying. Thank god I had pre algebra but it was still the worst grade ever

I totally agree. Kids are horribly mean in 6th grade. I'm glad sixth grade is done. - _Annabel_

I'm in 6th grade and I'm NOT wanting to accept the harsh comments that other students say about other people. They think since we're in 6th grade they all think oh yeah, we're so cool and we can do whatever we want. Their wrong. You Can't. The 6th grade teachers are Amazing, but the student I Aren't friends with are jerks when I'm around them or behind my back. Can't wait for this year to be over in a month

The one year of school I have absolutely zero good memories related to. Awful kids, everyone hated me and I hated everyone, grades started slipping, bad situation at home all year through, no friends until the winter of 7th grade. This was the on year where every day was just awful. Every day I would come home and cry for a solid hour about how awful everything was. First world problems.

6th grade...ugh. It was the 2006-07 year and I was a 12 year old with a deep voice and everyone else had high voices and was 11. I got bored in almost every class, couldn't open my locker for the first three days. I was the only one without a phone, all my friends were put on a different team on purpose basically. I forgot what I needed to do for homework, and was scared to death every day I walked in. 6th grade was the equivalent of hell.

I think 6th grade should be below 8th grade, I do not get why people hate on it or think it is hard, I can at least say the 6th graders are nicer than the 7th graders.

6th grade has to be the easiest grade in all of Middle School, why is it on the top of this list?

The subjects in my opinion were not that hard and the teachers were okay, this grade is pretty much an introduction to middle school. - Call

Everyone is so ignorant, and I have to listen to swears all day. Also, your friends split into different groups, and my peacekeeping efforts were in vain. My teachers hate me, and I even get bullied when I make honor roll. Sometimes I feel like the only smart one in my school.

It was horrible, all of the 7th and 8th graders bullied us! I hated it! Not to mention, it was my first year in band, and I was one of the worst players! (Of course, I've improved, but it was embarrassing because we had playing tests where we had to play in front of everybody, and it was hard watching all of the other kids get hundreds and getting a 70)

That happened to me. I was worried I would get a bad grade in band. The band teacher hated me and made me do hard playing tests like everyone else even though I switched instruments at the beginning of January. And I switched because she made it awful and I was the only one in that group. I was going to quit but she wouldn't let me quit. And anyway switching sounded better when she told me it was an option (and it was) except she kept being rude and embarrassed me in front of everyone and hated my friends and me and thought we were all stupid and lazy. I liked being in band and seeing my friends and I thought it was fun when we got to practice and perform. But it got so annoying because she had a favorite student who would always tattle on my friends and me and get us in huge trouble for barely anything. So I don't have to suffer through another detention, I'm quitting this year. - _Annabel_

Apparently swearing makes you cool so that's what I get to listen to... Plus it's a difficult transition from elementary to middle school. And right from the beginning they expect you to know everything and get all A's. I'm failing everything.

Why is 6th grade so bad? You are going to a new school, friends start to slip away, and it was an all around nightmare for me.

6th grade was the worst of my life because some strict teachers and mean kids and it's full of snitches and I gotten almost suspended from school doing stupid thing and I didn't want to tell my parents they won't believe me that I got suspended from school.

I think I wouldve been fine with this if it hadn't been for my 6th period. I was shorter than a lot of people, and my 6th period was in the 8th grade hallway! So while I walked to my classroom, I walked by these GIANTS who looked like they should've been in high school. I even remember one guy called me the offensive word "midget". I had to walk through that hallway every day in 6th grade. Good thing that's been over.

Sixth grade was hell, my best friend turned on me. I had a huge depression episode and ended up self harming. Everyone was just really rude and all of that. Honestly 7th grade was just so much better everyone was really chill with just about everything.

6th Grade was the worst grade for me hands down. The school work was to much for the 11, and 12 year old me. The Beginnings of Puberty was terrible. The Kids were incredibly mean to me, and much more. I'm 19 now, and still the 6th Grade was the worst. - RogerWatersfan1999

6th grade is the most disappointing school grade. It's not the worst, but it's the most disappointing. On the last day of 5th grade, I remember almost everyone was really hyped up to go to middle school so they can be the "big kids". But on the 2nd week of middle school, everyone relized that it is not what they were expecting. Everyone was really disappointed about it. So yeah.

When I got into 6th Grade, I was sent to another school than my three (and only) friends. The Kids are absolutely rude. All they ever talked about was "What are those?! ". The homework was difficult, and by the time I actually made a friend, I moved. The new school's homework is way more difficult now that I am in Pre-AP classes, and People barely talk to me. So yeah. 6th Grade is so far the worst grade for me. With only a few months left, 6th grade is probaly not going to magically change from bad to good.

I had the worst teacher this year who was super mean to me and my best friend but nice to everyone else! When my friend moved away, I was the ONLY one she hated and I don't even know why! - animallover1

6th grade is the worst! My math teacher is so mean and he sends the bad people in the hallway. I don't like my school, and everything is just so stressful! How is a 12 year old supposed to keep up? - ALubow

Worst Things about 6th grade My 6th grade homeroom mean teacher, mean kids, snitches, ignorant kids, too much homework, strict teachers, everyone is a jerk. - Bikerninja1997

This was my favorite grade, because this was the first grade I became popular, the teachers weren't the best but I made tons of new friends. And where I go to school, the last grade in elementary was 5th, then I went to middle.I'm a dude, I listen to rock. And lots of popular kids do to. Well, not a lot but some. And everyone knows I do

I hate it. My teacher hates me like "____ you're wrong" five seconds later she's writing in the board my answer. - AnonymousChick

I'm glad I'm going to 7th grade. People tell me I'm gonna lose my friends and stuff, but 6th grade was horrid. - PizzaGuy

I'm currently finishing up 6 th and it really stinks the homework is too much 2 hours sometimes and three weeks ago I was trying to stand up my binder a this girl slapped it down! Also, she looks like she has buck theeth and some are so serious in 666 th grade and so they blow up every time you make a mistake.