Worst Grand Theft Auto Games

Grand Theft Auto is one of the greatest video game series of all time. But which one did you dislike the most?

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1 Grand Theft Auto (Game Boy Advance)

Completely unplayable! Terrible controls and it is a 2004 game?!?!? That is the year San Andreas came out! What was rockstar thinking...

It's bad, but know this: It wasn't developed by Rockstar. It was by Digital Eclipse, but it was published by Rockstar.

I have played it and it gets boring very fast

It is not quite terrible. Not even bad. All I can say is that it is not one of the best. Playable and it reminds of the old school Grand Theft Auto.

2 Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Same thing as the oldest Grand Theft Auto games including the advance. I don't have no idea what direction I'm heading and I can't even drive a vehicle and kill some goons for no good reason! I've rather stick with Grand Theft Auto 4 and the Episodes of Liberty City!

Too easy, very boring. If you'll willing to kill maybe an hour or two of your day, that's all you need to beat it. Not much you can do. Definitely not worth the wait, anticipating it

I'd rather play the first 2 Grand Theft Auto games, which were super innovative. Chinatown just seemed like a step back, especially with other games like San Andreas and Vice City.

Just terrible considering it was released as late as 2009, the viewing is the worst, stale story and much more, you never get to enjoy anything. Grand Theft Auto Advance is a second close but I pick CW as Advance was released much earlier...

3 Grand Theft Auto

This is the first, so stop complaining. - spiderskull98

Why is this here? If this game never came out, then we wouldn't have the Grand Theft Auto series we have right now.

If this game didn't exist there would be no Grand Theft Auto game

This is worse than Grand Theft Auto 4

4 Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV was the best game of the series, you are talking absolute trash

This is the part where I stop taking this list seriously.

Didn't like this game at all to be honest. Liberty city is all grey, giving me dull and negative vibes and the characters are mostly grumpy bald men in their 40s and 50s speaking broken English. And Niko is a psychopath who likes to kill people. - Barath_R

Amazing game! Possibly the best game on Xbox 360. However, not as comical and crazy that made previous games great.

5 Grand Theft Auto 2

Could not live up to the first game but still enjoyable.

One of the worst Grand Theft Auto game. Storyline is bad, AI is bad, missions are boring, worse than predecessor. And the worst part is that its set in the future. And what the funk was that trailer?!

This games sucks and the controls are horrible

Like Grand Theft Auto 1 but Better, Has an Interesting Setting.

6 Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is actually pretty good, my favorite parts is probably doing organizations and stealing cargo for it and doing heists. I also like the new cars they have and they have lots of many games. The bad part of Grand Theft Auto V is that the drivers are so darn stupid, they'll run you over for no reason and the cops are super sensitive and won't try to arrest you, they just shoot and shoot and shoot until your dead on the road. So pretty much everyone which is not a player is a total idiot and they need more intelligence inside of their empty skulls. The super cars are super sensitive and if you fly a few feet into the air and land in your side, you blow up! There goes $100,000, you also can't wear seat belts so you can catapult out of your car and die. - andrew02

After playing a dull and moody Grand Theft Auto 4, this game is awesome and the theme is amazing. - Barath_R

Possibly one of my most hated games so far. The story -line is laughably bad, and brings nothing new to the table. The things it does better gets overglanced by the large quantity of things it doesn't do even nearly as good as some of the older games. And I haven't even started to talk about the mod support. Literally, Grand Theft Auto V is the tip of the cancerous iceberg within the modding community.

It had such good potential; but Rockstar needed some casual money. Now, I'am through with the series, and I won't comeback anytime soon.

Sure it has great graphics, but the game was way to easy, the characters are the least memorable of the series, a psychopath, a hoodlum doing crime and a middle aged white guy trying to remember the old days. The physics are truly the worst ever, with cars shooting across the sky like lightning bolts. Add that to the the bull story-line, with the which is cute, but way too weak for a true Grand Theft Auto game. Grand Theft Auto is more that just killing a bunch of guys, which truly Grand Theft Auto V is all about. Cops are way too hot headed and it takes an unreasonable amount of time to lose just one wanted star.

7 Grand Theft Auto: London 1969

This worst than Grand Theft Auto 1 and Grand Theft Auto 2

This was worse than Grand Theft Auto 2

8 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

What are you talking about this game is great!

Most parts of this game are great, but helicoptors, airplanes and other useless transports are pointless. I can't even fly on the plane the right way and I can't even ride on a helicoptor when there's a bad storm going on.


This game is very horrible even the story is bad

9 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Good game. Nice story. Interesting people

Are you kidding me I hate it you connot swim, there are no shops, and the islands are the size of a match box seriously it sucks!

WORST...The missions are hard...you can't swim on sea...THE WORST Grand Theft Auto GAMES I HAVE EVER PLAY

This game is horrible bad graphics looks cartonish the cool cars are lame plus you can even ride a helicopter don't get it and the guns are horrible stick to Grand Theft Auto vice city

10 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This is best game its even better than gta5

San Andreas? Worst Grand Theft Auto game? Laugh out loud! You're kidding right? - evil7

San Andreas has a giant map, great missions, and an amazing storyline. In my opinion it's the best Grand Theft Auto game yet!

Should be taken off the list, it's the best game of the Grand Theft Auto series

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11 Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Why is this thing down here? Up, right now!


12 Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Its one of the best Grand Theft Auto games. I like the 70 and 80

I remember not enjoying the missions in this compared to the rest of the series & buying the assets was so time consuming & felt really grinding & repetitive doing side content like doing taxi missions, vigilante missions etc just to get enough money to buy more assets & it was required to play the final two missions which was annoying

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is best and better than Grand Theft Auto vice city because Grand Theft Auto san andres has many mission, gangs, great story, many cheats and many other features.

It shouldn't be on the list

13 Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned

This was worst than the ballad of gay tony

Still better than most of the series

They make you hate the character you play!
Worst Grand Theft Auto!

14 Grand Theft Auto III

I'm sorry, but this game is not overrated. It's underrated. Grand Theft Auto I broke ground for all your favorite GTAs. Grand Theft Auto I was entirely revolutionary and paved the way for what we see today. And yes, it's a hard game, but it is also a blast. Much fun to play. Bad design? No. Grand Theft Auto I is a masterpiece. Definitely has maybe some downsides, but anyone bashing it or not favoring it the way they should, needs to take a back seat. People that say that don't know what the Grand Theft Auto series is about or made of. It's made of Grand Theft Auto I.

If you look at what the game was for the time it's not bad at all

Many things have been deleted and there is one mission that is deleted about hijacking a plane it would be really cool and a half winged dodo plane what was that? The original verion have better stuff in there! It is because of 9/11 I wish that doesn't happen. I think the mission was in the third island.

That's bad luck for all of us! I die more than that when I'm in a middle of a mission! Plus, what's with the airplanes without wings? That's poorly designed and I can't even fly for nothing!

15 Grand Theft Auto Online

Terrible community

16 Grand Theft Auto (Game Boy Color)

At least, some musics were a little catchy.

17 Grand Theft Auto: London 1961
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