7 Grade


7th grade is basically the nadir of your school carrer. Everyone looks weird because of puberty, you get huge hormone fluctuations, you get bullied by the 8th graders and teased by 6th graders and there is nothing you can do about it, fights almost every day, teachers don't care about it. You are also too far from being in elemantary school. But at the same time you are always too far away from high school. You're just stuck in the middle. You also can't drive, so you'll have to wait for your parents to drive you or they won't drive you at all, so you will have to wait another time. Also, for most people, this is the first year where work get REALLY hard. So that means you are not used to how it is, making you very stressed out. The same thing goes for homework too. After 7th grade, life starts to get a little bit better and by the time you are a freshmen, life to start a lot better. Well, at least for me. But still, it is no wonder why people in 7th grade are at their moodiest.

Definitely the worst. Thank god I'm in 8th grade now. We seriously had bucketloads of homework every single day. We had embarrassing "skits" we had to do in history & if you didn't have an acting talent you pretty much failed the project because our teacher didn't give a crap about anything. We had many confusing subjects in science such as chemistry & we had to take notes until our hand became numb. But english was definitely the worst. You had to write a 5-paragraph essay every other week & it took up way too much time considering it was due in like 2 days. The only good subject was math because we had a very good teacher & he gave us just the right amount of homework & it wasn't that bad. But still, overall 7th grade was awful.

I am really glad this grade is over and I am going into 8th Grade, 7th grade was too much homework and for the first time, people were starting to swear and act like they are cool unlike in 6th grade.

To all those hating on 6th grade, I do not really understand, it was not really a hard grade for me and the teachers honestly let me get away with stuff when I was in trouble or did not study enough for tests, also it was pretty easy.

If you hated 6th grade, prepare for 7th grade because this is when people start to act immature, swear, and overall really bad kids.

I have to agree with all the posts above, I have experienced a lot of kids who try to act cool by saying bad words and stuff. - Call

7th Grade wasn't so hard for me socially (In our school everyone sticks to their cliques (In my case the nerds) and doesn't bother another one) or academically (I'm an Honors student) but the homework was a killer. Oh, and don't even get me started on the teachers. One of them (Every generation has a name for her, ours was Blowfish) would shoo away our raised hands and not let us use the bathroom. So yeah, 7th grade wasn't the worst, but it definitely deserves third.

I really didn't care for the homework and the teachers when I was in that grade, but damn people were morons in my school and would bully anyone because of an opiniom. I didn't even make a friend with almost the same interests because I didn't like Mirai Nikki and Gravity Falls and liked Dexter's Laboratory. (I like all of them now, I consider Gravity Falls and Dexter's Lab awesome cartoons, and I consider Mirai Nikki a great yandere anime). But still I wasn't allowed to watch them at the time, so it was hard making friends but people need to recognize that some families are different. But the morons at my school just didn't care and would just hate me for those reasons. And the would call me childish or immature just because I like those kind of cartoons. - MissRWBY202

Middle school was terrible, but 7th grade was by far the worst. I didn't have any friends and I was bullied relentlessly. Everyone was starting puberty and dating, which sucks when you're the only one in the school without a girlfriend. I'm so glad it's over, High school was much better.

I'm currently in this grade now and I hate it. Not to scare you 6th graders but just giving you a heads up 7th grade is 10 times worse than 6th grade. I've been so stressful ever since 7th grade started because of homework, one of my teachers, my principal, the 8th graders bulling 7th graders, and drama. 7th grade SUCKS! I never thought I'd say this but I miss 6th grade. 7th grade deserves #1!

If you voted for 5th grade, you probably haven't been past that grade. This is the grade where your puberty starts and your friends begin to slip away. - Garythesnail

Oh God... seventh grade was the worst. I was bullied a lot, lost some of my best friends, and puberty was starting. Also, the teachers wanted to assign lots of homework to "get ready for high school". We wouldn't be in high school for another TWO YEARS! - Turkeyasylum

I'm in 8th grade now and 7th grade was the absolute worst school year. I had only two friends, my teachers were awful, and we had far more homework than I do this year. I was bullied a lot and found everything either way too easy or way too hard.

By far, this is the worst grade ever. Your friend might not be going to the same school as you. In that case you would have to make new friends, and this is what I'm worse at, when I introduce myself to people I don't know, I get all shy, and I hate the feeling. I think this is the worst grade.

It's not that bad... I mean that my even classes are so good and easier than the odd ones. They give homework. And the school recently had a Halloween celebration called Trunk or Treat (which reminds me of Trump or Treat lol) and the principal said to not leave homework to the odd students since that day it was Wednesday and we would have odd class next day, and the teachers still left homework. I also find it weird that we've had 2 fire alarms(real) and 1 real code red and we are not even half way through the year. But I like it that I get to chill by last class, band, which gives no homework except to practice for scales. I personally think that teachers like me because I mostly get good grades and in the report card it says that I am a hardworking student and all that stuff, yet I don't give crap and tend to procrastinate. But everyone is so weird, saying bad words, puberty stuff, Adidas shoes everywhere, messy top buns, Cuba especially(ALL of my friends are Cuban, only one is ...more

7th grade was really hard because of the bullies and Drama and then there were mixes of kids from downtown and more country areas so not everyone got along but now kids think there so cool when they swear and be mean and do bad things BUT NO it lets you know what kind of adult there going to be.And why are all the good kids the ones who get bullied we just mind our own business

Oh god, so much. Getting rejected by my crush (of 2 years! ) in front of the whole grade wasn't even the worst thing to happen to me. A lot of homework, friends start slipping away, and much more hell awaits in 7th grade.

"7 grade is the worst. I was rejected dumped and made fun of multiple times. It was stressful and my siblings didn't help either. I couldn't even trust some of them. All in all I think 7th grade really sucked for me".

This should be #1! Yeah, 5th grade is pretty stressful, but 7th grade is when puberty starts, friendships end, work piles up, and romance is apparently in the air

7th grade was one of the worst but one of the best also. 7th grade was the year I started to get friends but I was bullied nonstop by some jerk who's a freshman now. He always tripped me. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I've been acting very bad back in 2015-2016. I have been to this grade and all I see is failed grades, me swearing and insulting teachers. Math is far the best while Reading had my favorite friends in this class. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

7th was probably one of the best years I had in middle school. It was so hilarious. I had awesome teachers and the people in my class were amazing. Enjoy these years before you get to high school!

Middle School is the worst. Worse than Elementary and High School. 7th grade is the middle of middle school and is the worst year of middle school. Its also the worst year of school in general.

7th grade sucked. For some reason everyone loved this idiot kid and would defend him no matter what he did. It seemed like only a few people knew how stupid and dumb he was. And the homework!

I am currently in seventh grade. This is where your friends split into two groups, and people start bandwagoning on everything. People will swear just because the "cool kid" does it, and people will just spam random memes in a hopeless effort to look up-to-date on everything. In September all I heard is "WHAT ARE THOSE" which literally died out over the summer. - AsianBlood

I have 2 friends and they are passive/aggressive and hate me, I'm the laughing stock of my school just because I'm hyperactive and not in the top class for everything.7th grade is the worst

My friend already got kissed by a girl. Plus, I'm getting picked on by 3 people, I got rammed into a wall, and I have one bad grade right now. Could this get any worse?

7th grade wasn't the best or worst. It's kinda like 4th grade to me, it just doesn't really stick out to me, it's just kind of another year I won't remember very well.